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10 Myrthengasse, Vienna (Wien), Vienna, Austria
48.205318, 16.347707 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+43 (0)1 526 4 6 58
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Unique experience
In short, I never felt like I was actually in a hostel, rather the entire experience reminded me as if I was visiting an old friend and staying over at his/her place. Seriously, the BION is superb, so thoughtfully and carefully decorated. It's perfect example of unsurpassed match of esthetics and functionality. It was so homie that I definitely want to go back. Thanx Lilly for everything, you're such a sweetheart. Would most definitely recommend it to everyone.
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
The location of Believe-It-or-Not is easily reached by the underground subway via the main train station, and is right in the heart of the museum quarter, which is ideal if you want to see amazing architecture and/or art in various forms. It is also located directly off of a main street, so restaurants, markets, shops, and bars are within a five-minute walk. Walking to the museum quarter and downtown Vienna is no problem at all, and one can easily reach downtown by foot within ten minutes. If walking isn't your thing, there is a bus (that also takes you to the hostel from an underground subway station) and two underground stations within a five-minute walk. You can purchase a twenty-four-hour ticket for a couple Euros that you can use to travel by bus or by underground, which is great if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing within Vienna, or plan to sightsee on the outskirts of town. The hostel itself is very easy to find once exiting the bus, although it is slightly trickier in the dark. It is located on a small side street off of a main street. The hardest part of finding the hostel is the lack of signs on the building advertising a hostel. Make sure to write down the address before arriving, or you might have a hard time as well. The building itself is extremely sketchy looking, especially at night. Half the building looks like it is under construction and there is "construction dust" on the open cobblestone entryway. The winding concrete stairs seem like they might collapse, but are surprisingly very sturdy. The hostel door is located on the second floor at the end of the hallway, and is marked by a laminated piece of paper on the door stating that you have found Believe-It-or-Not. The facility itself is one of the better ones we have seen. Despite being in a rickety building, the hostel is extremely clean. There is one toilet separate from a sink/shower room. Both are cleaned daily and dirt is never given enough time to accumulate. There is a kitchen where you can bring your own food, and cutlery, tableware, pots, and pans are all provided for you, so there is no need to bring anything. There is a common room, complete with a small sofa, a comfortable lounge chair, a table, a dining table, and a small television. The one room with beds is typical hostel-style. There are two levels of bunk beds and the third level is a loft-style offering four beds, a ladder, and curtains for added privacy. There is also a private double room off of the kitchen, if you are looking for more privacy. The hostel is cleaned and beds are made daily. There are a few large locker style cabinets provided in the room, but you need to bring your own lock.
Sheena Caines
  It was ok. There is a lot of people crammed into one room. It is built so that there are four beds on top of each other! It is weird and crazy. You have to get up before ten a.m., which is annoying. And there is only one toilet and one shower for sixteen people! Not enough. The building is very run down and there are homeless people living in the bottom of it. But it is small. There were not many people there when we stayed. So it was cozy. Often we were the only people there. It was like having our own apartment! The beds were comfy and warm. It was ok value. I would stay here again on an off season but not when it is high season! The room would be no fun if it was full! The girl was not there ninety-nine percent of the time. So there were keys to the hostel taped to the door for us! Not very safe!
  I found it to be one of the best hostels I have stayed in, and I have stayed in many. It is so clean and comfortable and home-like. The whole apartment smells of freshly-washed laundry, which makes a change from the usual stink of unwashed backpackers. It is a little difficult to find, that is true, but the cleanliness more than makes up for that.
  Really nice atmosphere. I met some really nice, interesting people and because it is so small everyone is very friendly and chatty. The hostess was also quite sound, except that she made us get up before 10 every morning, which was sh*t in a way but good as it made you get up and go exploring. Also, even though it was very small it never seemed that crowded. It really felt like a home away from home.
  It's the worse place I've ever seen!!! If you want to have a different experience, like sleeping with 40 strange people waiting to have sufficient oxygen for all of you, or going to the toilet with the window open when it's down to zero degrees (it's impossible to close it) you must go.
  The window of the bathroom is open. Is not possible to close it. In winter it is difficult stay inside. You sleep with twelve people in 5 meters. This is not natural. You make friends, of course, but at the price of some comfort. I think it is not good. The owner had an apartment and he decided to rent beds.
  It was not easy to find the hostel. When we reached the hostel, there weren't any lights at the entrance, and we had to walk to the 1st floor in the dark. It was very scary; we were really doubtful about it and felt it was "believe-it-or-not." If you ring the doorbell, nobody will open the door for you. You will find an envelope with your name and keys in it. The map was put under the pillow by the staff. The room/toilet was clean. The staff person was helpful. It was ok to stay there, but if you have more choices, please choose other places.

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