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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Retro Hostel Shevchenko" at 16, Shevchenko Avenue.)


16, Shevchenko Avenue, Lviv, Ukraine
49.472045, 24.135107 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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80% Guest Reviews

Decent place to stay
location is good. staff is friendly and speaks English. rooms are cozy. no lift! clean. hostel is huge! they have lot of facilities which could be interesting for guest (billiards, jacuzzi, sauna, much more). not too far for the train station.
Age 25, india
I have been there 2 times (in 2011 and in 2012). The room for 5 people is vast, the toilet is separate from the bathroom. Garbage is cleaned, but not the floor. The hostel is nearby the city center. The stuff is overkind! I like the girls very much. The atmosphere of the hostel is amazing!
Dont stay here
I got in a 9 pm and there was no staff after six, so i walked in the side door which is never locked and stay in the dorm room (i wonder how many other ppl can just walk off the street?). Next day the staff gave me keys, the kitchen was dirty, and i had to wait for 2 hours to take shower! There is no one to stop people coming off the street once you get inside and only one person speaks english, i wouldnt stay here!
Retro Hostel Shevchenko is one of the worst hostels we've stayed in around the world. Everything but the location and price is bad! If this were in the west, it would not be allowed to function. It is the cheapest hostel by far in Lviv, but for good reason. The Location Situated on the famous busy street of Shevchenko, the location is great -- it's easy to walk to anything and it is only ten minutes' walk to the great club Metro. There is a lot going on on this street, things like live music in the street and other interesting events. It’s a good place to be. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm room is at the top of the hostel, and even though it is listed as ensuite, it is not. The bathroom/shower is dirty, the shower curtain has dark stains all over it, and people should be scared to step into the shower barefoot from the dirt in it. The mattresses are old, smelly, and are stained from past guests' usage. It is hard to get a very good night's sleep. The room itself is clean, but the sheets smell like they are used (not freshly clean for sure). The room does have a fireplace but we're not sure if it works, as it was summer when we visited. There is one toilet (for a dorm of fourteen people) outside the dorm in the hallway and it is usable by any other guest from other floors in the hostel, so the dorm is not ensuite as advertised! The security is bad as well -- the front door has a code but it is left open a lot, and the only other door to the hostel is left open all night with no guard or staff to keep someone off the street from walking into any of the rooms. You don’t get a dorm room key, so you can’t even lock the dorm room and there are no lockers either. Common Spaces The two common areas are the basement, where the breakfast and bar is, and the outdoor common area. The basement area is dirty and untidy. The beer is cheap and the breakfast is very basic, but overall it’s hot and dirty down there. The common room is a covered area outside the hostel where two tables and a very old couch sit. In the winter it can’t be used as a proper common room and it has a hole in the roof, so when it rains, a pool forms in the middle of the common area. Many nights the owner takes over this area with his friends and they get drunk so it cannot be used by guests. Summary Overall this hostel needs a lot of work, with only one English-speaking staff member, dirty toilets and sheets, and only the price and location working for it. This hostel also lists facilities it does not have -- we did not see a waterfall (unless you count when it rains through the hole in the ceiling), is no gym on-site, or disco, or pool. How they could have a supermarket is beyond me but they list that as well. We asked about pub crawls or any tours they do and they told us they do none (however, they advertise a pub crawl). Overall this hostel is one to miss until they clean up their act! We would not stay here again.
steven hume
Retro Hostel Shevchenko is the worst hostel i ever stayed in. The place is dirty as a dump(kitchen looks like it hasnt been cleaned in a month), alot of the facilities listed are not offered or are not in the hostel(Pool, Gym, Restaurant, Mini-Supermarket???) and only one staff speaks English. The common area is outside and has a hole in ceiling so when it rains the only pool is the pool below the hole! The owner both nights i stayed(and many others when asked other guests) sits in the "common" area with his friends and gets drunk, taking up the common room so others cant use it. Over all the worst hostel i been in and even though its location and price is the best in the city, do yourself a favor and stay somewhere else.
I'm glad I stayed here, because I met some great people and passed an unforgettable time with them. On the other hand, there were also some annoying people staying, who were inconsiderate to everyone sleeping. But on the whole I feel quite lucky with the company I found in the full 14-person room I stayed in. The bed was fine. The first night it was warm and so was the water in the shower. The second night, it was colder (but QUITE comfortable when compared to outdoors) and the water from the shower was freezing. Whatever was going on with the heat seemed to have resolved itself by about 4 or 5 in the morning. It wasn't too cold to sleep -- rather, I was awoken at that time by the group of super-early-rising Kiwis and their clumsy packing efforts. The bathroom situation is the major drawback about this hostel. For a room of fourteen people, there's just one bathroom, with one toilet, one sink, and one shower. So once you finally get your turn, the next person will be waiting impatiently just outside. The shower has no showerhead (instead the there is a showerhead in the sink, oddly); neither does it have a door or curtain, and the wall of the shower is curved, which splashes the water outwards so that it's impossible to bathe without flooding the entire small room! It's all one though, because the only drain in the room is not in the shower, but instead below the sink. There was no toilet paper, and the toilet only flushed properly once out of the six or seven times I tried it. The plumbing seemed to be behind the wall, so I couldn't tinker with it or attempt a diagnosis. Anyway, it has a kind of constant slow action which removes waste quickly enough. As I eventually discovered, there is another WC about five floors down, which is much better designed and kept up. There was TP there, and it was clean, and the shower was enclosed by a door. The only weird part about this bathroom was that the toilet is in the shower partition. I've seen that before in bigger shower rooms, but the small size of this shower compartment made it seem odd to me. Everything's fine there so long as the person showering is courteous and puts the lid down to avoid getting the seat wet. I've never been in Ukraine before, so take that into consideration with my remarks. Maybe it's the usual there -- I don't have any idea. Wi-Fi is available, as are two desktop computers in the main office. The main office seemed to me to be open very irregularly. I wasn't able to pick up Wi-Fi from my room (on the top floor) on my UMPC, but another guy was barely able to on his laptop. I had no trouble with the connection when I went downstairs to the lounge. On the whole I had a great and pleasant experience in this hostel. The price was quite good I think, and the owners were very nice. I would stay there again, especially if I were on the same budget.
(United States)
Standard lower than in description
We had double bedroom. Description said that there is separate bathroom but there was only shower attached to sink in toilet! Imagine that you expect to have regular bathroom but you get small toilet and possibility to attach shower to the sink. Except that there was hot and dark. There was only very small window and since the room was directly? under the roof it was very hot there. There were also positives -- very good location and very kind and helpful owners.
One of the worst, Really.
Daily B-grade noisy renovations, persistently inebriated owner/security(?), overworked/depressed/exploited underage staff, no cleaner, unclean, drunk adolescent groups, the list could go on and on. You get what you pay for. I won't make the same mistake again. Stay elsewhere. Nasty.

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