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Bureau Voyage Jeunesse - BVJ Louvre is a comfortable establishment in a great location. While not the most social of hostels, it is a block away from the Louvre, only about three or four blocks away from the Seine and Notre Dame, and close to the Louvre subway stop, which will get you anywhere in the city in no time!

The Location

Aside from being only minutes from the subway and many attractions and right in the middle of the city, the hostel is also on a nice street, across from an arcade that has high-end stores like Christian Louboutin across the street, a nice bakery a few doors down, and a trendy café next door with free Wi-Fi and good music.

Rooms and Bathrooms

We stayed in both a private and dorm-style room during our stay. Rooms are clean, spacious, and simple. The beds are slightly squeaky, but comfortable. The private room has its own mirror and sink with bathrooms just across the hall. The dorm rooms seem to be on the smaller side (ours had only four people total) and is quiet at night.

Though there aren’t many bathrooms or showers, there also seem to be relatively few guests -- we never waited for either facility. Bathrooms and showers are clean with warm water. All units are co-ed with doors and locks.

Common Spaces

Though the hostel has spacious common areas there is not much of a community feel to the hostel and not many people hang out. In the lobby, there are several tables and chairs with a sunroof and tour books for rent. In another room there is a computer that you can pay to access the internet. The Wi-Fi -- which you have to pay for -- was down during our two-night stay. There is no kitchen/bar/laundry service. In the morning there is a nicely stocked breakfast (7 to 9 a.m.) with yogurt, toast, and cereal, as well as juice, coffee, and tea.

They have lockers, which are too small for even one backpacker’s backpack -- and you have to repay every time you open the locker. There is a luggage room where most people leave their luggage -- while it is not locked, the desk is occupied at all times and you have to pass the desk and show a badge in order to access the luggage room. Also the hostel in general feels safe, as you are required to show a guest card each time you enter the hostel and it is in a good neighborhood. Still, it is probably one of the most insecure luggage storage setups of all the dozen or so places we stayed across Europe.


Overall, if you’re more interested in seeing the city than hanging out, this is a great hostel in a great location. Check-out is early in the morning and there is a lockout staring at around 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m., so if you are not a morning person, you may want to take this into account. There is no curfew at night, however, and the reception is twenty-four hours. The early lockout helped get us up and seeing the city so we didn’t waste any of our short stay, but if you don’t like early mornings or plan on staying out late drinking heavily this might be a bit of an inconvenience. The hostel is cash only. No cards accepted, but there is an ATM around the corner.Overall, we give this hostel three-and-a-half stars out of five.
by Juan-Ruvin Marquin Leon
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Ideally located
My first time here in July 2o12. Was very pleased to find such a place in the very heart of Paris and a walking distance to some interesting places. the breakfast was excellent with all the variety at the lodgers' disposal. One big minus though is the LIFT. PLEASE fix that lift. The comfort of your youthful lodgers depends on it.
So well located, just in front of Louboutin shoe shop, 2 blocks away from Louvre Museum and King Garden... you can't expect better. Night clubs are in the second part of the street. Rooms are clean, basic. Shower & toilets outside, and a no limit breakfast. Ask for Suite des Deux Empereurs on the first floor, (you won't have to climb the stares) and it was just renovated.
The BVJ hostel near the Louvre was really terrible! We made a reservation for 2 days, but that was not possible. We arrived at 01.00 am, but had to get up at 08.30 am for making sure we could keep the room. After a lot of discussion, nothing was possible, so we stood up at 08.30 AM. But we could not reserve another night. We had to move, and we were only a weekend in Paris! BVJ ruined it completely. At the desk, they even told me to start a new hostel, when I said it was not the normal way to book a hostel. Rude, not a good atmosphere, terrible!
One star only for location
I stayed this weekend at this hostel and it was terrible. We went there with our French class, so we were 6 girls and our teacher. For us we booked a room of 6 and a room of 2 for our teacher. When we arrived Friday morning at 10 a.m. we had to leave our luggage in a room where everybody could go to (even strangers because the staff doesn't mind who's going in and out their hostel) but we had no choice because the room was not available until 2:30 p.m. When we came back after a short trip across Paris we got told that our teacher got a room of 6 -- with other people. At a cost she they changed it in the room of 2 we had ordered. Our room was room 50 -- on the fifth floor, no lift and a spiral stair made the way up a long journey with our bags. The room itself was very puristic: no closet, no table / chairs, no bathroom. Only the 3 loft beds (without ladders or rails, only a stool to climb up) and a washbowl with a mirror. And snot everywhere on the walls and on the ceiling. A very charming atmosphere. When I laid in my bed on top, I sank down in the middle of the bed. The blanket was scratchy and i don't know if they wash it very often. We didn't use this woolen thing. Breakfast was as puristic as the bedrooms. We had one shower and one toilet for 2 rooms, you had to keep pushing the button to have water. We went to the 4th floor to avoid hours of waiting for a shower but there were two showers for the whole floor (more than 2 rooms!) and one of them had also the button problem. People dried their hair late after midnight. I could go on but I think I said enough. I'm glad it were "only" two nights there.
0 stars
This is the worst hostel i have ever stayed at. straight up. i have had other hostels where i have had to check out and in again every morning and it was a really awesome hostel so i didnt mind even staying up all night to make sure i could sleep in, but this one ... no toilet paper ANYWHERE! Internet kiosks stole my money as did the 200 year old lockers. the top bunks have no ladders and no rails, but sink in the middle so u dont fall out. the showers dont stay on. had to shower with my boyfriend (not that im complaining) cause u had to keep holding the button, not the best thing after a crap night sleep and walking around all day. the breakfast ran out of muesli most mornings and the lady yell at you for not returning the tray, but then have to wipe the table cause the coffee/hot chocolate is served in bowels. the staff always have to consult the boss. i dont care. i just was my 2 euro back from your stupid locker. i booked for 4 nights and on the 3rd night my bed was cleaned and my stuff thrown out -- papers and socks. personal stuff that was obvious that i wasnt leaving that day. i moved to another bed in the room out of frustration. then the reception gave me a voucher for something in french when she knew i was leaving france?!?!? um?!?! and to top it off u cant go out/get some food and use their kitchen to cook anything so i just made a mess in the main area. u cant bring alcohol, so if ur like me and on a budget and want to drink a bottle of wine u have to do it on the street. the rooms are noisy and walls are thin. even for the 29 euro we paid EACH we could get a HOTEL that had buffet breakfast and a decent shower. i regret staying here and i will be telling everyone i know not to stay here. location -- sure its good, but metros are everywhere, and if u dont mind catching them, which u will do anyway. find somewhere a little out of town, away form the tourist areas and rude french beggars and save some money. even eating around this area is expensive, and not using their kitchen is just plain insulting.
VERY COOL AND WELL LOCATED, 2 blocs away from Louvre Museum, ALL NIGHT OPEN, with a cool staff always at disposal, SIMPLE ROOM but VERY CORRECT -- all the necessary is at disposal, and the breakfast is very nice.
Worst experience ever
I would rate this place a zero but 1 is the lowest. I stayed here for six nights in July and it was the grossest and worst experience of my life. My first complaint would have to be the stairs. With suitcases, the stairs make it incredibly difficult to get to your room. Speaking of rooms, The rooms were gross. It felt like they had never been cleaned before. With it being about 90º at night in your room, you cannot get any sleep. On top of the temperature, there is so much noise in the place. Doors are slamming all night long and people from other rooms are disrespectful and loud all night. I can honestly say I got three hours of sleep the first five days I was there. The only good thing about this place was the location. But that's all. The only person I would recommend this place to would be a heath inspector to shut the place down.
(United States)
I visited this hostel in July of 2006. Since then I have visited over 15 youth hostels and this is by far the dirtiest, most rundown hostel I have had the privilege to sleep in. Yes, the beds and bathroom are horrible. Two of the other girls in our room had horrible bedbug bites to the point where they couldn't sightsee. However, I found that the staff are courteous, breakfast is edible, and the best part of all is the location. The Louvre is a 5 minute walk, the Eiffel Tour and numerous museums are also within walking distance. For me, this outweighs all of the negatives. After leaving this place I swore I would never go back, but I currently find myself booking my year long Europe trip next year and this will definitely be included in my stay. In short, if location matters more than a comfy bed and nice bathrooms, stay here. If not, stay far far away.

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Sorry this hostel has closed.

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