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Highlander Hostel is a good and inexpensive hostel located in the center of Inverness, Scotland. It is open during the whole year. The price is one of the lowest in the city and you have all the basics that are to be expected from a hostel.

The Location

The location is very good -- it's on the main street in the city center. Inverness is a small city and everything is nearby. The train station and the bus station are less than five minutes on foot and all the major sites in the city are within walking distance. Most sights are outside of Inverness and you can take a bus to reach them. There are many shops and restaurants in the neighborhood.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Highlander Hostel has dorms and private rooms; blankets and linens are included. There are rooms with four, six, ten, and twelve beds. The rooms are packed with beds, so there is no extra furniture and not much room to move around. The beds are quite hard and not very comfortable. Internet is also not very good on the upper floors. You can use lockers at the reception for a fee. There is one bathroom and toilet on each floor; if the hostel is full, this can be a challenge. Turning on the light is also a challenge. However, the toilet is clean and the shower is nice.

Common Spaces

You can do your laundry for a fee. The kitchen is very well equipped with refrigerators, ovens, plates, all kind of utensils, and a great variety of free tea. Most things are old and overused but you have everything you need. There are computers with Internet access for a fee and free Wi-Fi. You must check out by noon. There is no deposit. There is a very big common room with many seats and different board games. The atmosphere at Highlander Hostel is more relaxed. Most tourists come to see Loch Ness and the city is not a party place. It is ok to have a beer or two in the common room.


Overall, the hostel is nice and you receive good value for your money. As it is recommended that you visit the sights near Inverness and that might take you some time, you get even better value.
by George Traveller
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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23A High Street, Inverness, The Highlands, Scotland
57.477939, -4.225140 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+44 1463232721
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I didn´t stay. I walked backwards out of the room.
we got a double bedroom under the roof. there was filth everywhere (it it were a movie, i would expect rushing cockroach out from every corner). the bed was a pile of bed covers and hadn't a plastic cover or even something you could name a sheet. the walls were full of mold and the wallpaper was falling apart of the multiple water damages. i wasn't brave enough to look in the bathroom. we didn't stay there and paid gladly more in a hotel.
Age 28, dutch
Worst Hostel
Every review speaks the truth when it comes to this hostel. The staff appeared drunk and our booking had vanished due to the computer not working. The rooms and showers were filthy. If this is your only option to stay in Inverness, stay somewhere else. I have been traveling for 4.5 months and this is the worst hostel I've stayed in.
Age 25, Australia
The building is tired and warn out and is clearly never cleaned unless the guests do it. I found myself in pound land buying detox spray and cloths so i felt I could use the wash hand basin and shower and never put my bare feet on the floor due to the dirt and human hair ball by the toilet. The room smelt of stale tobacco and the window frame was so rotten I thought the glass may fall out. At Night we couldn't sleep due to the street noise and banging doors. It was my first experience of a hostel and I expected basic but I didnt expect filth, it almost ruined my holiday good job we was touring.
Age 51, British
My credit card was charged when I booked, then again when I arrived. I have spent the last eight weeks calling and emailing and have still not received a refund. The customer service has been terrible.
Very Poor, Never Again
After actually managing to find this Hostel i started to have second thoughts as the entrance was located on an back street alleyway on the high street, which was dirty looking with mobs hanging around. after check-in i noticed how many actual local people who actually live there rather than stay for a few nights. these locals are what i call bums -- people who drink a lot and are always drunk and smelling of alcohol and don't have a job. i'm guessing the local government pays the hostel to house homeless individuals. Just a pre-warning to those even thinking of staying in this Hostel -- don't, you have been Warned.
Paul Carter
The Location Highlander Hostel is conveniently located right on High Street, in the pedestrian section of town. It's a short walk from the bus and train station, about ten minutes. Once you've figured out how to get around, Inverness is an easy city to manage. The bus ticket office can give you a map. Directions from the bus station -- walk down Margaret Street to Academy Street and turn left. Take any of the streets linking (Queensgate or Union turning right, the only way possible from Academy) to Church Street and go left again until you hit High Street, go right. The train station is at Union Street, so follow Union up to Church Street as above. The bars and pubs are generally on side streets, so you don't get too much noise from all the late-night party people that pervade the streets of Inverness. But it still gets its fair share of noisy backpackers and pedestrian street noise. The entrance is well marked and in a slight alley way off the street. You buzz the bell to go in, and upstairs to reception. There are big signs in the windows with the hostel's name. Rooms and Bathrooms The staff are nice, the rooms are big, and each dorm is ensuite. They have private and double rooms available in their Highlander B&B, which is nearby. A staff member will drive you there to check in, but it's an easy walk from the end of High Street up Market Brae stairs, therefore also convenient. The whole place is very clean and bright. That's true for the hostel as well as their newly built B&B. Common Spaces Everything looks new and modern. There aren't too many people hanging about, but there is a large social room, complete with soda machines and lounges. This room overlooks the main pedestrian street. The kitchen is very well maintained and clean. Summary All the sights of Inverness are very nearby and easy to walk to. There's nothing super-special about this hostel, but it's got a good location and is clean and friendly. We recommend it as a convenient and easy place to hang your hat for a night or two while enjoying the beauty of Inverness.
Elle Elmore
Dirty, noisy, unsafe, but with wifi and large LCD TV.
I know I'm not paying much when I stay at a hostel. I know it's not a hotel. However, having stayed in many hostels I know what standard of quality I can expect. This hostel's standards were through the floor. It was difficult to locate the hostel even though it's close to the bus station since it's just an unmarked door in an alley with a shattered glass window. Even with a reservation I arrived to find there were no beds so they put me up in the staff room. The bathrooms were almost unsanitary and the common areas were just plain unclean. The bar next door made incredible noise till late in the night. The one redeeming feature for me was wireless Internet access as I always travel with my laptop. Even the TV wasn't a plus because the place was filled with noisy people shouting about the shows they were watching. Honestly, when I left the place I felt a great wave of relief come over me.
Travis Good
Excellent hostel, great location,fab staff, huge common room.
I visited the Highlander hostel on 23rd May 07, I have been to many hostels in the UK and all over, I felt this hostel was great, just off the high street, masive common room, with pool table, Plasma, Internet etc. The staff were very help full, they even picked me up at the bus station by car( a Silver CLK Mercedese) great accomodation, cool kitchen great showers hot water even at 3am. Highly recommend this Hostel, Very immpressed.

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