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A large hostel on the outer edge of Paris. It's about a 10 or 15 minute Metro ride to most of the sites in the central part of Paris from the nearby Metro stop. This one is frequented by a lot of school groups and there are often kids hanging out inside and around the hostel. There's a nice common area with a pool table and a full kitchen and there are usually at least a few people hanging out there. It's a few dollars cheaper than most other Paris hostels. This hostel used to be called "Leo Lagrange".
by David
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Paris Clichy Hostel - Auberge 'Léo Lagrange'" at 107 rue Martre.)


107 rue Martre, Outer Paris, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.905817, 2.303294 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+33 (0)1 41 27 26 90
+33 (0)1 42 70 52 63
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The entire building is dirty and in very poor condition with damaged walls and floors throughout. Toilets are filthy and the showers are cold on all floors. The rooms are also in rough shape and have bars on the windows and rusty pipes running through them. The hostel requires you to be out of your room for 4 hours each day for cleaning, even though it claims to be 24 hour access. Management is also rude and unhelpful. Overall, this place should be embarrassed to consider itself an accommodation as basic necessities are not met. It is the worst hostel I've ever booked and strongly advise against staying here.
This is the worst hotel I've ever stayed
One word -- terrible! If you consider its below-average bath condition and terrible toilet, as well as the malnourished breakfast and f***ing 2-euro/2 hours Wifi, you only have to say, it really sucks!
Go for it if you would´nt mind bad toilets and un-organised management
I have no words to speak about this hotel. All together my Paris visit was a wonderful experience. In this hostel I did not spend much of my time so it was ok, I just used to sleep in the nights and bath in the morning before leaving for the city. The bathrooms are not clean. I have neither great nor bad experiences in this hostel. The management do not speak good english and so communicating with them is difficult. Especially if you are arriving to this hostel in late nights, you cannot find a person who can speak a decent english in the management. Breakfast is included in your pay, BUT it is the worst food I had till date. May be a cup of coffee is what you should consider in breakfast. Due to the language barrier there were some misunderstandings between me and the management. Finally i conclude that if you are just looking for a cheap shelter in paris for your stay then go for it, or else just ignore.
Very affordable, close to the metro station and fair for the price
I booked this hostel for my first 2 nights in Paris but ended up having my 3rd night here too, I had a great time there thanks to the great helpful staff they had at the time of my visit!!!!. You will be sharing the room with other 2 people, the breakfast is not that great, but ok, what can you expect from a 23 E a night? There's a luggage room you can use when going out to explore Paris, I asked the staff to open the room for me in order to leave my backpack and pick it up once I was back at the hostel. There are video cameras in the room so they supervise who goes in and does what. For the price I think everything is fair, but I would have to say that my accommodation overall was great there due to the friendly, helpful and enjoyable people working there. I really, really appreciated all their help. The washrooms aren't super clean, you would have to share with the girls on the entire floor, breakfast is at 7AM on the 4th floor I think. There's a vending machine with calling cards for sale or plugs for your electronics as the power outlets change in Europe (You'll need this adapter if your stuff plugs in a differently way -- see EU shapes for power plugs). If you are girl coming back to the hostal at night, be careful walking from the station to this place, it's dark and can be lonely too. There's a cafe internet one block south, people will be able to let you know where, they have internet access and long distance service for calls back home. Enjoy your time there!
the hostel is cheap. and looks cheap. it is in a very bad neighbourhood (the shop across the street had the windows marked with gun shots, lots of them). i was there for quite a long time (9 nights). it was new years eve and i had no where else to go. i dont ask so much from hostels, but this one, i wouldn't stay there again. i saw some weird things also. the breakfast was good (bread, jam coffee -- normal things) and you can use the kitchen (though someone stole my labeled cheese and water). the bathrooms weren't very clean, and some of the showers didn't have hot water. There is a nice and cheap supermarket across the street, where you can buy everything. and the metro is close. the staff is ok. anyway, if i ever go back to paris, i will pay some more to stay in a nicer and safer place, for sure. it was probably the worst hi hostel i've ever been to.
Cheap but good
You could not see anything of the "red light"-district. I traveled alone in mid of July and I had a very good experience. The rooms were small, but fair for the price and clean. It was summer, but everybody got an extra carped for the bed. The bathroom was clean, unless the top wall. The breakfast was fair. So, what else would You wait for 22€ per night? It was all right and the staff were very helpful. Thanks for some good days!
My first stay in Paris ever was at Paris Clichy and it was great. The staff was friendly and helping. I had more questions then anyone and they helped me out and checked things up for me. The room was ok. It had everything a room needed. They have baggage lookers in the basement and are really safe. Breakfast is really ok and i meet a lot of fun people. I just want to give a shout out to the night security guard. a really funny guy. The hostel is close to everything. the metro is only a minute or two walking distances away. On the other side of the road from the hotel there is an amazing internet café with amazing people who always made me laugh. On the same street is an amazing restaurant, even though the staff is not speaking that much english, they really take care of their customers. just another little bit on that street there is a big supermarket and are cheap and have everything one can need. If you are going to Paris. this is the place to stay. I am going back now in January 2009 and this is the place i am staying at again. And every time i am going there i will stay there.
Just say no
Everything about this hostel sucked. Located in a dodgy part of town, the staff looked like they had been recruited locally. I came back to my room on my last night and found some other guy sleeping in my bed, insisting it was his. When I went to reception to have him removed, the girl made out I was a wimp for not removing him myself. Worse was the fact that another female member of staff was aggressive and rude to me at reception for no other reason than I can work out other than I didn't chat her up when she was serving in the bar the previous night. She also encouraged other guests to bully me. My advice for any single male travelers would be to only think about this place as a last resort and only then if you have a lot of assertiveness and to take special care with the plai-looking girl wearing glasses serving at the bar.

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