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A hostel/campsite on the outer edge of Florence. It's a bit of a distance outside of the center of the city. It takes 15-20 minutes to reach it by bus from the center of the city, plus a 300m walk on the path through the woods leading up to the hostel building. It has a movie room, a TV room, a dining area, and a little market. Outside there is a courtyard, covered sitting area, and the camping areas.

The rooms and bathrooms are fairly decent. There are a lot of people around in the evening, but as with many HI hostels people tend to keep to their own little groups. Beds are also available outside in military style tents for 11.50 euros. There are cats that live in and around the hostel, so be warned if you are alergic.
by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Ostello Europa Villa Camerata" at Viale Augusto Righi 4.)


Viale Augusto Righi 4, Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy
43.785374, 11.293830 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

You get what you pay for.
Well it's a good and super cheap place to stay for young people who don't care much about the conditions. For us it was a bit too camp like.
Age 29, Poland
Old monastery rebuilt to Hostel
showers on the other floor as room, Only one plug in for 10 bed room. great breakfast, wi fi only on the reception and location a little bit far from gate, can be scary during night.
Age 25, slovakia
Staff fine. Accom good. Wifi great. Location a bit inconvenient.
As above. Beautiful location. Nice breakfast -- though fruit would've been welcome! Great value. That walk from the gate to the hostel -- umm ... just think of it as a country hike.
Age 45, Australia
What a beautiful place to relax in! This is a really nice hostel located in the country side. The downside, of course, is the distance from the city. If you are here for a while, i really recommend trying out this place, at least for one night.
  It's in a beautiful villa in a country setting about a half hour bus ride from the train station, then a five- to ten-minute walk up the hill. Everything there was very nice. The only drawback was that you couldn't lock the lockers. They should either put locks on them or modify them so that you could use your own padlock.
  This is a good hostel, located very far outside the city. I can't tell you how long of a walk it is, because the bus ride was always so long I wasn't really sure how to get there. However the #17 bus does drop you off right outside their gates, but still a five-minute walk up the driveway. The amenities are nice at this hostel, i stayed in a four-person room, and that was only 15 Euro, so you can't beat that. Phone and Internet have to be paid for, so not great on your budget, Dinner was decent, but not exactly cheap. You can find prices just the same at a cheap restaurant in town, and the food will be a little better. Breakfast is just your typical roll, fruit, coffee, but plan on eating while you're in Italy anyway. Good store right on location for little snacks, and drinks (including alcohol). The showers were very nice, about eight showers in the one bathroom, but well sectioned off so you still have your privacy. The biggest issue was its location and the Midnight curfew. Midnight is not terrible, but it is so far outside the city, plan on ending your night at 11 and then finding a bus out to your stop. Decent place if you need to save money, but the location is not optimal for experiencing the city of Florence.
James T.
  I stayed in this hostel back in december of 1999. The hostel was nice and the rooms were clean. I stayed there a couple of days during christmas time, and me and my friend had no problem getting a room with a reservation. The greatest disadvantage is that it's a bit far from the city center.
  this is the worst hostel i've stayed in. the staff are very rude! they don't explain anything to you, and when you ask them, they will be angry! When I got there, they just did the registration and gave you the key. they didn't tell me when I should give them the rent, when I asked the female staff at the counter, she answered "When you leave," very impatiently. they didn't tell me where I could get the bed sheet, and when I got the bed sheet from the wrong cart, a male staff questioned me what I was doing there with a horrific look! and they didn't tell me when the breakfast and dinner will be and when and where I could buy the ticket, they didn't tell me what facilities they have and where they are and how I can use them. you need to explore everything there yourself like internet and laundry, and after you've found them and ask the staff how you can use it, they will think that ''how come you dont know that?'' and will answer you very angrily and impatiently. the staff there are simply like having a kind of despise and hatred towards their customers. I met a girl who wanted to use the internet service there but the internet was not working in all the computers, she told the staff but then the staff there scolded her that she was lying. The hostel is not very sanitary either. the rooms and facilities are very old. the floor is very dirty. and there are many mosquitoes. I got bitten by mosquitoes many times during my two-day stay there even though i did spray mosquito repellent already. the water pressure in the shower room and bathroom is very unstable. there are many people staying in the hostel and some people smoke there. they gathered on the G/F and smoked and the smoke spread to my room above, which was very annoying and unpleasant to non-smokers. and the location is very bad. It's on the hill and the way from downhill to the hostel is quite long. the pathway is covered by rubbles and stones -- it's quite difficult to pull wheeled suitcase up there. if you want to go to the city centre, it takes about half an hour to travel by bus, not including the walk down the hill. when I chose this hostel, I was attracted by its photos on the web -- beautiful renaissance villa. but after considering all the aspects and the bad experiences, i definitely think that it's not worth staying there. After all, it's not as beautiful as one may think it would be.

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