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Rambla de Catalunya 84, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.392623, 2.161613 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+34 93 496 03 22
+34 93 496 03 21
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Not safe! horrible!!
My backpack is stolen in my room!!!! I lost my passport, resident permit, bank card, student card, cash and all my important documents!!! I have to go to police station, embassy to make my new documents and have to cancel all my following travel plans!!! I will never stay in hostels any more. it is a nightmare for me!! there are many nice hostels or hotels in Barcelona, don't choose this one, trust me!!! This is how the thing happened. i stayed in a 10 bed shared room. At 9am I went to the toilet, and when I came back to my room, I found my backpack was no longer on my bed!!!!! My roommate said there was a man came into the room and took the backpack. He could just come into the hostel freely and no one stop him!!!! And there is no camera installed!!!! There is also another theft happened in another room!! I heard this is always happen in this hostel!! And there is no wifi in the room, you have to go to the corridor. Ok, you can still choose to stay in this hostel if you want to have an unforgettable memory in Barcelona!!!
It wasn't so bad. It was clean and in a good location. The worse characteristics were some of the staff and the breakfast. Breakfast time was run like an army barracks -- staff were unfriendly and marched about lining up the two cereals (Frosties/cocoa pops) and milk jug, if anyone put them out of line. Although breakfast was from 8 to 10 a.m. it actually meant 8 to 9.30a.m. as if anyone arrived late, they were thrown out of the breakfast room at 10 a.m. whether they had finished eating or not. It is unclear why, as guests all cleared and washed their own utensils. Eventually we gave up on breakfast altogether, it was pretty unpalatable. There was a kitchen on the second floor where we were staying in a double room, however, the gas was not connected to the oven, and the vast storage space was all empty of equipment. Also (be warned) we left our food in the fridge in this kitchen, and the cleaners took it. I presume they thought it had been left by someone who had departed the hostel. The noise levels after midnight depended on the consideration of other "guests" (we sometimes felt like inmates!). We stayed for a week, and the first three days were fine, but then a group arrived who sat on the stairs shrieking and shouting until 4a.m. Unless they were challenged by other guests (which they were) this went on relentlessly until the early hours.
Lyn & Steve Carew- Slimm
The two things that makes Rambla & Catalunya Hostel a good place to stay are its price and location. But it's very small and it isn't smoke free, so you'll have to deal with second hand smoke. It is right in the middle of the city, and everywhere is accessible by foot if you're fairly healthy. The shock that we got was that it is a very, very tiny place. We were greeted by this reception area which is like a tiny storeroom under the stairs! And as the lift was not working for the duration of our stay, we had to walk up three floors to our room. Although it is written that after midnight, occupants should be quiet, there was a rowdy bunch who was making ridiculous noises just to irritate others, and nothing was done about it by the staff. And on one of the nights, some of them were fighting and throwing glass bottles. There was even a guy who was arguing with a gal, whom we assume is his girlfriend back home, on his mobile in the toilet, which is just next to our hostel room, and we could hear every single word he said at 1 AM. This place does not have any other place where you can hang out a bit, unless you want to sit at the stairs. The rooms are relatively clean with white bedsheets, but they are very cramped. The beds are a foot apart in the room we were staying in. We checked out others -- some bunked beds were placed next to each other, and to get some privacy, the occupants have hung a towel across as a curtain in between. Breakfast consists of bread, some cakes, jam, butter, cocoa drink, tea, and if you're lucky, juice. There is a kitchen, but because they prepare breakfast there, it is not open till 8 a.m. -- which means that you can't start making your lunch if you want to head out early. The toilets often do not have locks, or can't close properly. And showers have varying water pressure, thus making the water suddenly hot and then cold and it was a nightmare having showers. Even then, not everything functions in this place. Some toilets have basins with no taps. As much as they try to keep the place clean (we assume so since we think we saw cleaners), the toilets smell. So, unless this may be a good choice if you're on a really on a tight budget, but otherwise there are better hostels in Barcelona. And in general, it does not have adequate facilities (kitchen, showers, toilet). It is also not an non-smoking hostel, so, if you're very particular about being a passive smoker, you might want to look for another hostel.
Kong Yuen Ching

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