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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Lodge32 Hostel Stockholm" at Hantverkargatan 32.)


Hantverkargatan 32, Stockholm, Sweden
59.329264, 18.041862 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+46 855 926 519
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Acceptable for one night ...
it is bad ... but for one night it is ok.
Age 23, CZ
Nice place, well located
The Hostel is easily to find and well located Not far from Main Station. The rooms have no windows but the air condition is extremely good. Staff is very nice and helpful.
Age 25, Germany
Cleaning staff clears your stuff out of your room!
I left my stuff in the room. The cleaning lady comes into our room when we are not there in the morning, takes my Nike training bag which was clearly tourist's stuff, and leaves. I go back to my room and realize my bag is not where I left it. I go to the reception very pissed off (who wouldn't be) the receptionists denies the fact that the cleaning staff would touch my stuff. I get even more pissed off because I knew 100% that it was her. I tell her to get my f***ing bag back or xxxxx (cursing like crazy, I can't even remember the exact words I was so pissed off -- again, who wouldn't be if somebody took his or her stuff). Receptionist does absolutely nothing to help or resolve the issue. Pretends I'm making it up. The following morning the cleaning lady shows up, I show her a picture of my bag, she goes out and brings it back to me. Then because I got so pissed off of them taking my bag from my room the hostel decides to throw me out instead of apologies. At that point I decided not to ever use that hostel booking website again and use a different site to book with individual people in the future.
Age 29, Hungary
Horrible manager, no security
The review i will give for this hostel will be slightly skewed by the fact at 2 iphones belonging to myself and to a friend i was travelling with got stolen during our stay. Our iphones disappeared while we were making dinner in the kitchen of the hostel. There is a passcode to enter the hostel which changes every day. However, once anyone is inside the hostel, they can walk in and out of any room freely since there are no locks/passcode on the doors to the rooms. When we told the manager about what happened, she was extremely rude to us. First she denied what had happened, then she pointed her finger to the police station around the corner. The next morning, someone came into our room and left while some of us were sleeping. We later saw him walking around the hostel, claiming that he was looking for his girlfriend who was staying our room. The manager again did not do anything about this. There is absolutely no security in this hostel, you have to lock up all your belongings even when going to the bathroom. Avoid this place definitely.
Location Lodge32, a new hostel, has a convenient location only about ten minutes' walk from the City Hall and about fifteen minutes' walk from the main train/bus station in Stockholm. Despite this, it is a quiet hostel, and definitely not a hostel for people who want to party. If you want to sleep well and have a good base in the city, then this is a great choice. Despite being in the city centre, it has a great quiet location, making sleep easy. It is also located in a good part of Stockholm, so walking back at night would not cause any safety problems. It is also not far from the water, so it is possible to do some great evening strolls from the hostel along the waterfront. It is convenient for the city centre, but has a metro station around the corner (Radhuset station) and also a bus stop right outside the door (bus number 69). Unless you have a lot of bags, you would hardly need to use public transport from this hostel. The hostel is right next to a 7-11 store, and there are several small shops and cafes around the hostel. There is also a small ICA supermarket about two minutes' walk away, conveniently open until 11 p.m. on weekdays. Rooms and Bathrooms The hostel is actually below ground level, but some rooms have skylights and/or windows, and the hostel still feels bright. Probably the easiest way to find the hostel if you are walking is to look for the 7-11 shop on the corner, and then the doorway to the hostel is right next door. The hostel has only been open a few months, so everything is clean and new inside. The hostel is small, and so it does not have a cafe or bar, but there are so many places very near the hostel that this would not be a problem. It does have a coffee machine and washing machine (extra charge). The dorm rooms are clean and modern, with the bunks having individual reading lights (great touch) and also individual lockers (keys provided). Beds (wood), mattresses and duvets are good, and they insist that you either rent sheets or else use your own. The largest dorm has twelve beds (bunks), and the rooms are mixed sex. The dorms do not have room keys, but there are security codes to get into the hostel itself outside of normal hours. The bathrooms are very clean (showers have hooks on the door) and have good hot showers. There seem to be enough showers and toilets for the number of beds, so waiting is never a problem. Common Spaces The hostel has several common areas, with tables and chairs in the hall areas as well as near the reception. There are also four computer terminals for free internet (day and night) and free wireless internet too. The only downside with the WLAN is that the hostel walls are thick, so WLAN reception inside some of the rooms is not good (no problem though out in the common areas). The hostel is completely non-smoking and, being small, is a social hostel. Another good thing about the hostel is that the staff offer lots of good tourist information, and seem to keep the noticeboards up-to-date with events going on in Stockholm. Again, perhaps because it is a small hostel, the staff seems to have more time for guests, so the service is better here. It is no problem to leave your bags there if you're leaving later in the day. There is also a kitchen for guest use, although there are no ovens/stoves (just microwaves), so don't buy lots of things that need cooking! The kitchen also has a TV with cable channels. There is enough fridge space. Summary If you are looking for a good, clean, and quiet hostel, then it is an ideal choice. Location, size, and facilities (and price!) all seem to be great. It is not the place for people that want to party but is the place for travelers who want a quality hostel near the city centre.
(New Zealand)

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