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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Tod Hostel" at 1508 Las Vegas Boulevard South.)


1508 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
36.152842, -115.151762 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (702) 477-0022 toll free reservations +1 (877-343-1481)
+1 (702-823-2781)
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Keep it brief!
Probably the only thumbs up here was the friendliness of the staff and also that the room was cleaned daily. But there's a lot of riff raff coming in from the street, and the set up was impersonal as opposed to a more comfortable one, or social. No security that I noticed. Old bldg. moldy smell in the small sized lobby. Noisy. $15 really felt a bit overpriced plus the $3 for non HI members starts to stack up after a couple nights. It wasn't the hotel's fault but the power was out for more than 20 hours. I was glad to leave.
Travelling gal
So Many Positives!!!
The staff -- notably, Bob/front desk. excellent customer service -- he is both protective of his guests and shows concern & respect for us, has the best dry sense of humor ever, made me laugh out loud many times. Shelbi (the best pancake maker -- friendly and courteous), just great to hang out with Shelbi. Steve/management, is especially quick at troubleshooting and is a man of integrity. Billy/management -- one of the kindest people you could ever meet. she treats everyone with the utmost of respect and care. incidentally, everyone I spoke to holds her in extremely high regard. Besides these amazing staff members, the cleaning staff are fantastic -- they so thoroughly clean the rooms every day. The rooms are HUGE, super clean with NO BUGS of any kind, kitchen areas with a fridge and private bathrooms. There is a huge and clean common room, with several tables/chairs, two kitchen/food prep areas, TV, videos (free to use), couches and free WiFi, outdoor BBQ area, outdoor sitting/hanging out area, fully enclosed swimming pool, free breakfast every morning of freshly made pancakes, a variety of cereal, juice, fruit, tea, coffee, and free smiles from Shelbi. The location is fantastic - either a good walk or a short bus ride to the center of the strip, a very short walk to the best outlet mall there, next door to cheap but fantastic food. If you are looking for the party-hardy life there is an in-house fee for service -- $70 gets you a hummer ride (you can drink free but only in hummer) and attend three nightclubs -- not my thing. My stay was wonderful. Any issues were attended to immediately and with my full satisfaction. You can't find better in Vegas and I've traveled all over the world -- for the extremely low price -- you just can't find better!
2nd time here. clean spot, useful accommodations, very good location for the price, friendly staff, came here for a night and just wanted to stay more.
Very good with potential to be Great!
I give this place a high rating just on the staff alone. This place has a hostel in the back and a motel in the front. I stayed at the hostel the first couple of weeks and switched over to the motel for the rest of my stay. When you are traveling about, it's always nice to have really friendly people who are not just going through the motions but rather really sincere in wanting to do everything they can to make your stay pleasant. I remember the first thing that struck me about this place was how friendly Sarah was when i got there. The staff, especially Sarah, Fred, and Keith were so accommodating not just to me but from my observations, they were like that to everyone. It seemed like any requests i had, Sarah would say, "Sure you can!" or "No problem!" Fred was so professional, genuine, and sincere in wanting to accommodate any needs of the guests. Even when the occasional belligerent drunk came in the office causing trouble, it seemed like Fred was so mellow in dealing with the troublemakers as to not escalate the situation. If it sounds like i'm tooting the staffs horn, it's because I have just been to too many hostels where they have idiot travelers with no concept of customer service working the office in exchange for a bed. There are some minuses to the hostel but let me first highlight the positives. Out of the three hostels in Las Vegas, the Tod would be the closest to the strip and since the time Irish Keith took over the entertainment part, i know that there are several activities going on during the week. It's clean for the most part and quiet because the hostel part is in the back section of the motel away from the main street. It has a lot of rooms so you're not always packed full of six to eight people in a room. The drawbacks would be that it's so big, it's not as easy to meet and mingle and the common room just doesn't draw people in like common rooms at other hostels. But besides, that, it's a great deal, great staff, best locale. Oh and they can pick you up from the airport and take you to the Greyhound bus station!
James Kim
Well to begin with, quite disappointed we didnt get picked up by a limo! although its great we were picked up by a car, getting off the greyhound isnt the best area to be in! Only stayed here two nights but it seemed nice enough, it was cheap and we had nice large dorm rooms, only four of us one night and three the other. One night we couldnt be bothered to wait for the bus so decided to walk up the strip -- it took forever, although we still beat the bus! Had an awesome time in Vegas and am returning for longer when i'm twenty-one next year!
AAE Las Vegas Todd's Hotel & Hostel is the perfect place to stay when visiting Las Vegas on a tight budget. The hostel maintains a list of free outside shows offered by the casinos along with their start time. So if you want to optimize the number of free shows you can watch, this hostel will help you out. They also organize activities such as bbq or movies that you can register for anytime. The Location The AAE Las Vegas Todd Hostel is located on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard, north of all the major casinos. There is a bus on Las Vegas Boulevard called the Deuce that runs all the way south such that you can access easily any casino on the strip. The hostel offers a free shuttle to the Greyhound bus station and a shuttle to the airport, which you have to pay for. Rooms and Bathrooms Las Vegas is pretty hot and dry, especially during summer. You will be glad to find that the every dorm in the hostel is equipped with air conditioning! Each room has a small kitchen to cook your own meal. But there is little storage in the fridge in the common room. Your options are either to eat out or to buy packaged food that they sell for decent prices. There is also a grocery store nearby. A must -- don't forget to bring your own earplugs, as they don't offer any! Common Spaces To help you sustain the heat, this hostel has an outside pool! There is also a huge giant TV in the common room along with a computer and some slot machines -- even if Las Vegas offers already plenty of better places where you can place a bet. There is free Wi-Fi everywhere in the hostel, including the dorms. People there are definitely friendly -- they will engage in conversation. It is the perfect place to meet new friends. Summary This hostel is a perfect choice to visit Las Vegas. It is close to the Strip and has plenty of other backpackers that you can be friends with.
Maxime Boucher
Friendly staff, good location
This hostel seems to be a bit in a transformational time, but I think when it gets entirely up and running it will be great. The staff was very friendly, and the free fast internet is nice. I didn't use any of the services really (actually only crashed for two hours one night), but I would stay here again if needing a place to stay in Vegas.
Great place to stay, wished I was there longer!
Been in Vegas is something out of this world and what better way to start your time there than to get picked up from the airport in a limo. I stayed at the Todd for just under a week but wished I could have been there longer. From the moment I arrived it was obvious that the staff here are interested in making your stay the best they possibly can and you can tell they enjoy their job. They are the friendliest group I have ever found working in a hostel and would love to go back there if I ever get the chance. The position is ace, just north of the Stratosphere means you can start from one end of the strip and work your way down. Or if you prefer get a monorail pass, this will get you up and down the strip hassle free. Use the bus as little as possible as it takes forever to get anywhere. Walk from the Hostel to the Sahara where the monorail starts and ride it as far as the MGM. From there you can cross over the strip and catch another monorail as far as the Mandalay Bay. I cant recommend this hostel enough just book with the Todd now, you wont regret it!

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