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The Review

Domus Civica is a relaxed hostel and our stay there was an overall positive experience. The staff are very friendly and allow you to store your luggage before and after check-in until late (and use the shower, if you so wish).

The Location

The hostel is rather easy to find using online maps. If you've previously seen a picture of the outside, it's hard to miss, as it has a distinct shape. It's also only a ten-minute walk from Venezia S. Lucia, which is handy when you have a heavy backpack.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Our stay was in a three-bed room. Doors are locked with a key, and each tenant of the room is given one that the hostel keeps hold of whenever you leave (so there's no chance of losing them!). In the daytime, you can hear tourists outdoors, but by night it quiets down. There are no lockers in the rooms. They provide you sheets, a pillowcase, and a towel, and there are also drawers and a wardrobe, which is a nice touch. The room is comfortable and quiet, with a ceiling fan that is helpful in the July heat. Windows close with shutters, which do block out all the light.

There are four floors of rooms and at least three bathrooms with a shower in each, so there's plenty of space and we didn't ever have to compete for a shower. The water pressure is so-so, but the water is hot and everything is clean and spacious.

Common Spaces

There are bookshelves, two common rooms, a gorgeous terrace with seating on the fourth floor that overlooks the rooftops of Venice, and a spacious dining room. The common room on the ground floor has a piano, TV, and board games. During our stay, a number of people were watching football together. We only stayed one night and were busy most of the day, but we can see that with some effort you could definitely meet others by lingering in the common room/kitchen. However, the hostel isn't lively. Guests are polite and vary from young to old.

The kitchen has a fridge, tables and chairs, and a microwave, but little else. The lift is a bizarre, old contraption that has saloon doors and a metal cage that must be closed in order for it to work.


Domus Civica is perfectly clean and comfortable, but nothing special. It is a wonderful, calm base away from the manic crowds of Venice, but if you seek a livelier or more characteristic hostel, perhaps look elsewhere. But for the price, this is a great stay.
by Alice Staff Reviewer
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Luggage storage
Ground floor common room
Ground floor common room
Wardrobe in rooms

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Very well
Good price and fantastic location! Hostel is clean and quite. Only problem is there just has a microwave for warm food. But you have nice food around hostel.
We had an excellent stay at Domus Civica. The staff were friendly and helpful. The rooms were clean, airy and sunny, with a sink in the corner. Towels were provided and the bathrooms were comfortable and clean, as well as being impersonal like those of a gym. The few negatives were no kitchen/breakfast and the curfew of 12:30 a.m.
Domus Civica is very conveniently situated -- only ten minutes' walk from Santa Lucia train station and the Piazzale Roma coach station. Follow the detailed instructions that are sent to you when booking. This imposing building is easy to get to in an otherwise complex city. From October to May, it is a hall of residence for girls. From June to September, backpackers of both sexes are warmly greeted under a large crucifix -- and let's face it, that is not an everyday experience The hostel boasts more than eighty high-ceiling rooms, from single to three beds maximum. Toilets and showers, situated in the middle of each corridor, are well looked after. Some rooms have a view on the canal, so you get to sleep to the boats’ noises. Common rooms are not conducive to mingling but in line with the rest, they are functional. There is a free Internet connection and satellite TV and space to leave your luggage. There's a place to have a discounted breakfast across the street. Some might find it all a bit grim, especially the doors closing at 12:30 a.m., but nightlife in Venice is not especially buoyant. This no-frills place definitely gets the thumb up for being a sure value for money.
  really good hostel. but online reservation is irrational. because if you have venice card (if you will stay here you should buy one because ticket to vaperotto is 5 euros and entrance to museums are expensive). one night accommodation is 24 euros instead of 27 but not valid for online bookings. and you can find a room without reservation.
ilgin and onur
  We stayed here in June of 2006. This is a fairly clean, well-kept hostel. We stayed in an end room, and had beautiful views of a canal out the windows. There is a nice rooftop area to hang clothes to dry or to sit and enjoy the view. There was a sink in the room, but it kept clogging up and was a little gross. The only cautionary note, if you leave the windows open (and you'll probably want to, because it's hot), beware the mosquitos. There are no screens or mosquito nets on the windows, and I received some big, nasty bites all over my body. One more note, there is a strict curfew. I can't remember how late -- I think it was midnight or so, but in the morning you can't leave until seven a.m. Overall, a fairly solid hostel in terms of cleanliness and facilities, a good value, and a great location.

Sorry this hostel has closed.

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