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2420 India Street, Little Italy, San Diego, California, USA
32.729580, -117.171049 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (619) 607-0086
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If only you can give less than one star
This hostel is terrible! Do not stay here! I had to as there were no other hostels available in San Diego these nights but in hindsight I think it would have been better off finding a hotel for the night. The host is crazy with a lack of understanding of people's personal space. The upstairs rooms cannot be locked from the inside "by design" according to the host when asked. On our first night we were staying in the down stairs basement in a room with bunk beds with no window and beads for a door. There was a communal toilet next door which led to people keeping us awake during the night -- not to mention the noise from the planes overhead. The next morning we complained of the room we were given and were told that there was not another room available. We said that we expected something better to which the host replied that there was another room available but that we would have to make the beds. The host brought us to a room where there were ikea beds that had yet to be built which we declined. We fought to get a room with a door in the hostel on the second night and succeeded. The toilet upstairs did indeed have a notice with a tampon on it informing lodgers not to flush "bloody tampons" down the toilet. It also gave details of the amount of money the host had given to charity. I have stayed in many hostels in the US but I have never encountered an experience like this before. Since we were a group of Irish students, the owner of the hostel requested a deposit from us as she had had previous bad experience with a group of Irish lodgers. I don't dispute this but the fact that it was only Irish students who had to pay the deposit was both offensive and racist. As you can probably tell if you are still reading this, I cannot find anything good to say about this hostel. Given the hostel's location, I would recommend sleeping in the airport instead!
Age 23, Ireland
Host would not leave us be!
Not the best start when the host wasn't at the house when we arrived... she was out shopping and was annoyed because she had been waiting all morning and we hadnt shown? (later found out that she had gone by the EAT on our internet booking....). We had to knock on the door of the flat downstairs and leave our bags with a uni student living there. When we returned in the evening she was rushing around making our beds still. The host is actually living in this house also and as we were the only two guests during our stay, she was all over us constantly. Breakfast isnt optional its compulsary lol she wouldnt take no for an answer and she would scowl if we slept in as we were wasting our day and hers! She also insisted on knowing our plans each day so that she could be there to let us in etc as we were not given a key. This gave us no flexibility/privacy or relaxation. I also believe that this is not a legitimate business....and no curfew? I dare you to knock on the door in the early hours of the morning to get let in.....
No water, raw sewage, deceitful manager
When we arrived on August 5, the manager took our money, told us to go out to dinner and come back around 10pm. It was only when we returned after paying for 3 nights that we found out that the hostel had running water only for one hour at a time intermittently, as there was raw sewerage coming out of pipes at the back of the hostel if the water was turned on. We could not use the toilet or the shower and had no water to drink. This was a deplorable situation and we should have been advised before we paid so that we could make other accommodations. When we complained the woman told us to go across the street and use the toilet at Starbucks!! Unbelievable, unsafe, unsanitary, and a rip off. No one should operate a business like this.
(United States)
Very rude woman and agressive, suspicious of everything, not friendly
When I called and asked questions about the place, a woman answered the phone and was very rude towards any questions about the place; she gave me the impression she was hiding something; maybe she is an illegal alien or maybe she is running the business illegally. I wonder if she has a business license, and If the health department has inspected and approved her business?! If the building is sprinkled for fire protection and if if isn't required to have a handicap access ramp?! I personally went there. When I rang the bell, this African woman with a French accent opened the door; She looked at me with an unfriendly face. She made me feel unwelcome. When I asked her a question, she gave me a mean look and refused to answer. She showed me the place but still refused to answer any questions about the place and about her. I had tried to make a little conversation and make friends with her, but she was very unresponsive and suspicious. I did this because I was checking out the place to make sure I liked it and that it was safe. The other hostels I've been too, have welcoming staff that are friendly and answer any questions you have; not here, this woman was opposite of all; zero customer service, 100% aggressive and unfriendly. I bet if anyone investigates this business, they will find that it is being run illegally, by an illegal alien, who is afraid of the law. I think this hostel shouldn't be called "St. Christopher International Hostel"; Catholic Saints were kind people that loved all people; this place has an opposite atmosphere.
Peter Frank
Great Hostel!
Stayed for nearly two weeks including San Diego Comic Con week and never experienced any sign of trouble or gang activity. The Hostel isn't right in the centre of town but in a nice quiet area and downtown San Diego is easily and quickly accessible by public transport. Also, one of the cleanest buildings I have ever been in hostel or otherwise. Juliet is very helpful and was great for information about where to go and transportation in San Diego, and made a great breakfast. Nothing like any "Zombie" I've ever seen. None of my possessions were stolen during my time here and I had bought a good deal of items while in San Diego and kept them at the Hostel. Highly recommended!

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