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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Vuela el Pez" at 25 de Mayo 1216.)


25 de Mayo 1216, Posadas, Misiones, Argentina
-27.361916, -55.888675 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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03752 438706
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Hostel Vuela el Pez is the only hostel in Posadas, Argentina. The hostel is in an old residential building with a nice patio and a pool. The Location The hostel is located on a hill overlooking the Rio Parana and the Costanera, which is a walkway that follows the banks of the river. This Costanera is one of the, if not, the best in all of the Argentine cities along the Rio Parana, including Rosario, Corrientes, Santa Fe, and Formosa. It is about a two-block walk downhill to the Costanera from the hostel. At the bottom of the hill, there is a main rotunda and main section of the costanera park, which can have concerts. The local Yacht Club is also located at the bottom of this hill. The view of the Rop Parana and the Paraguayan city of Encarnacion from a small patio at the back of the hostel is simply awesome! City bus routes to anywhere in the city are about one to three blocks' walk from the hostel. Rooms and Bathrooms The hostel has five rooms, four of which are dorm-style rooms and one with a private room and a private bath. There are no door locks on the dorm rooms. Each room has in room lockers but not enough for the number of beds/people that each room can fit (there are one or two lockers per room). The dorm rooms are spacious and have ample room to move about. There are two shared bathrooms -- one for males and the other for females. These bathrooms have space to change but the toilet stalls are very tight and need body contortion to get in and out and use them. There are no hooks or shelves although the men´s bathroom has a chair. The sink is located in a tight spot in the walkway in front of the toilet stalls and is rather small. Soap is not provided and there are no soap dishes. The sink is also slanted, which makes it hard to keep a bar of soap or soap container on it. The shower has very light water pressure and uses the shower head type that heats the water in it. It is sensitive and requires fine tweaking to get the right water temperature. Common Spaces The two best parts of this hostel are the main patio area with the pool and hammocks. There are quite a number of plants (big and small) in this area and gives a lush tropical and quite relaxing feel to the patio. Reggae music usually plays in the background so it adds to that ambiance. There are two hammocks, a comfortable couch, two padded chairs, and a wooden table with several wooden chairs. This setup with the patio in a central location makes the hostel a very sociable and social place. There is also a TV/game room with a comfy couch and two matching padded chairs. In the corner of this room is the one and only computer in the hostel, which doubles as the music player. The other nice spot is a small patio adjacent to the main patio. This smaller patio is a bit rough and unfinished but has a small table and two chairs and has an awesome view of the Rio Parana and the city of Encarnacion across the river. The kitchen is basic but decent with a sink, a fridge, and a stove. In our two stays there, the vibe was very friendly, from the two guys who run the hostel to the fellow travelers. Summary Overall, the hostel is a bit on the bohemian side but it´s quaint and acceptable, given that it´s the only hostel in Posadas.
Nazareno Cruzada
(United States)

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