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Home Hill is a great place to visit.
Locals are very unfriendly. This is a horrible place, there is no work here! If you are sensible, you will avoid.
If you are even considering going to Home Hill, please reconsider. I stayed in Home Hill for three weeks, and they were my worst three weeks in Australia.
What a place -- I have such great memories!
Home Hill is a working town, so if you are going to do fruit picking then Home Hill is the place to go. I spent eleven weeks there and had some of my best times in Australia there. Yes, there isn't a lot in the town itself so you have to make your own fun. Just make sure you venture to the bikers club "Outlaws," which is hidden over the other side of the railway tracks -- it's an experience not to be missed.
Home Hill was ace, if only because of the people that you are stuck in the working hostel with. Saying that, the locals -- when they're not fighting -- are very friendly.
beni m
I lived in Home Hill and it is the best memories I have of Australia.
charo gibbs
There's absolutely nothing to do in Home Hill!
I spent the better part of a year in beautiful Australia, and Home Hill was down with some of the least appealing places I visited. It was strictly a work town, there were two bars in the whole rut and they were infested by drab locals and homegrown drunks. You can't go on talking up Home Hill because doing so takes away from the truly beautiful coastal towns like Rainbow Beach, Bundaberg, or even Bowen for that matter. I've found that in general, most of the small-town locals didn't take to kindly to outsiders.
The locals are impossibly friendly.
Will Nettleton
Home hill is awesome -- nice people, excellent fishing spots, loads of work (May through November), one internet cafe and the crazy Crown hotel serves great food and endless booze -- enjoy!
Home Hill is the best! I went to Australia for nine months and I spent four months in Home Hill! I had the best time of my life over there. The people are great. I will definitely be going back there!
I loved it, I stayed with a family and they showed me around and it was such a nice town. I want to go again (and the boys are very nice too).
Emily Valentine
The people are wonderful and friendly as hell. I never had a moment that I felt out of place; the kids were also well-mannered.
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