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Timorplein 21, Zeeburg, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.365359, 4.935790 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)20 551 31 90
+31 (0)20 623 49 86
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Crowded with school groups
Very clean and good breakfast. Not rexommendations when traveling alone, almost only groups staying there and no nice Common area. Really difficult to meet people.
Age 22
Nice and Cosy
It was a very pleasant Amsterdam trip and Stayokay Zeeburg made it even nicer. The staff is very nice and helpful. The rooms were clean and the breakfast was very good. The location is ok, you can just take a tram to downtown or a bus to central train station. The only problem i encountered was the shower in the room because the water did not go away and the room was a bit flooded. Overall, i highly recommend it.
Best place in Amsterdam
This really i could not imagine that the hostel can be like this. we got a warm welcome with very easy process of registration & had a nice deal. I recommended this Hostel as best in service like good Breakfast & neat & clean environment. Looking forward again for this Hostel.
HI - Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg Hostel is yet another one of the huge industrial-type hostels popular with school groups across Europe. The facilities are more than adequate, but as is common with this type of hostel, the solo traveler or those looking to meet new friends may have difficulties with the impersonal nature of the place. A distinct feeling of being nickeled-and-dimed can emerge with the overpriced internet, lockers, and so on all adding up. Yet the choices for clean and relatively affordable accommodation in Amsterdam are severely limited, and this hostel is a good option for those who are looking for a place to get a good night's rest and fuel up (with their gorgeous free breakfast) to get ready for their time in Amsterdam. The Location Zeeburg is a working class/immigrant neighborhood a short distance from the tourist center of Amsterdam, but quickly and easily accessible by bus and tram during the day and early evening. Public transportation gets more difficult late at night, so those who plan to be out partying late may want to look for another hostel. The area has several grocery stores and small ethnic restaurants, and seems to be in that fascinating transition time between being a slum and being the next best thing/cool neighborhood, and there are many stylish cafes, bars, cinemas, and galleries popping up in the neighborhood. Though the location may at first seem like a liability, it actually can provide a nice change and respite from those who are overloaded on the tourist-packed Amsterdam center. Here you definitely get the feeling that most everyone (besides those staying at the hostel) is a local, and it can give you a glimpse of "real" Amsterdam. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are simple, with comfortable (high) bunks, high ceilings, and ensuite bathrooms. Showers have a shelf and divider to place things on, and sinks and mirrors are in the main part of the room rather than in with the toilet or shower. There are lots of shelves but no lockers (lockers are available to rent at the reception area). The bed linens are immaculate (they come in a plastic wrapper when you check in) and the beds are extremely comfortable, each with a small shelf with power outlets and reading light. Overall it is fairly clean, though one can find evidence of less-than-careful cleaning such as the overhead lamps full of trash, or the showers having hair in them before anyone else has checked in. Showers are of the push-button variety, but have plenty of nice hot water. Common Spaces There is a large sitting area at reception with couches and chairs, magazines, and newspapers to read. This area also contains several internet computers (for pay) and useful information on transportation connections. The large restaurant/cafeteria/bar area is a cool place, with music and some games such as foosball, and frequent food and drink specials. However, outside of breakfast times, this area seems to be frequently closed. Outside the hostel there are picnic tables and benches, but the residential nature of the neighborhood means hanging out in this area is not allowed after a certain time to prevent noise complaints. Summary Overall this is a good option for those looking for a base to explore Amsterdam and not necessarily a party hostel (the hostel also has a quiet time to be followed between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.). This is an interesting choice for a different side of Amsterdam.
Nice hostel
Good points, cleanliness, excellent breakfast, reasonable price, helpful staff, P and R Zeeburg parking lot is not far from the hostel by bus if you come by car. There was a possibility of leaving our luggage if we arrived in the morning and they gave us our cards to enter the room at any time after the check in time (we came back late in the evening). Bad points, the location, although in Amsterdam, you need to take a tram or a bus to get back, which can be a problem if you want to go out late at night. Overall, I would really recommend this hostel, which was also the only one that had reasonable prices and wasn't full around a month before our trip.
Still new -- lots of small problems
I stayed here in Oct '07. I think it had just opened and there was still a lot of work being done on the place -- staff not really ready. They were hiring out the dining/bar area for some sort of exhibition -- which led to a clash of dressed up people at the bar and backpackers getting washing done at midnight. There was a constant droning of air conditioning towers all the time (we were in a dorm on the top floor). And you woke up and came out of bed to look across at office workers in the building across the courtyard. Strange. Not in town but not that far by taxi. It may improve.

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