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I have visited Glengarriff on two trips and will go there again.
Jim Kennedy
Our trip was saved by a kind local barmaid who recommended a cottage instead of the hostel we went to -- the cottage was wonderful. The rest of the people we met were as enchanting as the country.
catherine from newcastle
Glengarriff is a beautiful spot. Yes, it's great craic, too. You can take the drink or leave it, but just enjoy the relaxation and beauty of the place.
Even being Irish i have to say it is the most beautiful place I know in the country. The cafe beneath a hostel sells georgous muffins too. It's a really great 'take a break from everything' place.
Glengariff was the most beautiful place I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, but the worst stay of my entire life! Too many months of pure hell-- if you're not an alcoholic or an adulterer, DON'T GO. There were a few good folk, but the rest...I say no more.
Friends and I spent five days in Glengariff in 2004. I long for that place and will certainly go back. In two trips to Ireland this is my favorite place. Love it!
Glengarriff is the most beautiful place in Ireland and maybe the whole world. Take some time to visit the hills and do some walking in the forests. We thought the whole place was just amazing.
Julie Birchill
I traveled from one end of Ireland to the other this past month and I have to say that my FAVORITE part of the trip was my stay in a little town outside Glengarriff named Adrigole. The most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. Also I would be remiss if I did not mention the most wonderful person we met in Ireland...his name is Gene O'Sullivan and he is the owner of Glengarriff Cabs & Coach Services, He was the most accommodating, informative, charming individual that we met in Ireland and he gives the most fantastic tours. My family and I agree that he was definitely the HIGHLIGHT of our trip. If you are ever in the area or are planning to visit, Gene is the man to call if you want to see the BEST of Ireland. His number in Ireland is 027 63060. From the US you would dial 011 353 27 63060. He will take you places you would never think of driving. Thanks Gene for a wonderful first visit to Ireland. We will be back!!
Ann Haga
This is one of the great scenic locations in Ireland - and thats saying something. Don't miss the subtropical gardens on the Island in the Bay.
The Mystery Guest
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