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J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse is part of a small Japanese chain of hostels; they are small welcoming hostels, each with its own look and feel. This particular one has a good atmosphere and is well located. It is a fairly quiet hostel, but not antisocial.

The Location
It is located on a busy street of Osaka, a short walk away from a subway station. There is a convenience store very nearby, as well as several restaurants. It is easily accessible from the airport by Japan Railway train and then the subway. The area is safe and well lit at night.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are spacious enough for all the occupants to be in at the same time. The bunk beds are sturdy and comfortable and everything is kept clean. There are metal lockers in every room, but you have to bring your own lock. There is also a small table, which is pretty rare in dorm rooms.

The showers are separate from the sinks, as well as the toilets. Everything is pristine clean, and basics are provided (shower gel, shampoo, hand towels, and hair dryers). There is a small, private space outside the shower where clothes and a towel can be stored. The toilets are heated-seat, jet toilets, which is hardly necessary, but a nice bonus. There is a washer and a dryer and the detergent is free.

Common Spaces

There is a large common space on the ground floor, which includes a kitchen. The kitchen area has a stove, as well as a microwave, a fridge, and many pots and pans. Basic utensils for cooking, as well as condiments, are also provided. There is a large table that people use to either eat or to sit and hang out. We have met a few people while there, however, it does not seem to be a very social hostel. This may only be our impression, and it obviously largely depends on the guests. The hostel organises a few activities and guests usually participate. This is largely a quiet hostel, however, this has been our experience in all the Japanese hostels we have visited, in several cities.


J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse is a clean, modern, well-located hostel in Osaka. It is a quiet, not overly social hostel, however, it is possible to meet people, both travelers and locals.
by Monica
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse" at 4-22, Fukushima 7-chome.)


4-22, Fukushima 7-chome, Fukushima-ku, Osaka (Osaka-shi), Osaka, Japan
34.697418, 135.484847 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Great stay -- little far away
This was my first hostel experience and I'm really happy that we decided to stay at J-Hoppers. Fukushima is a little out of the city centre which is a bit of a bummer, but it's really clean, they have a lot of tours going on if you're alone and want to make friends. The air conditioning is good, the beds are comfy, there are several bathrooms and showers. Mr. Yano and the staff are awesome. You'll have a good time staying here just be prepared to take the JR Line a lot!
Age 27, Canada
Here are the real directions from Osaka Station
Great place, but I want write down better directions for the next person coming from Osaka Station. It says "make right" and get across crossing from Sakurabashi gate. No, don't make a right. once you exit the Sakurabashi gate door just go straight across the street and the mall door in front of you will say Umesankoji. Walk straight through the mall and exit. Keep going straight as this will be parallel with the train tracks. When you get to a crossing underneath the train tracks you will see a sign for Fukushima station and there will be the station entrance there. Get to that side of the street and look to your right. You will see the Mister Donut shop. Right before the shop is a street with colored stones in it, take a left there and follow the street with the colored stones. At the part where it splits, don't go straight just keep on the colored street which is branching off to the right. The hostel is on the left in a short distance. If you reach the 7-11 you are a bit too far. Hopefully you will have a better time finding it than I did!
Great hostel in the most convenient location.
I stayed here for four nights in Oct. 2008 and seriously, this is probably the cleanest hostel I've ever stayed in. The staff are friendly and speak really good english, which is very important to the traveler who doesn't understand a single japanese word coming to Japan. The beds are very comfortable although the headroom in the bunks are a little tight but you can live with it. Although the internet is 100yen per half hour, it's free if you've got your own wireless enabled laptop. Now let me talk about the location, its next to Fukushima station which gets you to almost anywhere in the Kansai region via the expresses that ply the Osaka loop. Supermarket, fast food, japanese diners, and mister donuts is in the neighbourhood. The road just outside the hostel is a tiled pedestrian footpath, so there's no traffic noise or pollution. This is only the second time I've giving five stars to a hostel.
I know this place has been open only for a few months, but I'm surprised I'm the first person to leave a review. This is a great hostel. It's located a short distance from Osaka central station and is a few metres from Fukushima station on the regular running JR Loop line. The directions given buy the hostel are easy to follow and accurate, so finding this place is not a problem. Everything is kept spotlessly clean here in typical Japanese fashion. The beds are very comfortable. There's lockers in the dorm rooms to store your valuables, although they only take those really small padlocks -- bring your own! There's a TV room and free wireless internet (although there's 100 yen per thirty minute charge for the hostel's own internet which seems a little odd). The only small problem was that on the second floor there was one shower to share between twelve people sleeping in the dorms. All in all I had a good stay and would come back here.

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