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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Nomad Backpackers Plus" at 11 Howard Gardens.)


11 Howard Gardens, Roath, Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales
51.483544, -3.165315 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 29 2025 6826
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Good for the price
Stayed one night, in transit. Cheap with good amenities. I would return if I were on a budget.
Age 23, USA
Nomad Backpackers Plus is a "maze" house -- certainly a well-organized and clean place to sleep in Cardiff, not exactly in the center but still close enough to the main attractions. It offers a poor breakfast (typical of British hostels), with bread, corn flakes, tea, and coffee, basically. The Location Since it's around one-and-a-half kilometers from the main train station, the indication from the webpage should be clear. But it isn't, because many streets in Cardiff don't have plates with the names, so in some parts you go "in the dark." It is around five hundred meters from the entrance of the main shopping street, where you can find a supermarket, all major fast-food chains, shops, cafés and restaurants. There is another train station that is closer (Queen Street), but there is an extra cost. Buses are abundant and cheap in Cardiff, so from nearby you can take a bus to any attraction in town. Parking is not offered by the hostel, but streets nearby are reasonably empty. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are small, and the heating system isn't that efficient. There is one locker for every bed in each room, but the size of the lockers barely fits the most valuable goods (and it certainly doesn't fit a bag). Bigger lockers are available on the ground floor, but then you have to carry things everyday up and down stairs. The mattresses are not in a good state -- you can feel the metal grid under the foam, which means that the foam is already old. The bathrooms are complete -- there are tubs and showers, toilets, sinks, paper towels, and soap. There is space to leave clothes for changing after the shower. The hot water is very hot and the cold water is very cold, but it's possible to find a middle point. Common Spaces A big plus of this hostel is the environment. The kitchen is complete, very organized, and clean. There is a pub inside (you cannot enter with alcohol, you can only buy alcohol from them), a pool, several TVs with different programs at the same time, a free computer with internet, free Wi-Fi, and some books -- all spread over a couple different rooms. People stay and chat in these places often. And no noise can be heard in the rooms, which is also a good point. Summary Many facilities make this hostel good for backpackers -- you can always find someone or something to do in the common spaces. The location and the current state of the mattresses are its down points, but it's probably the best option in Cardiff, which is not such a big city.
Vinicius Tragante
Do not store your valuables here. I lost half my money at this hostel
Do not store your valuables here. I lost half my money at this hostel. The staff negligently issued two people (myself and another guy) keys to the same locker. Unfortunately, I stored half of my money in the locker, and when the other person used the locker, my stuff fell out. Wouldn't you guess, my envelope of money went missing. The owner went on to say that there wasn't anything that could be done. Wrong answer. Now I'm going to have to put my current vacation on hold to pursue a negligence claim with the U.S. Embassy. To add insult to injury, after asking to see if they could foot my bill and comp my stay for the trouble, the managers said, "I don't know, we'll have to see." Another wrong answer. This would otherwise have been a nice review. Until this situation gets resolved, I will take this issue to every hostel publication, newsletter to inform them of this unfortunate situation. I would not recommend staying at this hostel.
(United States)

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