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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Pangea" at 7th Avenue, 3rd street, 3bis.)


7th Avenue, 3rd street, 3bis, Barrio Amon, San José, San José Province, Costa Rica
9.937090, -84.076510 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+506 221-1992 or +506 396-0364
+506 240-1026
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  Hostel Pangea has a great atmosphere and setting, but these do not make up for the negative experiences we had with staff. The Location Hostel Pangea is located quite close to the downtown area and closer to a lot of the bus stations and terminals that transport you to other parts of Costa Rica. You will find that, despite this, it is in a fairly dodgy area of the city and not somewhere you would want to venture outside of the hostel doors at night. During the daytime however, the bank is a block away, and all of the shops and supplies you may need will be found a ten-minute walk to downtown. The hostel offers shuttles to the airport multiple times daily for a fee and this is convenient as it is door-to-door pick up. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are quite cramped and small, with no ladders to get on to the top bunks. There is no place that you can securely store your valuables and belongings. The beds however are comfortable. The bathrooms are separate to the bedrooms and are a beautiful and modern facility. They are large and spacious with hot water in the showers. Common Spaces The hostel has an abundance of common spaces, including the bar on the upstairs level, the lounge where you can hang about, and the dining area equipped with computers that you can use for free if you don't have a device to obtain your own Wi-Fi, and a beautiful view over the city. This hostel does not have a communal kitchen that you can use but they do have a restaurant in the upstairs level with the bar, but prices can be quite expensive for meals here so it is often cheaper to eat out. Summary While this hostel has an amazing setting and vibe to it, some of the staff here can be supremely unhelpful and rude. While their brochure advertises that they accept credit card, they do not tell you that there is a minimum requirement for that and you have to have a private room minimum to pay on a credit card. After having cash issues and arriving late, the feeling that we were problematic and not welcome was very prominent as we couldn't pay on card. We will not stay here again and hope you have a more friendly experience with the staff here.
Dark and loud, rude/unfriendly front staff, no kitchen
Didn't give us tickets for the shuttle when we paid and then charged us again when we met for the shuttle since we didn't have the required ticket, which of course we didn't know we needed ... very expensive trip to the airport!
Arrived late after walking around downtown San Jose in a downpour looking for the place. No one knew where it was or had even heard of it. Neighborhood is not very safe but they do have a security guard that did not want to let me in. Staff was not particularly friendly or helpful but my experience was not as bad as some of the other reviews here. Pool seemed like a nice thing to have although I didn't get to use it. I liked the view from the observation deck at the bar and met some other travelers but the beer was definitely over priced. Only stayed here one night but I wasn't impressed compared to other hostels I stayed at in Costa Rica. Probably would not go back again.
Filthy, noisy, smelly bathrooms, high crime area
This place is terribly overrated. The bunk beds are crammed into the rooms like sardines, very crowded. The overall cleanliness is poor, especially the bathrooms. If you would like to get some sleep, bring big earplugs, as the noise from the bar and neighbors is horrendous. And walking outside the hostel during the day or night, is taking your life into your own hands. Check out the razor wire front gate photos. Stay somewhere else.
Don't go!
I returned with leeches. The swimming pool was empty and I couldn't sleep of the noise.
Not very impressed
This place was recommended to me but I was not very impressed. We arrived late and absolutely no lights were on in the entire hostel, not even the rickety stairwells. It was under construction so there was debris everywhere, and a nail even went straight through my birkenstock on the dark walk to the bathroom. The private rooms are plain, there's not much privacy, beds are uncomfortable, but that's pretty standard of hostels. On the bright side, there's a pool and a bar and after hours they sell beer behind the front desk, but there's usually no attendant so you have to go knock on his room door.
Coloradoan Couple
Socially Fun yet Small/Noisy for Sleeping
Helen, the cashier, and Fernando, the security guard, were amazingly amicable! Shuttle greeted us at airport yet looped the airport five times waiting for another guest for thirty minutes. Murals beautiful, rooms are too small, bathrooms some hot water but smelly, roof-top bar was great for socializing, cheap drinks, movie theatre with bean bags was cool place to hang. Rooms too small!
T. Soli
Sh*tty service
If I was with a group of people who wanted to party and not leave our hostel, this is the place to be. It's clean and has a bar upstairs. If you are looking for some help to plan your time in San Jose or Costa Rica, they are horrible liars that want tour commissions. I had a friend stay at Hostel Pangea and she liked it. Since it was Semana Santa (Holy Week), I was nervous about finding a hostel and made reservations for two nights. When I got there around sunset, they made me pay for both nights upfront and dimed me with deposits. I hadn't been to an ATM since I left Bocas del Toro, Panama, because I didn't want to be carrying a lot of cash, so I almost didn't have enough. Anyway, I get settled and go to ask their trip planning staff (I forget what they call it exactly), what is the best route to walk to the TUASA bus station so I can go to Volcan Poas. Are there better streets? Ones to avoid? He tells me there is no bus to Poas anymore. I thought that was strange because before I left Monteverde, where I had been volunteering for six months, I made it a point to check that the national park had reopened after the earthquake in December. I asked if he was sure. He said that the bus didn't take you all the way to Poas because the road was still broken from the earthquake, but I could sign up for this $65 tour that included a coffee plantation tour and butterfly garden. I explained that I was meeting friends at Volcan Poas and didn't want a tour. I asked if there was some other way to get to Poas. He told me that if you took a the Poas bus, it would only take you too the town, then you had to find a taxi to take you to the park and pay for it to wait for you and it was really expensive. After much thought, I asked him about how much a taxi would be. He didn't know. I asked if he could find out an estimate from the hostel to Poas. He fiddled with his computer for a bit, then talked to two guys behind the counter. Ten minutes later he comes back and says that he doesn't know how much a taxi would be. I ask him if he could call a taxi company for me and ask. He didn't really give me an answer and started helping someone else. He suggested the tour again, and I reiterated that I didn't want a tour, only to get to Poas. Then he tries to sell me a tour to Irazu. I told him my friends weren't at Irazu, they were going to be at Poas and then gave up. Later I decide that I should try and call my friends to tell them that I might not make it to Poas to see them. I ask the same guy if I could use the phone, I had a Costa Rican calling card. He said I could use the phone for 50 colones a minute. I repeat that I have a phone card and would like to use it. He said I had to go use the public phone on the corner then. So at 8 p.m./9 p.m. at night in San Jose, I wander off to the street corner to call my friends. The next day I set off early to the TUASA station to ask them if there was a way to get to the volcano. The man working there said, "Yes, it leaves there at 8:30 a.m." I asked him if it went all the way to the park and he gave me a strange look and said, "Claro que si (of course)." I got all the way to the park, which hadn't clouded over yet (I had a view time of an hour before the crater disappeared behind the clouds), and met my friends, no problems. So, in conclusion, the service sucks!

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