Center Valencia Youth Hostel


Front desk / recepción
4 bed, private bathroom / 4 literas, baño privado
6 bed dorm / 6 literas
Terrace / Terraza
Dining area / zona comedor



(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Center Valencia Youth Hostel" at Calle Samaniego 18.)


Calle Samaniego 18, Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain
39.477691, -0.376094 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 963914915
+34 963 914 832
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Great location
Amazing location for exploring Valencia and very clean too. There was a dodgy smell coming from the air con but other than that it was great.
Age 19, New Zealand
HI - Valencia - Center Valencia Hostel is perfect for travelers who want a break from the nasty and cramped living spaces of other hostels. It provides a clean and maintained facility with many needed accommodations like laundry, breakfast, internet access, luggage storage, 24-hour desk, and a central location to everything in the city. The Location Center Valencia Youth Hostel is centrally located in the heart of the city center, in the beautiful, historic and famous "Barrio del Carmen," just fifty meters from "Plaza de la Virgen" and just one hundred meters from "El Micalet." It can be difficult to find at night especially with the small windy roads, but during the day it is easily spotted. A bus stop is conveniently located some one hundred meters away from the hostel on "Calle del Conde de Trenor," a main street. The neighborhood is very quaint but the nightlife happens a few blocks away. This hostel offers the comforts of a good night's rest when needed and a fun night out on the town when wanted. Rooms and Bathrooms This hostel offers rooms of four-, six-, and eight-beds. Each room comes equipped with lockers, each clearly labeled according to the bunk beds. Lockers are coin-operated and you receive your coin back each time you reinsert the key. The door to the dorm room is accessed using a card swipe. Beds are extremely comfortable. Each bunk bed comes with a mattress as close as any hostel can get to a memory-foam bed. This hostel does not offer the option of private rooms, however, you can try to request an empty room if the facility has any available. If you are looking for a good night's rest, then this hostel has the atmosphere and the living arrangements to make that happen. The bathrooms are very well maintained. Each floor comes with three private showering areas. In addition, the restroom is meticulously cleaned daily, which means the toilets and sinks are always spotless. The showers do not have high pressure and the knob used for the showers do not help the cause. You must press the knob down each time for the shower to run approximately fifteen seconds. The showers can be frustrating at times, but luckily hot water is never an issue. Each private shower has a small changing area with a hook on the door for your towel and clothing. Other than that, there are no other spaces to place your toiletries besides the floor. Common Spaces In the common space, there is a refrigerator for communal use by the residents of the hostel. The common space offers a large LCD television with access to many Spanish channels. There is no communal kitchen in this hostel, which makes the refrigerator a little less useful. Since the common space is also the dining area, there are many tables and seats for residents to relax and talk. There are board games and cards provided in this area. Four computers are conveniently located in front of two large vending machines. The computers have internet access free for residents. A luggage room is available for storage free of charge as well when checking out late or checking in early. On the roof of the hostel, there is a washing machine and dryer, which are very simple to use. There are also lounging areas on the roof for sunbathing and more common spaces for residents. This hostel houses many youth travelers, many of which check in with large groups. As a result, it is harder to meet people at this hostel because of the cliques who keep to themselves. Many travelers are from various parts of the globe, so communication barriers are also an issue. The hostel itself is not a party hostel but the surrounding areas and the beach are definitely hot spots. As mentioned already, this hostel is perfect if you want to relax and sleep. Smoking is not allowed in the hostel so you won't find many smokers until you hit the discos and bars. Overall, the hostel is a great place to stop for some downtime. Summary Overall, this hostel is perfect for a traveler who has been jumping from country to country. It offers many museums, gardens, and historical sites nearby. The beach is a few tram stops away with many restaurants along the way. This city is not known for its subway system, so be ready to use the bus and tram system when getting from place to place. But honestly, it does not matter because everything is walking distance away with many pretty sites to see as well.
Robert Yip
Too many problems
I stayed there just one night in July 2007. Elevator broken so had to drag luggage upstairs, air conditioner they said they had didn't work due to power shortages in town. Cramped rooms, but lockers in room. Clean with own bath which was nice. Staff very friendly & apologetic. Internet okay, tiny room, & wait to get on. I didn't eat there, but breakfast provided. All in all probably hit them at bad time, but would hesitate to stay there again.

Response from the accommodation: Under new management from 2010. Please give us another chance :-)

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