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The Review

Bigfoot Hostel is for anyone looking to socialize or to party at the bar or enjoy the daredevil sport of volcano boarding.

The Location

The hostel is located on a busy street filled with shops just minutes away from most of León’s attractions and restaurants. You can’t really miss the hostel -- just look for the Bigfoot sign or the Bigfoot trucks, which are parked out the front. If you come to León by bus, you will need to catch a taxi to the hostel, as most buses stop at the terminal, which is ten minutes away by taxi.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are quite large and have six, eight, or ten beds. There are also double, triple, and quad private rooms if you like a bit more privacy. The beds in the dorms are mainly bunks, except for the bigger rooms that have an attic type area which are single beds. The sheets seemed to be dirty on our beds during our stay, which was not pleasant. The rooms are quite dark, with only a couple of lights and just one or two fans for the whole room and no windows. Rooms are decorated with a lot of colour and some really nice murals on the walls. There are large lockers that fit most backpacks but not large suitcases; use them, as there is no security during the day and no locks on the dorm rooms, so anyone can generally just come in from the bar. Bathrooms are at the back of the hostel and consist of separate toilets, sinks, and showers. The showers are cold water and trickle mainly depending on which one you choose.

Common Spaces

The main common area is the bar and Volcano Café at the front of the hostel, which is open from breakfast until late. This is a great place to get some reasonably priced food that you’ve been missing or to enjoy a mojito. Otherwise there are some benches and chairs around the rest of the hostel for lounging. There is also a bigfoot-shaped pool that couldn’t fit more than a couple of people in it, but the novelty is good for cooling off. There is free Wi-Fi that can be accessed near the bar and café but not in the rooms and there is also a book exchange and a pool table. At the back of the hostel, you can also find a small, basic kitchen that appears to be underused and understocked with no cups and just a fridge and stovetop. This hostel has some of the most obsessive cleaning ladies ever who mop and wipe every surface at least every twenty minutes.


This is a hostel for people who want to be social and are not afraid to miss a good night’s sleep, because even when the party has stopped at the bar, you will still have people coming in at all hours. This is also the place where volcano boarding was invented, so give it a try.
by Keppers Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Bigfoot Hostel" at Del Banco Procredit 1/2 cuadra al Sur.)


Del Banco Procredit 1/2 cuadra al Sur, León, Nicaragua
12.510325, -86.660900 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(505) 8505 1284 / 2315 3863
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93% Guest Reviews

No quiet hours, not friendly, shuttle times are a lie, overpriced
First of all, the shuttle service times are a lie. We booked a shuttle from San Jorge (Rivas) to Granada that showed up half an hour earlier than the booking time and left without us, then they refused to answer emails about it. Then the one that was supposed to pick us up in Granada showed up an hour earlier than our booking time but an hour later than what the website says. The hostel itself is overpriced for what we get. We got better services and nicer staff for half the price in every other hostel we stayed in. Here the hosts aren't friendly and don't really try to help us, it's filled with drunk douchebags, and there's no filtered water of any kind except bottled water. There are also no quiet hours, so good luck getting any sleep when people keep partying until 2 in the freaking morning. Literally the only plus here is the air conditioning in the room, which is usually set to a temperature too cold to sleep in anyway so that sucks too. Avoid it. Go literally anywhere else. Pitch a tent in the park.
Dodgy bar staff
We both got spiked from behind the bar. 1 local working and 2 others. Pretty sure the local was behind considering he was the having the marks on his arm of shooting up and is probably having trouble paying his habit. Keep your eyes open at the bar. They do have a good shuttle service to nearby countries though. For the rest first class dump. Stayed in better places in the amazon and Afghanistan.
Age 37, australia
Not to recommend
Our worst experience and up to now the only poor experience in a hostel in this wonderful country Nicaragua within three weeks. Not friendly, overpriced, dark. The reception was absolutely not helpful and tried to squeeze out money as much as possible. They even tried to sell beds two times a day (so our bed was suddenly sold again). There are much better hostels in Leon.

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