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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Rivalta sul Mincio - Ostello Del Mincio Hostel" at Via Porto, 23-25.)


Via Porto, 23-25, Rivalta sul Mincio, Lombardy, Italy
45.178749, 10.681230 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Tel. (+39) 0376 653.924 Cell. (+39) 338 42.10.633
(+39) 0376 654.309
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Nice and kind people. Nice place and very peaceful. Close to Sabbioneta! Nice weather -- not too hot while Italy was burning (August 2012). Go to the Ostello del Mincio!
The Ostello del Mincio is in Rivalta sul Mincio, a sweet little town just about fifteen kilometers west of Mantova. If you take the road toward Cremona and turn right at Le Grazie, follow the road's curve to the left and then turn right into the town -- you will find signs for the hostel pointing to the right from the center of town. Good directions are on the website, and if you call them they will be happy to tell you how to get there. The hostel is clean, neat, and staffed by friendly people who are very available. When you get there, go into the bar and whoever is working there will help you get a room. The building isn't that pretty, but the people hanging out in the bar give it a good atmosphere. They have smaller rooms, and a bigger room with many bunk beds. Their sheets are clean and fresh, but they don't have large towels, so make sure you bring your own for showers. The bathrooms are very clean and great and easy to use (no crazy faucets or hidden light switches) and caused no problems. There are lockers and you can either use your own lock or they have locks for you. The elevator is operated by your key, though, so no one can really come up unless they are staying there. It's also a little isolated and didn't feel dangerous in the least. For an extra few euros they will have breakfast ready for you downstairs, but breakfast is from 7 to 9, so late sleepers beware. The hostel's peak season is, of course, summer, so in late September the bar downstairs is full of local people who spend their days drinking coffee and beer and talking until it closes. The center of town is a five-minute walk from the hostel, which is right on the river Mincio (meen-cho). In the town of Rivalta sul Mincio there are two main attractions -- the osteria and the brewery. Getting to Mantova is pretty easy, though it's definitely not five minutes. There is a bus that leaves from the center of Rivalta sul Mincio, and they can tell you where it is at the hostel. If you get there by bike, they will lock up your bike in a safe indoor space for the night if you ask. An extra fifteen kilometers, though on a busy, car-filled road for road bikes, is worth it to see Mantova -- a wonderful little city with lots of charm. Make sure to cross the bridge and get a view of Mantova from across its lakes. For mountain bikes, there is an off-road way to get to the city, which they can tell you about at the tourist center. The Ostello del Mincio is worth staying at if you are heading towards Mantova or anywhere near there, and if you are willing to spend a night in a cute little town. Once it's evening, you are pretty much stranded there (the bus stops at 8 p.m. and biking on the main road at night isn't recommended), but it's a pretty nice place to be stranded. If you're into nature, there's lots of the wetlands to explore, and a bike path all the way up the Mincio to the Garda Lake, which is about thirty to thirty-five kilometers. It's a great place to spend a night while traveling, or to spend a few nights and explore the area.
Samantha Lyon

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