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Expected a five-star hostel and was left very disappointed. Serious security loopholes in their system and a distinct lack of quality in the rooms. Expected to be sharing a room with three or four others. In fact they have packed six to eight bunks in a room and it is very cramped. The shower and bathroom in the room is unhygienic and impractical. Sleeping is very difficult due to the cramped conditions and the immense noise from busy Leith Walk outside. Inconsistency when requesting the key for the luggage room. Sometimes you have to sign your name and sometimes you don't. Essentially anyone can walk in ask for the key and help themselves to other people's luggage. Main door that leads to the rooms has a security swipe system however the door was left with the latch off so anyone could access the luggage room, self catering area, and rooms. Lots of school groups here with children running around in the corridors and in the foyer and cafeteria. Generally very noisy. Wi-Fi system worked and only cost 1UKP for two hours. Overall a below average hostel with poor security, cramped sleeping conditions, and a lot of street noise. Choose another hostel to enjoy your stay in Edinburgh.



We first got off the bus and didn't really know where to go but strolled down the road and found it in about two minutes. We were there at 9 and couldn't sign in till 1, but could leave our bags there while we had a bit of a wander, which was lovely! It was within walking distance to the Center and there was a Somerfiled just down the road, handy handy. The staff were quite nice but what really made the stay was the other hostelers. A selection of such lovely people it was like family by the end. The new kitchen had just opened the day we got there, so that was really handy. My stay was excellent frankly but perhaps not the best hostel for others as we were there to be out at fringe shows during the day and clubbing at night, so didn't really need to avail of washing machines as we were only there for four nights. The showers were great though, lovely and hot and clean. Also the fact that they were co-ed meant we could check out the other very handsome hostel goers. the twenty-four-hour access was savage, and though there was no deposit boxes i left stuff just in my bag in room and it was grand. This hostel is perfect for anyone going for a laugh with their mates, have fun.


The openly admitting (in front of customers) drug taking manager of this hostel is a rude uneducated pig with no customer service skills and has no idea how to run a hostel, but more of a homeless shelter. The website makes it look like a pleasant place to stay. What a sham!Really they are tiny dirty rooms with dirty beds and dirty bed linen for all to share, and rarely changed. The bathrooms were also on the same note, with hair in the plugholes from a few weeks, puddles in the showers, and pee on the toilet floors. The manager also doesnt seem to understand that you shouldn't put one female in a room with two men twice her age, one who cracks open a beer before going to bed, and the other who pretty much walked around naked. When I told the manager about this he didnt really seem to care, and just offered me an all female dorm. He didnt understand, and didnt care, that I didnt feel safe there and therefore didnt want to stay. I did not feel safe at all at this hostel and wish I had gone with the other reviews on this site. I have now learnt my lesson. Don't stay here especially if you are a lone female traveler.

Karen Dabinett

West End Hostel, located in the Haymarket area of Edinburgh, unfortunately gives hostels a bad reputation. Only for we were part of the same group, the lack of space between all the bunk beds would certainly have been an issue. Two of the bunk beds had no ladder up to the top bunk so acrobatic movements were a necessity before being able to sleep in these beds. The bed protector sheets, duvets, and pillows were all covered with hair and dirt and were an insult to people sleeping here. The floors of the showers/toilets area were filthy and soaking with water. Hairs in the sink plugholes were not removed for the entire duration of our stay. Vomit was lying, visible to everyone, in one of the showers and when it was mentioned to one of the staff he replied in a 'what-do-you-want-me-to-do-about-it' tone "It's being dealt with" as he lay back at his desk with his feet up watching a match. This was typical of the attitude of this particular member of staff. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, rich in culture with nightlife to match, and I would hate for anyone's trip to this city to be ruined by staying in this hostel.


For a group stay over a long period at the Fringe festival, this did not meet our needs at all -- we had no idea how small the room was that twelve of us were to be accommodated in -- only big enough to fit twelve bunk beds. There was no storage space for personal belongings (including bags) and no regular cleaning in the rooms -- which led to an appalling standard of living by the end of our stay. The times at which the so-called facilities are available were impractical and brief. There are more rules-for-the-sake-of-rules here than kindergarten (no use of the internet while "breakfast" is being served or the floor is being swept). The "lounge area" is closed all night and for most of the morning for cleaning after "breakfast" which comprised of bland cereal and toast. For Fringe-goers who (as well as a bed) require a hostel to provide somewhere to relax during the evening, our group spent most of its time in the corridor eating take-out food as both the lounge and kitchen (and any access to a kettle) were closed from around 9 p.m. The staff were civil, but are only there during the day and spend more time ensuring that the owners of the hostel are kept happy than its guests. The laundry is for staff use only -- unless you are lucky enough to catch them on a quiet day -- and this is astounding as we had to beg to have our bed linen changed after three weeks, so I have no idea what they use it for. We managed to have one game on the pool table during our twenty-eight-night stay as it served as the breakfast table for the rest of the time. This is not a hostel designed for people who plan to be out and about during the day -- because you would miss the use of its facilities. The final straw was being short-changed 10 when receiving the deposits at the end of the stay. I have no doubt that as a single traveler looking for a cheap place to stay for a night or two outside of festival time, this hostel would be an excellent choice, but as a group I know that you can get considerably more for your money elsewhere. Avoid.

Chimeric, Birmingham, UK

Thought it was very clean for a hostel, the staff were ok. We were allowed to drink in the hostel which was handy at 4 in the morning after a big night out. Also the female cleaner was very nice, she even let me masturbate in the room while she was cleaning, now that was great and very very horny. The showers and toilet were shared but that was ok and they were very clean. Nice place.

paul melbourne australia

The West End Hostel is located within a 20-minute walk west of Edinburgh Castle. It's centrally located to a wide variety of restaurants and pubs and is safe to walk around at night. There is no lockout or curfew and, for added security, you are provided a key to the front door.

The smoke free rooms are a bit cramped, but clean and you are provided with fresh sheets upon your arrival. Each floor has a co-ed bathroom room where the toilets and showers are located. The showers are semi private and do not drain well. You will have to limit the amount of items (clothes and toiletries) you bring in with you because they will get wet. The toilets stalls, while not very private, are kept very clean.

The common room does not cater to non-smokers and when busy, can get very smoky. It also has a television, pool table, and a small bar. There is one pay Internet computer in the common room, and the rates are quite expensive. You can help yourself to tea or coffee any time, and you can buy water from the bar, however supplies are limited. The hostel does provide laundry facilities where laundry detergent is free to use, but the room is locked, so you have to find a staff member who has the key in order to access the facilities or collect your clothes when finished. Breakfast is included, and consists of cereal, toast, coffee, and tea.

Outside of the common room is a large area with a plenty of tourist pamphlets and flyers, as well as a pay phone and a door leading to a small fire escape, doubling as a patio, leading to a small courtyard below. The owners of the hostel plan to build a deck in the near future. As you walk towards the fire escape you will pass through a small, but fully functional kitchen, which consists of a stove, fridge, and sink.

Overall, this reasonably priced, clean hostel located within central Edinburgh and is a great place to stay while traveling through Scotland.

Stephanie Mombourquette

Don't let the nice Web site of this hostel mislead you! The pool table is covered at 22 hrs. (10 p.m.) because it serves as the breakfast table. Also the pool table is rented, so when our coin got stuck the very UNfriendly staff couldn't help us at all. The bar closes at 22 hrs instead of 23 hrs and they sell no drinks, so you can hardly call it a bar. Rooms are very, very tiny, not clean at all and the same with the showers. There was no electricity in the rooms and the staff were impolite and didn't help us at all when we had a problem. Despite all this, Edinburgh is the greatest city ever, but please don't go to West End Hostel.


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Staff werent friendly, room keys barely worked, bathrooms were always messy and unclean. Wouldnt recommend staying here. Only positive was that the location wasnt terrible. Very close to the station and some nice restaurants.


I had a great stay! The staff were kind, flexible, and very competent. I would absolutely stay again :)


The Hostel is in a great location, right across from Haymarket station. This property has no lift, so beware if youre bringing heavy luggage. The rooms are quite small and have no storage room for luggage or personal belongings. The beds dont have curtains, outlets or lamps. However it is cheap, safe and reliable nonetheless


Loved it so much.

The staff made me so welcome. They were friendly, helpful and always on hand.

The layout is good including a tidy kitchen and cosy showers.

I will definitely be checking out their availability next time I need to stay over in Edinburgh .


Arrived to the hostel late due to a delayed flight. There was no receptionist or night porter. Called the number on reception door many times. It said you can call for late check-in. There was no answer. There was no staff available all night. Next morning, I was told that the number and the details on the door were incorrect. It was the same number on there website.

If a health or personal emergency occurrs on the premises over night from what I've experienced nothing could be done about it.


The Hostel - Was not at all clean and it smelled really bad


Clean the bathrooms and the people staying there were all disgusting


Absolutely loved my stay at The Hostel Edinburgh! The staff was amazing and very attentive. They have great recommendations and were always available. The hostel is just a short walk to near attractions and food. I hope to be back soon!


Avoid at all costs!!!

I was suppose to stay for two nights but the dorm they put me in was full so I had no where to sleep. I ended up booking a hotel for the second night and no sign of a refund that I was told I would get


Easy does it.


Great location for a short stay if you 're travelling on.

Opposite Haymarket Station for rest of Scotland and trams to airport or city centre. Helpful friendly staff too. Pricey though. 77 for a bunked room for 3 .


the worst experience. in our room there was a group of around 6 people, drinking and yelling at 12am we had to tell reception, then they came back at 2am and partyed inside the room until 4am 3 people in the room said to stop but they didn't take in bill. The same thing happened two nights, there is no security or rules in the hostel. at the reception they gave the answer: we do not have a private room and it is the consequence of sharing a room. they did not give us an internet key, dirty a


The share bathroom are disgusting.

The facilities in general, one of the worst that I ever seen.

It doesn't have the atmosphere that you expect from a typical hostel.


The only god thing about this hostel is the staff.

The beds, showers, lockers, kitchen are horrible.


Overall I got good sleep at the Hostel and thats what matters most. The staff were very kind and helpful.

Other than that the Hostel is poorly managed and dirty. Strange people stay there, at times it was depressing to interact with them. The room keys dont work, nor does the wifi. They need to hire more staff


I would like to thank, the super kind greek manager and his staff.


The place was fine for one night, but not GREAT. I think my disappointment was mostly about the kitchen being totally gross, despite the many signs threatening people to clean up after themselves. The fridge was tiny and precariously full, there was rotting food left on the counters, and there was no way to label food either. Maybe if the place were more organized and clean to begin with, the guests would have more respect? A clean, usable kitchen is very important to this traveler


Reasonably good for a UK hostel at the price it is and the staff were pretty friendly but it lacks any atmosphere, doesn't seem too great for solo travelers.


Good value for money. Fine for what I needed it for. Is ideal for anyone needing to stay for a night if needed for tynecastle or murrayfield.


Great place to stay at a superb price, best hostel Ive ever stayed at for its price, will be back in the future.



This newly refurbished hostel is housed in an elegant Victorian building.The hostel caters for a multicultural and mixed clientele with individuals,groups,families, couples and budget minded travellers all welcome.

Clean and spacious,this friendly customer orientated is worth a visit.Come and see for yourself.
Reasonably priced for its prime location in Edinburgh's trendy West End:price is inclusive of a continental breakfast and bed linen.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Check in is between 1pm-11pm daily.


Breakfast Included
Car Parking Available
Linen Included
Credit Cards Accepted
Luggage Storage
Children Friendly
Guest Kitchen
Telephone/Fax Facilities
Travel Desk/Travel Info
Key Card Access
Common Room
No Curfew

Location and Contact


• Arriving by train:
• The Hostel is located directly across from Haymarket train station. Exit the station and cross the road. The Hostel is located on your left. From Waverley Station follow the below bus instructions.
• Arriving by bus:
• From the airport, take LRT shuttle bus number 100 and alight at Haymarket Station. We are located directly opposite the station. From St Andrews Street Bus station it is a 25 minute walk or take LRT bus number 12, 26 or 31 from the gardens side of Princes Street and alight at Haymarket.
• Arriving by Air:
• Take the LRT shuttle bus 100 from outside the terminal building and alight at the Haymarket station.There is an airport bus link back to the airport directly across from The Hostel.
• Arriving by Car:
• Approaching from Glasgow or the A8 (Edinburgh Airport), follow the A8 to Edinburgh city centre until you reach Haymarket Station and The Hostel is located on your left hand side. Car Parking is available at Morrison Street NCP Car Park, 6-24 hours. Prices are subject to change.
• Arriving on foot:
• From Princes Street head towards Frasers department store at the West End. Continue straight along Shandwick Place then straight onto West Maitland Street, towards the Haymarket clock tower. Pass Grosvenor Street on your right hand side and The Hostel is located on your right, directly opposite Haymarket Station. Approx 20-25 min walk.



Address: 3 Clifton Terrace, Haymarket, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Website The Hostel Edinburgh Edinburgh
Phone Number: 01313131031
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Facilities and Amenities

Family-Friendly Hostel

Solo Traveller



City Tours

Luggage Storage

Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Lockers in Lobby


24 Hour Security

BBQ Grill

Board Games

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments


Hair Dryers

Hot Showers



Live Music/Performance

Lounge Area

Movie Library/Rental

Pool Table

Walking Tours

Max. Age: All Ages

Checkout: 10:00 (10 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Maximum Stay: Unlimited

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 8 AM - 11 PM (08:00-23:00)

Size: Large (60-100 beds)


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