Auberge Internationale des Jeunes (AIJ)




The Review

Auberge Internationale des Jeunes (AIJ) is a large, basic hostel offering accommodation to young travelers.

The Location

The hostel is in the Eleventh Arrondissement in a quiet, more local neighborhood; while not very close to popular attractions, the nearby metro and bus lines make it very easy to get around Paris. There is a very nice variety of food places including a boulangerie, cafés, pubs, fast food, and delis all around the hostel. Luxembourg Gardens is about ten minutes' walking through the city and over the Seine. There is a converted elevated rail line that extends four kilometers out of Paris and access points are five minutes away from the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel offers a nice variety of different-sized rooms that can be suitable for couples or small groups looking to get away from large dorm rooms. There are private twin rooms, private three-bed rooms, private four-bed rooms with shared bathroom and some with private bathrooms. There are four-bed dorm rooms with private bathroom. Rooms have large lockers for securing valuables. There are not many power points for charging and rooms are very basic and plain.

Bathrooms are very small but kept clean. The showers are very small and don't have very good water pressure. You have to press a button for the water and it stops about every thirty seconds, which can get frustrating. There are not many bathrooms for the amount of rooms, but the hostel is so large so hopefully it doesn't get too crowded.

Common Spaces

The hostel doesn't have much in the way of common areas for guests to use. There is a small area to the side of the reception area that has small tables pushed in groups and cheap plastic chairs and vending machines along the wall. There is a little breakfast area behind reception where a basic breakfast is served with cereal, baguette, spreads, coffee, tea, and juice. There are microwaves available to use, but no kitchen facilities for guests. There is a juice machine and coffee machine, but a nearby cafe is much more fresh. The hostel does have a couple computers with internet as well. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel for guests to use.


Auberge International des Jeunes is a basic hostel providing simple accommodation to young travelers. Major sights are easily reached from the hostel and the staff are knowledgeable about the area.
by Grace Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Auberge Internationale des Jeunes (AIJ)" at Rue Trousseau, 10.)


Rue Trousseau, 10, 11è - Bastille/République Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.851055, 2.378727 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+33 (0)1 84 88 40 82/ +33 (0)1 47 00 62 00
+33 (0)1 47 00 33 16
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73% Guest Reviews

Too hot, humid, cramped
Extremely uncomfortable on a warm day. Staff is friendly. Cheap.
Age 23, united states
Our group had a terrible time where it took 2 hours to check in because they didn't train their staff properly. The only mistake we made was booking with them in first place. Ruined the last night of our trip. Totally rubbish effort. The place was clean so kudos to cleaners but staff don't care to give decent service. Grotty decor as well, very noisy plumbing!
One word -- Janky. I did not know it was possible for noise to carry like that, I could not sleep all night. But free small insufficient breakfast, kind employees, 10 minute walk from train station and super cheap ... still, would never ever stay again.
Age 22, Usa
Clean rooms, friendly people, no power outlets.
I only stayed here one night and the room was clean and the bed was comfortable. however, there were no power outlets in the room, at least not that I saw. Find an outlet that isn't being used in the common area is a fiasco because everyone is using them. That would be my only complaint besides having the rooms closed off from 11am-3pm. Also the wifi isn't available 24/7. Try cut it off at around 11:30 pm and you have to wait until 12:30pm the following afternoon to get wifi access which is painfully slow. So if you plan on going out then coming back to your room for an afternoon nap or to chill I would consider other accommodations.
Age 25, Great Britain
Not like usual hostels I knew before
We slept in a 4-bed-room with separate bathroom in AIJ Paris. The accommodation is fine, but there was only one key for the room. So if you have a roommate who comes back late at night because of party or whatever, you have to open the door for him otherwise he cannot enter the room. We didn't want to wake up just to open the door for my coming-back-late-roommate, so we left the key to the receptionist and went to sleep. So it's possible anyway. But the good thing by making only one key for each room is that you will have to communicate with your roommates regarding the keys and therefore you get to know new people there. The bathroom in our room was really small and there was only one power socket in the room, so if one is charging his phone or other thing, the only possibility to charge your phone at the same time is to go down to the meeting room where there are more than one socket. About the breakfast, it consisted just of bread, butter and tea/hot chocolate/coffee. There was no meat at all, nor juice nor other typical breakfast foods like in other youth hostels, and there was only one kind of bread. The room will be cleaned every day from 11 to 15 o'clock, so if you arrive during this time, you have to wait and won't get the key until 3 p.m. So better plan when you're going to arrive. And there is no wifi access before 12:30 and after 23:30. There are safes in the room with number locks to store your precious things, and I suggest you should really put everything important there, including souvenirs, because my friend's souvenirs disappeared after we came back from the city one day. I don't know if someone really stole them or maybe it was just slipped into other roommate's baggage and my friend didn't find it, since I wasn't there when my friend was searching for the stuffs, and since it happened one day that our belongings were mixed into someone other's belongings by the cleaning service, so I don't what actually happened. So overall, the hostel is fine with small abnormalities, but you also have to be careful.
Rude staff, bedbugs, dirty.
Clean, cheap and friendly staff
The hostel is ok, the location is quite good and staff is really friendly. It's clean and rooms are very simple. If you want to save money for other things in Paris -- it's the best.
Terrible This hostel was the worst hostel I have stayed at.
Terrible. This hostel was the worst hostel I have stayed at. DISHONEST STAFF, A TOTAL NIGHTMARE, bad place, please forget it.

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