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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Genoa Hostel" at Via Giovanni Costanzi, 120.)


Via Giovanni Costanzi, 120, Genoa (Genova), Liguria, Italy
44.427880, 8.927744 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Never more!
Honestly, this "hostel" is the worst one I have ever been to. The only advantage is the prize, but still, paying 15 Euro for something like that is a waste of money. Sleeping in a tent would have been better. The staff is rude and lazy, the building is horrible (doors don't close, beds look like they are going to fall apart any minute). The location is terrible, it takes almost an hour with the bus to get to the sea -- which of course cost you money. We have stayed for 3 nights and have never seen someone like a cleaning lady. When a problem occurs, the solution in this "hostel" is to hide it. For example half of the shower baths was clogged and nobody cared enough to do something about it, so they simply locked them. The rest of the shower baths was so dirty and disgusting that after the shower, I felt more unclean than before. I recommend you not to go to this awkward place, they don't deserve your money.
Age 24, The Czech Republic
Inexpensive Hostel with helpful daytime staff
We stayed here two nights in dorm rooms. The daytime staff lady was excellent in offering advice and guidance on how to navigate the bus system and get to where we were headed. The dorm rooms and bathrooms were clean and typical of a youth dorm. We arrived late and crashed immediately. They have a restaurant with quite a few dishes at reasonable prices, plus beer and wine. Breakfast is spartan but available. The bus route up to the hostel and back down can be tricky if you don't know where to get off and on. We came from Stazione Principe, which required a transfer at Via Napoli. Practice your italian if you want help. The hostel was decent and the daytime staff lady was very helpful and pleasant!
  Genova is great city, but don't make the same mistake I made. Ostello is poor place to stay. If you decide to visit this hostel expect and prepare yourself for room filled with dust, for unwashed bedsheets, and poor breakfast (skip it). View is great but it's not worth it!
  It is a big hostel, which means it is loud because of all the people, aged from fifteen to fifty, in it even if they all don't scream. But which hostel of this size is quiet? Everything is clean, the staff has been friendly and very auxiliary, gave us lots of hints about places to go, possibilities to get there, information on the transport system, which isn't as bad as described before. There are two buses going up the hill where the hostel is placed, additional there's the possibility to get uphill by the cog railway, which starts downtown near Piazza della Nunziata (where you also can catch the bus to the hostel) and ends at the top of the hill. From there it is still a walk of approximately one kilometer, but you don't have to walk up the hill anymore. And at the hostel and downtown at tobacconist they sell day tickets valid for the buses, the underground and the local trains for 3 Euro. The hostel might be to far away from the city centre to take the trip more than twice a day, it takes approximately forty minutes from Piazza Nunziata to the hostel by bus, but even later on you got the possibility to get back from town with the night bus. There's also a small supermarket one hundred meters away from the hostel and a great pizzeria/ restaurant some meters on. And the view from the terrace is just great!
Michael and Diana
  This place is decent. It was very cheap, the staff were helpful, and the view from the balcony is stunning. They didn't enforce the no-alcohol rule, which was nice. The cheap restaurant is very useful if you're trying to save money. And, okay the location is distant, but there are regular buses from the town centre, and you don't have to pay for them because no one checks. A very good option.
  Don't bother coming to this hostel. Between the rude staff and long distance away from the city center you are better off staying somewhere else. Your time and money are better spent at a hotel in the center than waiting and paying for transportation to the hostel. Big thumbs down.
  i hated my stay in the hostel just because of the manager lady. she made us pay one more night that we didn't stay and when we refused to give the money, she tried to get the deposit money (a higher amount)instead of it. we argued a bit about that and whenever she couldn't reply, she started to shout in italian. finally we gave up trying to make her understand us and gave her the amount for one night's stay and took our deposit back and left the hostel in order to spend our last perfect night in genoa in a hotel. my advice for you, try finding one around Principe station. they are cheap, clean, the staff is really kind and plus the breakfast they offer is really a breakfast when compared to the one in Ostello.
  We did not enjoy our night in this hostel at all because of the rude staff. They were very rude when we checked in. And in the morning, when we wanted to pay and leave, they asked us to turn in our two (!) keys. We only got one key the night before from the very rude man at the reception. They told us to search our bags and accused us of doing it on purpose. After 20 minutes we gave up, paid the fine of 8 euros, and left. They just told us they never make mistakes, so we must be doing it on purpose!

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