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The Review

MEININGER Vienna Central Station is between the good to average mark. Although the common spaces look quite lush, the rooms and hallways don't live up to the common space expectations. Just a little bit of face lifting on the rooms shall do.

The Location

The hostel is not in the best of areas, but because it is literally half a block away from a subway station, walking home at night is not a problem. It seems this hostel does have safety issues -- during our stay there, a father/daughter's room was breached and they were robbed (so please remember to use the lockers allocated to you and lock up your stuff). There are a lot of fast food places to eat on the main drag near the subway station, but nothing incredible. There's also an Aldi's for those quick groceries you might need. Getting to the city center by subway will take you about fifteen minutes.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms and bathrooms are clean. There are two bathrooms. One with a toilet and shower and one with just a toilet -- both of which are situated in the room (the eight-bed female dorm). In the shower there is three-in-one soap to use if you need it. The hallways leading to the room are smelly and it seems the rugs need to be cleaned, but overall the bed is what matters the most and it is quite comfortable.

Common Spaces

The hostel has some very nice looking common spaces, however, they do not make it feel as welcoming as they should. This hostel is considered a chain hostel, so it is quite large with a lot of travelers, but especially big groups. Although it is a great place to sit, don't expect much mingling. It has more of a hotel feel than a hostel feel. A great plus to the place though is that there is Wi-Fi throughout the whole building, even in the rooms. There is also a "kitchenette" -- not a kitchen; despite what other hostel websites say, there is only a mini fridge and microwave to use, so please prepare for that when you go out to buy your groceries.


Overall, the stay was ok; it was an average stay compared to other hostels. The staff are very helpful and have all the necessary maps to get you set up and on your way for your Vienna stay.
by Lonedz Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "MEININGER Vienna Central Station" at Columbusgasse 16.)


Columbusgasse 16, Vienna (Wien), Vienna, Austria
48.180241, 16.374552 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+43 (0)720 881 453
+49 (0) 30 666 36 222
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82% Guest Reviews

Age 26, turkish
Excellent hostel
It is a nice hostel and the attention was great. They helped me with everything I needed. Thanks!
Age 35, Argentina
A hotel in the disguise of a hostel
i will make this short and sweet. EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME! think days in or best western but for a hostels price. the only thing i can complain about is that they have NO KITCHEN to cook in, just a microwave and kettle. but i would stay there again or any of there chains. it was the best!
Age 21, America
Fantastic hostel with great accommodations and atmosphere
I really enjoyed staying at this hostel. The only complaint I might have was that wifi was only available in the lobby, not in the rooms; but the rooms themselves were great. The hostel even provided soap in the bathroom and shower. That was very nice. It's a very clean and friendly place. You'll enjoy that; just be aware -- wifi only in the lobby.
Meininger City Hostel & Hotel Vienna was the cheapest available hostel we could find in Vienna at the time of booking. Meininger is a very modern hostel located in a new and upcoming part of the city. The Location The hostel is located within close proximity of the city center. It is only fifty meters away from the metro subway and three stops from the central station (take U1). The majority of major tourists sites can easily be reached by foot. We decided to walk to the city center in the evening so we could see the city at night and it only took twenty minutes. Rooms and Bathrooms This hostel is very secure. The rooms require key cards to access and each bed comes with a separate locker. You can choose from six-bed mixed/female only or nine-bed rooms. The nine-bed dorm has a mix of single and bunk beds. Each room has a separate shower and toilet, which is convenient and handy. The shower is high pressure with hot water running constantly. Although there's clothes hooks, there isn't much room to get dressed and the bottom of your pants get wet. That said, the rooms are extremely clean and modern and the beds are comfortable. Each dorm also has a TV. Common Spaces Every morning guests can choose to have the buffet breakfast for a price, otherwise the hostel has a kitchen for those who are traveling on a budget. There is a games room that has a pool and soccer table and a laundry in the basement. There's also a separate restaurant and bar that also doubles as further common areas. The drinks however are a bit expensive. The hostel does have a computer room, however Wi-Fi is only free in the downstairs common area and you have to pay to use it in your room. With all these facilities the hostel has plenty of potential for being very social, however there are a lot of school groups that stay who are quite loud and annoying. Summary Overall the hostel is fine if you spend a lot of time in your room or out sightseeing. If not for the school groups, we think other travelers would be more social and use the common areas more. For the price you pay Meininger seem a bargain, however you don't get to use the facilities you pay for, with kids all over the place. The all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast is just what you need after a big night out.
kenny wong
You can see if a hostel is run by heart or for money. Meininger is a place that is missing the heart and soul. True, there is a all you can eat breakfast, but I have never tasted such bad coffee, stretched juice, and untasty stuff. Interesting is the cleaning. The cleaning staff is spending more time smoking in the common room than making sure that the rooms are cleaned proper and that used bed sheets are changed. You don't believe it? Check under the beds, that place hasn't seen attention for ages, check your bed sheets for hair, might be some left from the traveler last night. Internet is 1€ for ten minutes, makes it 6€ an hour, too much. You get it for 1.50€ across the street. Positive is the friendly staff, helping you in every way. The location is good because of the close by subway station. Rooms are big, bathrooms and showers are in the rooms. TV in a dorm doesn't make sense.
just me

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