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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Andarilho Oporto Hostel" at Rua da Firmeza nº 364.)


Rua da Firmeza nº 364, Porto (Oporto), Porto, Portugal
41.151027, -8.604521 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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yep. friendly, cosy -- a real home feeling -- and good beds, clean rooms, happy travelers. we'll definitely be back.
It is a very nice place to stay!
It is located near the Underground station Bolao, so it's easy to reach from the airport. It is in the middle of the city. Five minutes to walk to the main street St Catarina where you find all the stuff you need. People who stay there and who manage the hostel are very friendly and easy to get in contact! I will go back there again!
  beautiful, relaxing hostel in a great city. the garden is an awesome place to hang out and meet people and the staff are always around and available to answer questions. i had a great time here and would stay again in a second. only downside is no breakfast, but with the price of food in portugal you might as well just make some eggs and bacon.
  Great location in the city. Rooms are clean and spacious. Free internet, well-stocked kitchen, TV, the whole works. Decent stay.
We're going to give Andarilho Oporto Hostel the benefit of the doubt. It is brand new (only open for one week and really not quite ready to have guests at the beginning of July 2006). But that said, it is full of potential and with the right management could be a lovely place to stay. We had some trouble finding the hostel as there is no sign, literally just some small numbers above a door in a wall. But after ringing the bell we were let up the stairs. However, it was only ten a.m. and we weren't able to check in until the early afternoon. As you enter the reception was in a large common area that had a lot of empty space. At one end there was a small TV and a couple of secondhand lounge chairs. This are would be lovely if there were some comfy beanbags or other seating designed to encourage mixing and talking between guests. The rooms were very large, a big plus. Our room has four bunks (eight beds) with only two put together at this stage, so there was a lot of room. Each room had its own ensuite, although in our room, the shower was miniscule and there was absolutely no way you could have a shower without the shower overflowing. However, the staff did provide towels to use to mop up the water. Although, apparently this room was the only one with such a tiny shower and the manager did mention maybe changing it for a bath/shower combo to make better use of the shape of the room. The kitchen is fully stocked with pans, plates and cutlery and there are two small fridges for guests to use. However, it is dirty. It seems that no one cleaned their dishes the entire time we were there and we had to wash dishes so we had clean plates to use. Signs saying 'Please wash your dishes' may help but as the reception is very close -- keeping an eye on things may prove more effective. There was only one table available to use for eating, although the owners are in the process of making a large outdoor BBQ/garden area that will eventually have chairs and tables. Security is lax for the most part. The door to the street is locked and you need to ring a buzzer to be let up. However, the rooms have no locks and no lockers in which to put your valuables. The hostel is conveniently located right off the main street (Rua Santa Catarina) close to a shopping mall with a decent supermarket. It is an easy walk to the major sights and the metro system is also very close if you don't feel like walking or wish to go further afield. At the end of our stay, the owner made a point of asking us how things could be improved and seemed very interested in any negative things we had to say. Other than the things outlined above, everything else is quite nice and the location is a big big plus (the HI hostel is located a fair distance from the centre and this hostel could steal a lot of business). With a little work, this hostel could be a great place to stay. I would give it a try in a month or so as hopefully the hostel will be better prepared for guests.
Catriona White

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