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81-82 Marlborough Street, Dublin, Dublin Region, Ireland
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+353 1 874 7629
+353 1 874 5172
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Marlborough Hostel is a great place to stay. With a very friendly and efficient staff, no matter how long are you staying, this hostel is a good choice. The simple but modern style gives the place a nice, homey feeling and their control system makes this hostel very safe. The Location The hostel is located at Marlborough Street, which is parallel with O'Connell Street (one of the main roads in the city center). It is close to several supermarkets, restaurants, and pubs. All the main city bus lines and airport transfer are close to the hostel and all the main attractions of Dublin are within walkable distance. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms are normally available with six or eight beds (three or four bunk beds). The lookers are under the bunk beds and they are perfect for big luggage or backpacks. The rooms are very clean and bright but the door locks are not very convenient since you always need a key to go inside. A electronic password door lock would be better. There are two big toilets, which are very clean and fit perfectly for the size of the hostel. The showers, located in the basement, are for common use (men and women) and they have a private space to change as well as hooks for clothes and soap dishes. The water pressure of the showers are very good but there is no temperature control, which can be very uncomfortable. Common Spaces In this hostels there are several common spaces -- kitchens, TV room, sitting areas, computers, outside seating, and game room. All the spaces are very comfortable and provide a good environment to meet new people. The kitchen is fully equipped (but no oven) and is a good place to meet backpackers and to cook your own meals. The TV room has a big plasma TV and the sitting and games room has a pool table, snacks, and soft-drinks machine. There are three computers with free internet access. Summary Marlborough Hostel is an excellent place to stay, whether for a couple of nights or for long-term. The colorful walls give a homey feeling and make the perfect environment to meet new people and to spend a vacation. The fair price and the high quality service makes this hostel a good choice in Dublin.
Marcelo Osanai
Poor -- I wouldn't recommend it even if my life depended on it
The worst thing is some of the staff are rude and abrupt or just unfriendly. Another thing is that the location of the showers to the toilets. You have to go up one flight of stairs to go to the toilets and then go to the other side of the building and go down the stairs to go to the showers. I suppose it's one way of keeping fit. I've stayed at a few hostels now in my travels and I could honestly say that this rates as one of the worst.
David Allan
  Nice Hostel, the showers and baths could be better. Crew was nice and kitchen good (but no sugar!).
  Only stay here if you are VERY desperate!! There were a total of 79 stairs from my room (top floor) to the [communal] showers in the basement. After phoning the hostel to book our room, I got there and they had lost the booking, only finding it with a lot of prompting as they were not particularly keen to look properly for it. I had to pay E16 more than originally told, and they tried to hold back our deposit for no reason. The building itself is very dirty and the showers STINK! They are in the basement with no ventilation, and they are boiling hot and often broken. The staff were unhelpful, and I will NEVER stay here again! Rooms are a fair size, communal areas are nice enough, but security sucked as there was nowhere to lock away your stuff.
  i think it's the best hostel in dublin/ the staff are very helping .it was very accommodating hostel. i hope i come back in this hostel very soon because it's a very nice place. my week there was really good thanks to patrick -- he is a very nice man. i didnt talk often with him but i saw that he was a good man !!! he is very very very lovely so I enjoy marlborough.
  Phenomenal! Just a couple minutes walk to Temple Bar (the party district), yet it's on a really quiet street so you don't have a problem with drunken revelers. Security is GREAT. There is someone at the front desk 24 hours, and you have to ring the doorbell and have them let you in, where they will check your pass to make sure you're a guest. The hostel itself is really pretty, an old style that's really charming. Rooms hold 6 people (not too many), and there are large bins (big enough to put my entire suitcase in with room left over) under the bed to lock your stuff. The center courtyard has a lot of people partying, which is great if you want to meet people, but the windows keep the noise out if you want to sleep. There are various common rooms (none really used when I was there, but you could) as well. The staff are REALLY helpful with everything — I ran out of money while there, and they helped me get in touch with my parents for more. The only downsides were the breakfast (toast and juice only, but so what — restaurants are just steps away) and the showers. The upstairs toilet facilities were nice, but you had to go down to the basement to use the showers, and it was a little damp down there. They were the kind where you had to press the button and the water comes on for 20 seconds at a time — fairly standard for a hostel. They weren't terrible, but could be improved. But you only shower for 10 minutes a day, so just deal with it. Overall, I am SO glad I stayed at the Marlborough! I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.
  I didn't think it was so bad! The staff were friendly, the location was great, and it was safe!
  I stayed here two years ago and it was really unpleasant, and I don't mind a party atmosphere and noise. Any staff person we could track down was rude, the place was really dirty, the toilets were all broken on the floor we were on (and people still used them), and lights were burned out all over. My friend and I paid for a private room — it had 3 single beds and nothing else. Two of the beds were too broken to use and the staff wouldn't fix either of them in the four days we were there.

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