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16 Pozitano Street, Sofia, Sofia Province, Bulgaria
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359 2 989 8582
359 2 989 8582
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Not too bad at all!
friendly staff that will try to serve you as a real guest, location couldn't be any better. just a little cold during the winter when it freezes, but the staff is non stop filling the heater to try get it warm.
The Location Sofia Hostel is situated in the heart of Sofia's cafe culture, and conveniently located near Mall Sofia and Vitosha Boulevard. If you call ahead, a friendly staff member will come and pick you up from the central railway or bus stations in a number 7 or 1 tram. If you prefer to walk, allow twenty minutes from the stations to the hostel, head towards the National Courthouse on Vitosha Boulevard and turn right on to Pozitano street. The hostel is on the third floor, above a Chinese restaurant. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorms in the hostel are comfortable, spacious, and reasonably clean, although it faces a noisy street below. The kitchen is compact and cluttered; a washing machine is stored under a counter (ask the staff to do your laundry); there's plenty of cutlery, cups, and plates; and a microwave oven that seems to grow its own food. There is one shower and toilet per floor (two floors), which is not periodically cleaned. Other than that, the showers are hot, the water pressure is good, and there is a hook or two on the door to hang your stuff. Common Spaces Unfortunately, there are no reception and common areas, although there are comfortable seats and coffee tables in the corridors. Internet is free, but be prepared to wait as there is only one terminal. Free breakfast consists of toast, jam, butter, cheese, tea, and coffee on the terrace. The view of Vitosha Natural Park from the terrace appears to be nonexistent. The English-speaking staff are friendly and helpful with maps and information on historical highlights in Sofia. They would be happy to provide tips on finding a good bar or Bulgarian cuisine nearby. The atmosphere in the hostel has a typical backpacker feel -- lots of independent travelers mingling with drinks on the terrace for hours. It is the sort of hostel where you can crash for a decent night sleep with earplugs, make a new friend, and get out. Summary Overall, we expected a bit more from a hostel recommended by popular travel guides as there is hardly any enthusiasm by the owners to continually improve the service and maintenance. Other than that, we enjoyed the Bulgarian hospitality in Sofia.
Sandra Tolj
  Don't get discouraged by the look of the hostel, the quite scary stairways, the renovations, worn down bits and pieces. See beyond that and you will for sure remember this hostel for long for its familiar atmosphere, friendly staff. Thank you Niki for the cultural experience it offers. Plus, the location is great, just few minutes from the heart of downtown, it offers free internet, and breakfast is included. If I go back to Sofia, I know where I would stay.
  This place is crammed full of people in high season, so don't expect to get out of bed in the morning without stepping on someone. And there's only one shower, and no common area (actually, there IS a corridor with a sofa in it, but you get the idea). That said, it's cheap, clean, not too noisy, and the staff are friendly. It's probably a better bet out of season, though.

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