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1000 South Cooper Street, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
35.118429, -89.990558 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Worth the price, definitely
Friendly staff. No bell on the door... had to wait almost one hour to come in. Ground in the room was dirty. Facilities in good condition.
Age 39, Germany
It s a very bad hostel. Staff is not friendly at all. U have to clean ur own room and the mess hall. Public transport is bad in Memphis. If u ask the staff for some information, they only say look on the internet. The location of hostel is in not so safe area.
(the Netherlands)
Clean, quality, safe, green, cheap
Pilgrim Hostel is far better than two good Chicago hostels I used in this trip. It's simply beautiful, with art, wood floors and ceramic tile. Everything gets cleaned, even doorknobs. One receives bedding and a towel; the bathrooms have soap, sturdy shelves, and hand towels. At least one room features drawers and lockers (some with lock). The kitchen has two refrigerators and a sink, range, microwave, dishwasher, and island counter. Three slow computers (Ubuntu and Open Office, XP, and Mac) provide free Internet. Wi-Fi exists. Breakfast consists of pancake batter, toppings, and coffee. The calm Siamese cat stays out from underfoot. Everyone does a simple chore daily (take out the trash, put away dishes, sweep); staff undertakes more extensive duty, such as mopping and WC cleaning. I appreciated the green features: water-saving fixtures, compact fluorescents, plants, recycling, composting, and heat pumps in the rooms for temperature control. Cooper-Young is lively, hip and safe, with nearby food and drink. This neighborhood is quiet except for frequent freights on the grade crossing 3 blocks south and episodically aircraft. A progressive, but hands-off, church supports Pilgrim. Helpful staff live on the floor and post events and weather. City bus 2 serves Pilgrim. Megabus connects directly; from Amtrak take the trolley and transfer at Second and Exchange. That route 2 stop is 10 blocks north of Union Ave. Greyhound through the CBD. From the airport, take route 13. The hostel has a MATA system map and some schedules, needed because buses are infrequent. Bus stop signs do not show route numbers. Drivers sell daily passes; get 7-day passes at North End Terminal (the Megabus stop). A basement bicycle co-op offers inexpensive rentals to tour the neighborhood. One-third of the buses have racks.
A great place to stay!
If you are first surprised about this youth hostel "in a church," don't think too much and just go. This place is the cheapest youth hostel I've ever been in but also the best one. For $15 per night, you have all the comfort you can hope, and a smile from the staff. The only problem could be for those who don't have a car, because it is a little bit far from downtown -- but if you do have a car, then it is really fine (you would need only few minutes with a map to enjoy Memphis downtown). You should go there.
Brilliant hostel!
I was dubious about staying here, but as it was the only hostel in Memphis I took a deep breath and booked. Pilgrim House is a great hostel, one of the best I stayed in in a two-month trip around the States. For one thing, its cheap. Second, its comfortable -- there is more than one comfy common room, and a large kitchen and dining area, all of which are spotless, as are the bedrooms. There is a ton of free food in the fridge and freezer, including stuff that was actually edible and useful unlike many hostels' free food offerings. It's a small hostel but because of this feels very homey. Most importantly, the staff are lovely. All the staff members I met were extremely friendly, and genuinely so. They did everything they could to make my stay a good one. They even spontaneously baked cakes which were left out for the guests to eat, just because they felt like it! Yes, you do have to do chores, but they have recently stopped asking guests to clean bathrooms -- the chores now are very easy and very quick, like sweep floor in such-and-such room or put away dishes, hardly taxing! And if that allows them to keep the prices down then I'm happy to do it -- as was everyone else staying there, who were all very cheerful about it. I met some great people at the hostel in Memphis and had a great time, which I completely didn't expect when booking. Memphis itself is an amazing city, although I would say budget a lot of money for cab fares if you have no car -- the hostel is quite a way out of town, only walkable if you're good with very hot weather in the summer, and the bus service is pretty dire and requires perseverance to understand. However the free shuttle bus from downtown to Graceland, Sun Studios is a godsend once you've actually got downtown! There are also plenty of bars and restaurants in the vicinity of the hostel. The staff write all the events going on in town that day on a whiteboard in the hostel hallway so you won't miss anything! In summary, ignore the negatives, go stay at Pilgrim House -- it's brilliant, and so is Memphis!
Stuffy uppercrust
The Pilgrim House is a decent place to stay when budget is a factor and you can bet there's a bunk available. The chores aren't that bad, but, you have to pay a deposit of $10 to help motivate your participation in the cleaning requirements. This is wrong. Especially if your still paying an average or standard hostel rates. $15 to 25 a night is pretty standard. So, I feel the bunk should be $10 with a $5 cleaning deposit. This way you dont feel ripped off and if you want to skip your "chores" one day because you want to get on with your life, you only pay the $15. When you're cleaning the toilet(s) or wiping someone elses pubic hairs out of the shower, and you see the overweight, lazy, mouthy psuedo-intellectual staff members sitting on their humps, you'll understand. The staff pretend to be friendly, but you get that feeling that you're being humoured or "dealt with" for the sake of the hostel. It's a very young and naive staff who gave me oodles of bad info as far as directions and where to find cheap meals in the immediate area. Cuz face it, If youre staying at a hostel youre probably budget conscience. The staff's idea of a cheap meal is a 10 meal with expected tip out at one of the trendy overpriced college hangouts in the cooper/young area. These hangouts are not for travelers and should not be referred to as cheap. One place nearby was the Celtic Crossing. Awesome place to get a huge deli sandwich, listen to live celtic music and to drink Guinness on tap. The customers are still that stuffy uppercrust douche-bags that infest the area but the warm-fuzzy feeling I got in this pub made up for it. All in all, Memphis is a great town and the Pilgrim house is an ok place to stay. But bring food for breakfast because there's no breakfast joint for miles. Not even a vending machine. Not even a clean water dispenser. That really irked me. No cheap snacks, no TV room, and no heat. So where does the money go that travelers spend there? obviously not towards making the Pilgrim House a more travel friendly environment. And be sure to get your bus directions from the internet or call the transit system yourself. Above all, do not take any crap from these juvenile malcontents. The staff has probably never worked a real job a day in their life much less paid their own way. So dont let their snide/rude back-handed comments get to ya. Enjoy the city because it's Memphis. And there is so much to enjoy!
travelin' joe
(USA )
Clean, cheap, overall very good
The staff member that checked me and my friend in was cold and had no sense of humor, but that was the exception, not the rule. The other staff often sat up at night with us drinking coffee, recommending good, non-touristy locations, and generally being quite friendly. Yes, you do chores, but mine were "Dust Dining Room Chairs" and "Wipe off top of Bookshelf." It was hardly slave labor. It didn't have the community feeling of some other hostels i've stayed in, where hostel residents all chill together at night, but everyone greeted each others in the hallways and was generally cordial. I'd recommend it! Anyone who didn't like it was probably expecting more of a hotel feeling, or perhaps for it to be more like a commune.
I stayed two nights around mid July 2007. The property was spacious, a pleasant change from other places. It was clean light and airy, and the staff friendly. I didn't mind doing a bit of housework. It reinforces the fact that the place does get cleaned daily. I hope to get back to America this year and would return to Pilgrim house when in Memphis.
(Melbourne Australia)

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