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Harbour House International Tourist Hostel has plenty of potential, however, it currently falls short of being a decent place to stay. It does feel cosy and homey, but it is drab and old.

The Location

The hostel is within walking distance of the bus station. However, it will probably take you about twenty or more minutes to walk to the hostel (not the twelve minutes as proposed by the hostel). The hostel is also in an industrial estate, not in or close to the city centre -- it takes approximately twenty-five minutes to walk to the city centre. There is also onsite parking if you are thinking of driving. The hostel is easy to locate, as it's the only residence in the industrial area.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are dorm rooms and private rooms available. The dorm rooms also have an en suite area. The main issue with this hostel is the security, especially in the dorm rooms. There are no lockers and no safety boxes. The keys to the rooms are big and old fashioned and it is difficult to open and lock the doors, resulting in people staying in the dorm rooms leaving the door unlocked. The shower area is cramped, and there is no shelf area in the shower area for any of your belongings. All of your things have to be placed on the toilet seat, the floor, or adjoining public dorm space. The hot water in the showers is also nonexistent. The doors to the shower cubicle also do not close.

Common Spaces

There is a kitchen, which is fully equipped, but the equipment is old and, as a result of use, particularly dirty. The dining room is just as you would expect, and there is a small common room with a nice fire going at night. Wi-Fi is available for free in the common areas. There is also a guest computer that you can use, but you'll have to pay to use the internet. The atmosphere of this hostel is drab and not really inviting to meet other backpackers. It is fairly quiet, but rooms on the first floor are able to hear the noise from the TV in the common room below. Breakfast of cereal and toast is included -- you are welcome to help yourself. This is also the same for tea and coffee throughout the day.


If you are only in town for one night and need a bed, this would be the place for you. If you're here for an extended visit, consider staying elsewhere.
by LeLe
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Harbour House International Tourist Hostel" at Finisklin Road.)


Finisklin Road, Sligo, County Sligo, Ireland
54.278199, -8.486027 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+353 71 9171547,+353 86 2598293
+353 71 9171547
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

  This hostel was incredibly awesome. After traveling around Ireland and staying in various hostels, Harbour House was a sight for sore eyes, if you will, and the best hostel I stayed at during the trip. The staff were attentive and very helpful, willing to answer any questions I may have had. Even though it is a little ways from the city center, it was fun exploring the town Sligo when I walked to town. I highly recommend this location and plan on visiting again!
  Not bad I think, if you don't get the wrong room and don't stay for too long. The house is a horrid-looking building badly located in an old industrial harbour with dull concrete wharfs, far from the town center. If you don't have a car, you may really soon find the walk unbearably long. Inside the house, the corridors are gloomy, dark, and the common room is old and its decoration very bad taste. Kitchen is dark, small (but there are not many people in here), but clean. I didn't find the owner very friendly, hardly saying a word, wandering noiselessly like a ghost, a bit spooky. We ended up in the wrong room, I suppose. For in this one, on the last floor, the sweetish, acrid smell of must was so strong that it was hardly bearable the first fifteen minutes you were in the room. But I talked to other people who said they had no problem. This hostel definitely needs an update, at some stage we even saw water leaking from the ceiling down into the common room. Real problems of dampness. But if you are lucky enough not to get the one room which is to be avoided, the rooms are of quality, with TV inside, please! These rooms were like very good youth hostel rooms or first price hotel rooms. There was one bathroom for two rooms on the last floor, so it was never overloaded. They were clean and practical facilities, pleasant to use.
Mike, France
  The owner was nice, and the rooms were EXCELLENT — clean with en suite bathrooms, and some with TVs. But the location is just awful. It's a long walk through a dodgy industrial area away from the city center — and it's a sucky place to get lost with a 20 pound backpack. Again, though, it had the nicest rooms out of anywhere I stayed — so if the location doesn't matter much to you, go for it.

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