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The Review

Huangshan Old Street Youth Hostel, which is HI/YHA China affiliated, is in the heart of the rejuvenated old town in Tunxi district. The hostel fits the locale in style and is generally quite good. We phoned to ask if the hostel is nonsmoking, and they claim it is, but there are ashtrays in the common area and staff make no effort to stop guests from smoking. Wi-Fi seems to be available throughout.

The Location

The hostel is easy enough to find in LaoJie (Old Street), though a taxi has to drop you at the nearby crossroad. It's truly in the heart of the tourist-walking streets, with its old-style architecture and tourist shops, and not far from the new town, food shops, supermarket (above the KFC), and specialty stores. Coming from the rail station, bus 12 passes quite close -- get off one stop after KFC.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms are reasonably spacious and have solid wide wooden bunks, each with a light and power point. Security is via magnetic card and each guest has a large lockable locker, padlock supplied. There is an aircon/heater unit, but the sampled one is barely adequate. The ensuite has separate WC and shower in good enough condition, with shampoo provided. The essential surfaces are clean but the shower wall tiles have soap grime, there are traces of mould, and the back of the WC door needs cleaning -- and this is in a very quiet, off-peak time. The WC has neither a window nor an extractor fan.

Common Spaces

The main area for sitting and meeting is the very pleasant bar/cafe, though the prices are a bit high, and the food mainly Western. It's furnished with sofas and tables and chairs and a large screen for TV/DVD playing; there's a very pleasant balcony overlooking the Old Street. The bar/cafe is open to all guests but outside refreshments are not permitted in there. There's a large lobby with church-pew-type seating along one wall and an area with two PCs and an additional table and chairs. There is neither a kitchen nor self-launder facilities; hot (or often, just warm) water is available from flasks.


During our stay, staff varied from ok to sullen to downright rude (the bar staff would not boil a kettle at 10:30 p.m., because they close at 11pm, but their rudeness in declining was the worst aspect), but maybe that is because they are shivering in the cold. Historically, buildings in South China are not heated in the winter, but if the hostel is targeting foreigners, as evidenced by the Western menu and bar prices, it should spend the small sum to heat the hostel, for the good of customers and staff -- and in the long run, profits! Overall, this is a good hostel, but could do better -- clean the bathrooms properly and install extractor fans in the WCs, heat the place, and improve staff attitude. The bar will doubtless provide a focal point in the summer.

Would we stay here again? We would definitely check the other hostels out first, or check that the issues have been addressed.
by OldNomad Staff Reviewer
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No. 266 Tunxi Old Street, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui Province, China
29.708095, 118.309939 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0559 2540386
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Great location for exploring villages
Nice rooms, very cheap rates, nice bar deck, excellent location, mediocre breakfast/good coffee, not the best laundry facilities, staff that speak English and are helpful with planning the Yellow Mountain trip. Wouldn't advise booking a bus to the next city (Yellow Mountain bus is good though). We had a horrible experience with the bus they booked for us to our next destination, so be sure to find out when your ride is coming to bring you to the bus, so if they are late you can just get a taxi. We were led to believe the bus was coming to pick us up at the hostel, so didn't get to worried about it when it was late -- ended up being on a horrible bus that took five hours instead of two. If the Yellow Mountain is your only reason for being in the area, consider the town at the base of the mountain instead of Tunxi for a head start on the first day of the hike. I would definitely recommend staying up on the Yellow Mountain for a night if you want to experience the mountain without an insane amount of tour groups and megaphones -- not only annoying, but terrifying as some of the stairs are on the edge of a major cliff.

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