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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "A Venice Fish" at Sestiere Cannaregio 2205.)


Sestiere Cannaregio 2205, Venice (Venezia), Veneto, Italy
45.443913, 12.326713 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 335 78 89 354/+39 335 66 91 994
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It's fine
I stayed for long 8 nights and it was quite a pleasure. It's a chilled out hostel with a very nice staff, at night it's quiet so if you need to sleep properly then it's fine. The location is perfect for this price. If it wasn't for the bedbugs that I met on my 5th night (thankfully there wasn't any before) I would say it's a very good hostel, but I got bites all over and I am afraid I brought some fellows home. Anyway, for staying one/two nights all is good, you can even survive the bugs for this money in Venice. If you have a thing for perfectly clean bathrooms and hot water, don't check in to there. Wi-fi works rather fine.
Age 24, Polish
Fun social hostel, but know what you're getting into!
Really fun and welcoming place with nice common area -- reminds me of hostels I used to stay at years ago before so many hostels became little more than a place to crash + wifi. Venice Fish is in a beautiful, crumbly old building in a great location. This is an OLD building so there are only 2 bathrooms and few electrical outlets; the sheets and bathrooms are clean, but the paint is peeling, the furniture has seen better days. Venice isn't exactly known for its nightlife, so the hostel staff creates one, with inexpensive pasta suppers, wine and outings every night. Earplugs recommended as the hostel and neighbourhood are NOISY -- whether it's travelers partying in the common space late at night, or the garbage being collected at 7am.
Bad experience!
The hostel said much more than they do. For example, the "breakfast" provided is one bread and one bread only; they provide a microwave for guests to use, but there's not even a container to get food into the microwave; really limited common space to share with; and you don't know what are the major rules you should follow in the hostel. I would say Venice itself is a money city, but due to the poor stay experience for two nights, I wouldn't feel like coming to the city with a great nice view because I don't feel welcomed at all!
Couldn't stay at a better Hostel!
The fish is a great place to stay. The Staff was amazing! Joe, Jack, and Adrian were extremely welcoming, helpful, and hardworking. In light of the holidays, they deserve a raise. The beds were comfortable, there was a lot of space, you can by cheap liquor there, and THEY MAKE YOU DINNER. Easily the best hostel we've stayed at in all our travels. One of the best parts of my vacation.
Horrible place to stay
We thought that the place was horribly dirty. There are some standards considering hygiene when one goes to another place to sleep and shower. Not with disgusting water flooding the bathroom floors, or mold all over the shower, or a place that hasn't been cleaned for ages. The dust there was incredible. Menstrual pads left on the sink. It had a great location and the dinner was good, but other than that it was a bad place. No order, no lockers, very chaotic. They had us pack our stuff and move it every morning because they moved the beds around constantly. We got a different bed mattress each night. We will not be staying there again and do not recommend it.
(Does the nationality matter?)
Free dinners, an incredibly social staff, and a location to die for make A Venice Fish the hostel to stay at when traveling through Venice. The Location The Fish is located about twenty to twenty-five minutes by foot from the main Venice train station. Or guests can take a five euro water taxi and save themselves a few minutes walk. The nearest water taxi stop is the stop near the Venetian casino and is a five-minute walk from the hostel itself. Being on the main road, A Venice Fish offers access to everything. Water taxis, gondolas, and roads if you should choose to walk, are all very close. Venice addresses are based on areas instead of streets, so the hostel can be rather difficult to locate. The best way to find it is to follow the main road according to the hostel directions and look for the small church in the square with the stone well. The hostel is the gorgeous old building on the left with doors flung open on the second floor to reveal the terrace and common area and a private bridge accessing the first floor entrance. Rooms and Bathrooms One downfall of the super-social Fish is a lack of security. The building is locked and feels secure but the rooms themselves do not lock and the largest girls' dorm door doesn't even close completely. This, coupled with the lack of lockers, does present some probability of theft or mischief. The second downfall of the Fish is a lack of bathroom facilities. There is a single toilet in the ladies dorm and only toilet/shower facilities for the rest of the guests' needs. This poses a problem at certain times of the day (mid-morning and early evening) when most people want to shower, but otherwise is a fine arrangement. The dorms themselves are well-kept, clean, and quirky. Because the building is an old Venetian mansion the character is unsurpassed and the views of the square are enchanting. Common Spaces A Venice Fish offers the main living area of the old mansion it is converted from as its common area. There are chairs and couches in old styles and a long wooden table with many chairs around it where, though they don't advertise it, they often provide free dinners for the guests. These free dinners encourage the Fish's tendency to be incredibly social. Guests mingle and often go out afterwards to enjoy the nightlife together. It is, in this way, a great hostel for meeting people and not a great hostel for sleep. There is a small kitchen, mostly used by the staff of the hostel, but available for guest use. Summary Overall, A Venice Fish is one of the most fun hostels out there. Free dinners and a gorgeous common area encourage lots of socializing and the hostel staff of this new hostel will do everything they can to make guests happy.
Gigi Griffis

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