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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Altair" at 10, Rue de Suisse.)


10, Rue de Suisse, Nice, French Riviera, France
43.703277, 7.265007 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+33 (0)6 11 12 96 53
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Nothing fancy, but cheap and does the trick
Decent location, close to the main road leading to the main square and beach front promenade. I'd say for the price per night, it's not bad. The staff weren't very friendly. Close (but expensive) parking nearby. If you're looking for a bed and shower, and a place to do laundry, go for it.
(United States)
The receptionist is very unfriendly! Going to reception one feels bad having need to ask him something. in this place which is very basic you have to pay for absolutely everything! To have shower towels to pay extra, we left our luggage in the reception just for two hours and we had to pay for each bag! So if you have no other place to stay just for one night go there, otherwise find something else.
One Star is too good. If i could I'd give it nothing.
Seriously, do not go to this hostel! We stayed here and in the first twenty-four hours the prat of an owner shouted at us three times threatening to kick us out of the hostel for things like having our bag that was "covered in germs" on one of the beds and for asking for sheets that he didn't automatically provide. Not to mention there was no hot water and the shower had no door, in a mixed dorm! (We booked a room for four as there were four of us but when we got there he told us he was actually going to put someone else in with us too). Then you can look outside onto the ghetto where gangs roam the streets. After one of our proposed four nights we had to cut our losses and found somewhere else. It doesn't matter how cheap this place is -- it's not worth it. If i was staying in Nice again and this guy offered to pay me 20Euros/night to stay here i wouldn't. Never go here!
  this is by far the worst hostel in all of europe. not only was there only one staff member, he was rude and self-serving. they told us over the phone there would be A/C -- there wasnt, so sleeping was out of the question. you stayed awake all night sweating like crazy and showering every thirty minutes to try and cool down. it was in the absolute ghetto of Nice. there were rats in the common bathroom everyone shared which was extremely unhygenic. I think this is the only place in the world you will get dirtier after taking a shower. another thing, we didnt get a key to get back in the hostel. the owner said if we rang the doorbell he would let us in but when we came back from the bar at 2 a.m. (not even that late) he refused to open the door. we stayed outside till another traveler with a key let us in two hours later. when i say this place is in a bad part of town, think crack-heads/drug-dealers literally ten steps outside. if you want to buy heroin/crack i guess this is the perfect hostel for you. we got mugged outside, and 400 euros were stolen from our bags inside the hostel--i also have a slight suspicion that the owners child doesnt go to school and that he forces him to work in the hostel without pay. also he doesnt own a computer. ALL his reservations are done in this book, which is EXTREMELY disorganized as he lost our reservation. go down the street and there are a myriad of much better hostels. and the icing on the cake. CHECK OUT TIME was NINE O CLOCK IN THE MORNING. we were 30 minutes late and we got charged for another day on our credit card.... DO NOT STAY HERE. I REPEAT. DO: NOT: STAY IN THIS HELL HOLE
The Hotel des Alizes is ideally located -- about five minutes from the train station and ten minutes from the beach and in an area with a lot of good shopping and restaurants. It is on the second floor of a business/apartment complex and is pretty small, with only about eight rooms. There is elevator access to the hostel, but it is barely big enough to fit a person, let alone a person with suitcases. It has a small, cramped lobby with a television and the one toilet that is shared by all visitors. There is no internet access at the hostel, but internet cafes are within walking distance. The hostel offers a quiet, fairly non-social atmosphere, though most of the visitors seem to be college-aged. The four-person room (where we stayed) is a decent size, with big widows overlooking a basilica. It has a washroom with a sink and shower, which was very convenient and much appreciated. However, the showerheads are handheld, the water pressure is low, and the water gets cold quickly. Breakfast and drinks are not offered and there is no kitchen or area to prepare food. The rooms are clean (cleaned daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and the beds are pretty comfortable for the price. Additionally, clean linens and towels are provided at no extra cost. The Hotel des Alizes is nothing special but is not bad, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time out of the hostel and just return to sleep.
Meghann Pierce
(United States)
  Very close to the train station and the basic tourist attractions, but the area is a bit unsafe. One another hostel guest got robbed outside the hostel at night during our stay! The location is very good if you avoid going out at night, especially by yourself. The staff is flexible -- no curfew and alcohol is allowed, but they don't seem to be happy being that way. Clean hostel and modern showers, but be careful for your belongings, as the doors are often unlocked. I would come again.
Aino, FIN
  I stayed at this hostel last summer, the staff was very friendly! It is close to the train station and a short walk from the beach. I would stay there again if I go to Nice again.
  I was quite disappointed with this place. Of course, it was quite cheap and kinda clean. However, the bathroom was so smelty that I did my best to stay there as short time as possible. The dormitory rooms are impossibly tiny. And there are no special place with a lock where you can leave your bags safe. Of course, there is no any warderobe as well, as the room is too tiny. In general, it is quite comfortable to stay close to the train station, but the region is not very pleasant. As everywhere, that's the region of immigrants with high criminality and strange ppl all around. It is quite scary to walk here alone in the night. Next time I will look for a hostel in another region.

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