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The Review

LoL Hostel in Siracusa was the only hostel available at out time of booking, but it turned out to be a great choice anyway, as this is one of the best-organized and cleanest hostels we visited so far. The staff are friendly, speak English, and really take their time to tell you everything about the surrounding area and recommend places and restaurants. The breakfast is also very good and the location is perfect! In our case, we had a misunderstanding with a booking and the chef of the hostel did his best to clear things up.

The Location

When you arrive at the train or bus station (which are next to each other), you have the hostel in one minute's walking distance, so it is very safe to arrive at late night, too. It takes about ten minutes to walk to the Old Town island, the archeological park, and the other sights and museums. You may or may not like the town itself. At night, you have also quite a lot of rich people walking around the Old Town, where the most places to eat are. They park their yachts, which transform into fancy party boats, at the Old Town island; during the morning and day, it's a good place for some culture and a stop on the southeast of Sicily. If you travel with the Tranitalia autobus from Catania to Siracusa, the bus arrives in Catania in front of the train station ticket office (out and right in front of the Statione Centrale). The bus is without a toilet and sometimes without air conditioning.

The location of the hostel is quiet in the night, so a good place for a good sleep.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms come with an en suite bathroom and air conditioning. The rooms are nicely made -- the roof of the room is made of wood with small windows for light. The building itself fits perfectly into the surrounding area, but it's nothing too special. The dorms are incredibly quiet for Italian circumstances. All rooms are really clean, and this feels more like a hotel sometimes! The linens come encased in plastic, and are very clean, but you can decide on your own if you like that, as the beds make some noises when you move around.

Common Spaces

There is an outside area, with many tables where you can eat and drink, and space to hang your washed clothes. The kitchen is well equipped, but we didn't use it, so we can't say much about its usability. However, the included breakfast is so nice! The staff hurries to get everything ready until 8am, and fresh-brewed coffee, heated-up croissants, cereals, milk, some juice, tea, hot water, and fruits are available. Relaxed Italian oldies music plays in the background -- it's really perfect for a good mood to start the day


This hostel is really a no- brainer when it comes to staying in Siracusa. It provides everything you need, the staff are really good, and the prices are great for the busy August season. The location couldn't be more practical. The hostel offers beverages for a great price, so you don't have to carry water bottles from the market. The first-level hall even has atriums, so when it rains, the rain enters the hall in the middle while you stay dry on the outside; it's very relaxing and fits with the Greek history of the town.
by Armundo Staff Reviewer
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Common area


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "LoL Hostel Siracusa" at Via Francesco Crispi, 92/96.)


Via Francesco Crispi, 92/96, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
37.068199, 15.281669 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 0931 465088
+39 0931 465088
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89% Guest Reviews

Fantastic hostel. Great location. Excellent facilities. Helpful staff.
Loved this hostel. Staff were so helpful giving us lots of information on good places to eat and local specialties. Very close to station and an easy walk to both the historic centre and archeological area. Fabulous kitchen, wonderful breakfast, and lovely environment including courtyard eating area. This hostel deserves all the accolades it has received. Can't recommend it highly enough.
Age 45, Australian
Friendly staff, clean facility, good breakfast, easy walk to all tourist sites.
Age 75, us
Excellent location, cleanliness and facilities at the hostel. Very friendly staff and they let me store my motorcycle in their yard. Very friendly price too.
Age 34, Malta
The price at LOL Hostel is high, but this makes sense, considering there isn't another choice for dorms in town. You definitely get what you pay for -- adorable design, great service, comfortable beds, clean facilities. The Location The hostel is on the mainland, so it's a long walk away from the main sights in the historical center -- it's about halfway between the old city and the archeological parks, so the hostel isn't very close or very far away from any given attraction. Yet it's very close to both the train and bus station, maybe a minute's walk. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms and bathrooms are clean, cute, and comfortable. There are free lockers, free linen, and free towels. Not to mention the beds are ridiculously cozy. Common Spaces During the summer, LOL Hostel is probably a much more happening place. With a cute courtyard patio and an enormous common area, it's a great place to chill with large groups of people. However, in the less crowded times of the year, the big common areas seem lonely and socially awkward. That being said, LOL really is made with love. It's darn cute and the staff are wonderful -- well trained, polite, genuine, and eager to help out the haggard traveler. Each team member can perfectly recite a ten-minute-long Syracuse map lecture, which includes great information for what to do, where to eat, and a custom hostel map. Even the cleaning lady is wonderful. Beyond the great staff, the amenities are also good. There is free Wi-Fi in the common area, television, computers for hire, a decent and well-loved kitchen, and a free breakfast. The breakfast is neither the healthiest nor of the best quality -- white bread, cereal, juice, apricot croissants, apricot condiments -- but it will do. The very thought of a free hostel breakfast is still a miracle, and we enjoyed it very much. Summary In essence, LOL Hostel is an expensive but cute and clean and helpful choice. For solo travelers, this hostel is the cheapest bet, but for parties of two or more an apartment could be much better for the budget. If you don't mind spending a little extra cash for serious hostel comfort in Syracuse, LOL Hostel is the place for you.
LoL Hostel offers a simple basic accommodation for those who seek a quiet place to rest in Siracusa. For those who want to stay very close to the train and bus stations in Siracusa, this hostel is also ideal. The Location LoL Hostel is conveniently located, very close from both Siracusa train station as well as the bus station. If you don't mind walking, the majority of attraction sights in Siracusa can be explored on foot from the hostel. Also there are buses to Ortigia very close from the hostel. Rooms and Bathrooms Each room has 4 beds and a bathroom. Each room is also equipped with an air conditioner which is great in hot summer days as long as everyone in the room agrees upon using it. The shower stall in the bathroom seems like standard European size shower. It is cleaned everyday but not immaculately clean. Common Spaces A communal kitchen is available for cooking. The common space in the kitchen as well in the library area is very spacious. There are no social activities organized by the hostel. Everyone is on their own exploring the city. Summary For the price of dorm room, it does not offer many services as other hostels. For example, there is no free internet. However internet is available on hourly rate. Also breakfast is not provided. There are no lockers at the hostel. They do, however, provide left luggage services for their guests. They also offer bike rental on hourly or daily rates. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay close to the train and bus station in Siracusa, LoL Hostel might be ideal. But if you want other compatible services and values, perhaps other accommodation options may offer a little more.
Bonnie Kim

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