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40 Belsize Park Gardens, Belsize Park Gardens, London, Greater London, England
51.547598, -0.166605 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+44 20 7722 8131
+44 20 7483 0889
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No Security
This hostel has no security. My key opened other people's rooms, and I stayed in someone else's room for 4 nights while they were on holiday, as I could not find my room. My room was in another wing of the hostel, which I didn't know about. I asked at reception, and they informed me that whichever room my key unlocked was mine. Then I was woken at 2:30am on my last night by the room's real residents returning from their holiday. I had been in their room for 4 nights with their TV, fridge, clothes, a bunch of DVDs, phone. The member of staff showed me to my room, and then disappeared. If you bring anything of any value to this hostel, don't want strangers entering your room at night while you sleep, or expect a basic level of customer service, this is not the hostel for you.
The hostel is well situated, in the North of London, in a rich borough. Moreover there are two Tube stations nearby (Belsize and Swiss Cottage), and also there are the bus, which is a more economic way of transport. The environment is quiet. Then, the food is not always good and it is approximately the same from one week to the other! In addition, the residence is basic! My bedroom was good but other residents said me that there are problem in their bedroom. One thing I disliked in this house, was the bathroom and the toilet, it wasn't always hygienic! But the price is good! So you have that you pay for! It's not the luxury. Some restorations will permit to improve this house, which is well situated! Before I come, they restored the Living room, and this piece is now better! I stayed in Belsize for one month, I think it's a good site to meet people with different nationalities (or the same). I'm finally happy to go there, even if it was not easy all the days! Perhaps if you have to go there for more than one month, don't go there! Live in this House, permit to see what is the real life.
Nobody gets out alive (figuratively)
So I got there on the third, which was just three days ago. My traveling partner and I got into our room somehow without seeing the hell that was the Belsize House. Granted, the outside of the place and the surrounding neighborhood was beautiful. So maybe we still had the gilded eyesight. But after beginning to unpack, the reality hit. And oh, did it hit with some force behind it. The two guys in our room were rather nice from the start, but that wasn't keeping us in that rat's nest. As we went out of the room to head to an internet cafe to get some information for a flight to Ireland, we noticed a plate on the floor outside of our room that was covered in mold. I don't mean to say a bit of green spotting showing up. I mean something one might see in a bacteria culture plate. Ten meters past down the hall was the bathroom. As nature was calling, I did go in. But this was when the horror set in. There was head full of human hair on the floor next to the sink. At this point, my mind was made. To stay in such a place for a week was merely out of the question. In fact, I'd have much rather slept in the underground if you'd prefer my blatant honesty. To sum things up, the place was a disaster. The general state of cleanliness was appalling and was simply not something I wished to be subjected to for a week. I've been hosteling now for a decade. I've never stayed in such filth. And I don't believe I will start anytime soon, which is why I went back downstairs and got my money back and found lodging elsewhere.
  I stayed there for three weeks and I must say the food wasn't that good, because every meal I was supposed to have cods. No problem with that, but I have never eaten so many of them! The place also could have a recreational area as other hostels do, so that people could hang out in it, and not only in a sitting room with a TV. Despite all that, I met really interesting people there. Anyway, it's worth taking a look at!
  I lived there for three weeks at the end of 2000. The location wasn't so good but I didn't have a problem going anywhere. It's a good hostel but the food wasn't so nice! Good luck, guys!
Elton from Brazil
  Great time, great women, bad food. ;) How's it going, Carlos?
  Call to ask if Henry is still there!!! If he is, try to find another hostel. It will save you time and money. Also, ask for age range in the hostel, because when I was here last (October) there were plenty of old people, and they were the kind of old people who are difficult to cope with. They complain about everything!!! If they are still there, avoid this place!!!
  I lived here for three months. The hot water was off typically twice a week. I went three days in the winter without heat. The management was unfriendly. If you can go somewhere else, DO! However, you do meet lots of cool people! (But then, that happens at most hostels, right?)

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