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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Bambu" at Rua Edmundo De Barros 621.)


Rua Edmundo De Barros 621, Foz do Iguaçu (Foz de Iguacu), Paraná, Brazil
-25.544818, -54.580242 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+55 45 3523 3646
+55 45 3574 4157
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Hostel Bambu is a friendly hostel where you will be sure to receive help and advice on activities available and assistance with your arrangements for onward travel. The Location Once downtown the hostel can be reached fairly easily as it is only a few blocks from the main downtown streets. If arriving via bus from Argentina, you will need to look out for McDonalds and get off here, walk one block until you reach Rua Edmundo de Barros, turn right and you should see the hostel before long. From the main bus station you need to catch a bus to the Urban Terminal (TTU). Once you arrive at the TTU, it is possible to walk to the hostel but it will take around twenty minutes. Alternatively, you could catch a local bus from the TTU (get off the bus at McDonalds as above) or you could take a taxi for a reasonable fare. When you arrive at the hostel you will need to be buzzed in through the front gate. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorms are clean, a good size, and are air-conditioned; the bed-linen has perhaps seen better days but it is a welcome change to have a towel provided. The dorm doors do not lock and unfortunately there are no in-room lockers -- those lockers that are available (in common areas) are small. This hostel is something of a rabbit-warren with dorms and bathrooms or various shapes and sizes dotted all over. The bathrooms are nicely decorated with roomy shower-cubicles, good showers, and plenty of hooks for clothes and in-shower shelving for toiletries. The hostel does offer private rooms for higher rates if desired. Common Spaces There is a book exchange, but the rate of exchange is not in favour of the traveler -- you need to leave two books in exchange for one. There are a couple of common areas for guests to use at this hostel. Next to the reception area is a TV and DVD player with sofa seating (a selection of DVDs are available), a pool table, and two computer terminals available for guest use at a small hourly rate; the hostel also provides free Wi-Fi for those with laptops. There is also a small swimming pool and a bar area situated outside next to the kitchen, there are a number of tables and chairs here. Guests are welcome to use the kitchen facilities for self-catering if desired. The hostel description also mentions a gym although this is something of an embellishment -- there is a bench, a few weights (a little worse for wear), and a broken multi-gym outside next to the pool. Summary Overall, this is an extremely pleasant hostel with a nice, relaxed atmosphere. Warning: It has been reported that this hostel may be infested with bed bugs. If you stayed there, you should disinfect your clothing and all travel gear before moving to another hostel to avoid carrying bed bugs or their eggs with you and potentially spreading them to other hostels. Moderately hot water will kill them, and gear that can't be washed can be disinfected by putting it in a freezer for a few hours.
Louise Jones
Great hostel, absolutely relax atmosphere, nice and friendly owners
We stayed in this hostel in March 2007 and it was the best hostel in Brazil. Hostel is located in nice (i would even say luxurious) villa in Foz. Rooms are spacious. it has outdoor place with bar, BBQ, and swimming pool. I felt like at home. Recommended.
  Absolutely quality place, booked for two nights and ended up staying twelve, yep twelve nights in Foz! Not much to do there for that long, but had such a great time there, every night either BBQ or Chris and Diego (legends) taking us to their local pool bar. Made feel very welcome and knew everything about area and helped organise buses. Can't recommend this place enough to anyone, good location too.
Dave Keohane
  I stayed here about a month after they opened and even though they weren't finished all of the rooms, Chris gave up his bedroom to make space! This is the best place I stayed in all of south america due to Chris and Diego. They are multilingual and know information about almost anything you could want to know about travel in south america. I can't recommend Hostel Bambu more!
Kathleen Hall
  This was a great hostel, central, and very secure. The building was clean and spacious with excellent facilities and the outside kitchen and pool added a touch of luxury! Chris and Diogo were really helpful and sociable, telling us the best ways to see the falls. What really made my stay however was Clifford, what a great little chap who just loved curling up on my bed! We stayed an extra night! My only criticism would be the one computer which was also needed by the staff causing some waiting time.
  A warm welcome here. I was staying for one night and stayed three. Good English spoken and they are a mine of information on transport, places to visit etc. Well situated for buses, shops, and nightlife. They mean it when they say our home is your home. A very relaxed atmosphere.
kathryn morgan
  Hostel Bambu was really cool! Both Cris and Diogo were very friendly and helpful. The outdoor kitchen was also an added plus. The only thing preventing me from rating it 5 stars was that it didnt have hot water when we were there.

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