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3109 North Ola Avenue, Tampa, Florida, USA
27.973215, -82.463351 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (813) 221-0596
+1 (813) 221-0596
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Artist's Retreat
Very eclectic. I enjoyed sitting in the hot tub immensely.
Age 34, USA
Atmosphere & hospitality make it!
Stayed in the Jazz room for two nights in November 2010. Hospitality was great, Barry offered free long distance calling to Canada and even booked our next hostel in the Everglades for us. Glad we took his tip to check our Y-Bor city before we left town (only a minutes away). Unfortunately we had just missed the jam session, but all was good. Main building smelled a little 'musty' and courtyard could have used a tidy up (leaves lying around). Had a car, so location wasn't an issue.
Great place! Very interesting!
I went there on the weekend of January 25, 2008. I rated this hostel poor, terrible, just because of the innkeeper's terrible attitude! I am a deaf backpacker. I reserved this hostel and sent email, nothing returned. When I arrived Tampa, stayed at friend and then called them to let them know, as required by them, within three hours so that they can expect me, but instead, was blown at me, yelling me how I know Mark Holland, I said, I got his name somewhere on the internet -- they was pissed off, saying that Mark died. it sure eat my heart out. So, when I arrived, they knew I was deaf, and they nearly kicked me out because they don't want me to be caught in fire if I can't hear the alarm. I was ready to kick their ass, but they changed their mind, but request only one day of stay, I accepted, a few hours later, they said its ok for me to stay all weekend. they calmed down, and my friend contacted them, they realized I was so cool. I still am very displeased about their behavior toward people with disability. If not for their attitude, I will even rate their place five stars, even six stars or even ten stars. Bar is "decoration" only, but you bring your own beverage, and swimming pool is small, not big -- it's like jacuzzi. Cemetary is across the hostel that makes this place a bit creepy.
Allan Bernier
(Phoenix, AZ USA)
Laid back Music Oasis
This place has a great atmosphere. The former owner, Mark, has passed away and his brothers are trying to keep the place alive in his memory. Some great local guitar players and singers were there when I went and played for several nights. Fantastic place to hear live, intimate music! Having a car was very helpful in Tampa and the great beaches to the west. I recommend bringing or renting a car if you want to see go sightseeing away from the hostel. The people at the hostel were very helpful and friendly.
Mr. Jack Daniels
Once great, now poor
I stayed here the first time in January '06 and it was a blast! Me and another young lady were the only one in the dorms. I could find nothing wrong with this hostel. I came New Years Eve '06 and the place went to hell! The innkeeper cussed me out for everything! The computer still used windows 95, so emails were out of the question. All the keys broke in the door, and guests and the innkeeper couldn't agree on anything. What a sad turn of events for such a potentially wonderful hostel. I hope it gets better.
Sweet P.
I would come back anytime -- very relaxing place!
I went here because a guidebook said "This Place is an Oasis!" I needed a break between Miami and New Orleans and found Gram's Place is truly a travel experience by itself. Can't say much about Tampa as a location but Gram's Place has a cool relaxing vibe with good music and nice people. The two-night minimum is not correct anymore and they now have free wireless internet and organic food available! So bring your laptop and a good appetite. I loved it and would come back any day!
  I emailed the Innkeeper of this hostel in order to find out if laundry facilities are on site or off site before my stay next month. I have only stayed in two hostels and never had use for laundry so wasn't sure if on-site laundry was standard. I did not see anything listed on the Gram's website so decided to ask. The Innkeeper, Mark Holland, insulted me just for asking the question! then proceeded to insult me more by telling me I needed a hotel and not a hostel simple because I didn't know about laundry facilities! I would not recommend this hostel until they get someone more courteous and professional to run the place. I have never had such horrible customer service!
  I stayed here in the train room by myself! for a couple of nights on the last weekend of July 2006 and is a pretty nice place with great music. There where not too many guest so it was pretty quiet and the AC works great, which was very important to me since am always hot, not to mention the Florida weather. The owner/innkeeper is friendly and informative of where to go, what do to and how to do it and he has all sorts of instructions posted all over the place from Taxi numbers and Bus schedules to distances between Gram's Place and where you are going. There is no cooking before nine a.m. and after nine p.m. so take stuff to munch on in case you get hungry. There are no bed sheets/pillowcases so take your own, you will only get a one person comforter and a pillow. I slept pretty confortable on the thin mattress, but I have a bad back and that works for me. Oh yeah the mosquitoes are like sharks so take repellent.

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