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Str. Libertatii 8, Sighisoara, Romania
46.224657, 24.792196 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+40 (265) 772 546
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Fun in Romania
Been many times to Nathans villa in Sighisoara and have always found everyone very friendly and helpful. they are a crazy bunch of people and know how to party. My memories are an enjoyable day at the hostel and a night out with Nick, Lumi, and Andrei.
Unprofessional Staff
The free washing was good although I didn't have much to do, but I had to make sure I brought the washing in to dry at night. The rooms were a good size although two showers made it difficult and they were combined with the toilet room. No internet at the hostel and a ten- to fifteen-minute walk to find a cafe. Biggest turn off -- The drunk staff. There was no professionalism here! The male staff member got drunk and was standing in the way of the TV when we were trying to watch the world cup rugby final. One guy touched him on the shoulder and asked him to move. The male staff member swore at him, and told him never to touch him again otherwise he would knock him out. They got into a bit of an argument and the staff member told him to get out of "my hostel" and to take his bags with him, and this was 11 p.m. at night. Later he tried to pick a fight with another guy, and in the morning he just sleeps in and doesn't work. Very Unprofessional!
(New Zealand)
Rude, incredibly drunk staff/less-than-desirable facilities
Just beware that this is not like the other Nathan's Villa Hostels. In some aspects the hostel was ok, but don't expect to get everything you read about on the flyers or on the internet. Also, the staff at this hostel were very rude to a number of the guests. One of them was incredibly drunk and got even a bit physical with one male guest when he tried to change a CD in the lounge area, told a female guest she was fat right to her face, and spouted off obscenities to all the rest. One poor American guy was trying to ask about where to get food for almost an hour and the hostel worker swore at him every time and never answered the questions. At the end of the night the worker was eating mayonnaise from a jar on the kitchen floor and then pushed several of us out of the second dorm room so that he could sleep in there. All the guests ended up sleeping crammed in one dorm room, and different guests ended up locking up the downstairs lounge, answering the phone, and mopping up the mess of the hostel attendant. Unacceptable.
  This was a pleasant hostel, about five minutes' walk from the train/bus station, and about fifteen minutes from the old town. Although I was only here for one night, it was a comfortable little place, very sociable and good for meeting other travelers and locals who know their way around the place. The rooms were very big too, so unlike many other hostels, there was plenty enough room to swing a cat.
Jim H
Their description claims that they are the only backpackers in Sighisoara, but that isn't true. You can find some of the other hostels in Sighisoara listed on this site. The rooms are big and pretty spacious, despite the large number of beds. There is only one bathroom, but it wasn't too crowded. Or at least not during our stay in the low season. If they were actually full, it would be quite the backup. The kitchen is well equipped, and breakfast is available anytime you wake up, though it's just toast and jam. There is a very nice shady area in the back to sit and eat. They have a great policy of doing your laundry for you for FREE. Yes, it's not that the laundry is just free, but they will do it for you. Now that's service.
Olga Polyakov
  The facilities are great. But, some money was stolen from the money belt I had checked into the safe. I didn't notice until I left. I contacted the owner via e-mail. After telling my tale, I requested a return of the money, if he believed me. He replied that he did believe me and asked for suggestions on how the money could be returned. I wrote him with some ideas and never heard back from him again. It could have been worse; 25 out of over 100 US dollars were taken. So, be careful about what you leave in the safe.
  My room was cold, but comfortable and clean. The lack of shower curtains is an oversight, because it makes for a very difficult shower! It would also be better if they sold beer at the bar. You have to go down to the very unfriendly 24-hour shop to buy beer, and it's more expensive than the beer in the bar! But overall, I have very few complaints, and I recommend this place if you decide to go to Sighisoara.
  Good, clean, friendly hostel in a great town. The downstairs bar is a plus. My only complaint is that certain staff are utterly useless, and the showers have no curtains, so the bathrooms inevitably flood.

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