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Jungmannova 5, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.079799, 14.422049 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+420 606 854 123, +420 606 852 077
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  If you want to stay in a hotel, then stay in a hotel. This place gives all the basic amenities and comfy beds for a very good price. I was really worried about what was waiting for me off the plane. What i got was a hostel with above average facilites and a great location. If i had wanted a room in the Hilton i would have booked one. Some people have standards that dont quite match their budgets. The bad points are it's a little dirty and there are odd staff who can be quite hard to understand. The good points are the fab location, great value for money, secure, and extra amenities (internet, reception etc). All in all this place is a no-nonsense-no-frills hostel but at the end of the day, thats all you pay for.
  Here are some of the things we found upon arriving to this sh*t hole. The woman answers the door in a bath robe. There's no television and no telephones. There's a 'crack house' feeling. You have to go through three locked gates to pass through in order to get to the room. The sign in lobby says "Never answer your door no matter how hard they bang on it." The shower head has leaks and spray all over the room and no shower curtain so the floors flood each time you shower. The cabinets collapse on the floor as you try to open one of them. The sink faucet comes out of the socket as you turn on the water. There's cheap 'sand paper' toilet paper that you would find in a homeless shelter. The old rotten mildew fridge smells up the room when you open the door and there's an old used bath towel that smells like mold and smoke. Things fall off of the walls. There are noises from above of people having sex, bars on all windows, big cracks in the window, and chunks of drywall missing. Neighbors peep into your window for no apparent reason. There's no soap/shampoo or any other amenities, no shower curtain (bathroom floods), an old sofa in the hallway, and old mildewed food rotting in the cabinets. We were waiting for rats to start nibbling at our toes! Stay here at your own peril!
USA Visitor
  We were quartered by Le Papillon in Charvátova Street, which is a neighboring street of Jungmannova, directly in the second row of buildings to the pedestrian area! The location was optimal. The rest was unacceptable and not worth the money! After initial misunderstandings the staff were finally helpful in giving us a room with a private bathroom as confirmed. However our accommodation turned out to be a very depressing and miserably cold apartment with a disgusting view behind the facades of Prague's central city buildings. We shared the bathroom with ants and some spiders while pigeons kept us from opening any window! After we generously received a mirror and a little bathroom carpet and had fixed the toilet, we managed to cope with the dismal conditions. The nights were accompanied by extreme noise from the elevator and slamming doors. One morning we were woken up by the landlady checking on the gas boiler. I would not advise anybody to choose this place. It is cheap but a very frustrating experience!
  The staff was clueless and unfriendly, unhelpful. There was an old homeless guy running the place (working the night shift) at the end of my stay. He was in the bed next to mine and had about two feet of garbage piled on his bed and around it. Really quite a sight! He was harmless but dirty and, well, the garbage was just unbelievable! But the place was safe and the showers and toilets were clean. So it was not a total loss. Maybe the dirtbag will be gone when you get there!
  Not a bad place at all. It's small, and in a great part of town. Great for small groups.
  This hostel was very centrally located, and there is a tram which stops very close by. It is not luxurious, but it is clean and has very good bathroom and kitchen facilities. I would recommend staying here!
  Quality! Top location, cheap, ideal for a group of blokes just going to Prague to get wasted on cheap ale and pass out at their hostel! I wouldn't advise taking anything of great value (not that anything bad happened to me) but if you must, keep it on you at all times. No curfew/lockout is the best selling point. Comfortable beds and basic amenities.
  Last Sunday, my friend and I flew from the United States and arrived in sun-flooded Prague, where we spent the night. After consulting this website, we decided to stay at a hostel called Le Papillon, on 5 Jungmanova Street. Unfortunately, our enjoyment of the Czech Republic's capitol was interrupted by a theft which occurred at the hostel. My camera, cell phone, and my friend's digital camera were stolen from our locked double room, while we were spending Sunday evening at Paul McCartney's concert. After we mentioned this to the person working in the hostel, she not only failed to file a report or called the police, but called us liars and told us to leave the hostel premises immediately.
Roman Herman

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