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If you are a backpacking teacher, Carnarvon is the way to go. I got subbing work everyday for twelve weeks, made lots of money, and loved Carnarvon!
James Wilson
Don't believe the hype that jobs are everywhere. I'm an Australian citizen -- knowing someone is how you get a job.
I've spent about three months in Carnarvon and it wasn't that bad! Most farmers don't take people that just "step by." If you want to make money, go to a job agency in Perth, they'll get you a good farm where you can work for months. I did, and the first farm I was working at had a really nice owner, he even wrote me down more weeks than I actually worked there to make sure I'll get the second-year visa.
For anyone that is traveling Western Australia, get out now or else you're going to end up broke! Don't believe any of the bullsh*t about the work on the fruit farms -- I've the best part of $1,500 spent on accommodation. I've tried about thirty farms, all answers the same -- the weather's too bad. Carnarvon is a hole with nothing with nothing in it -- only rednecks.
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