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Walk of Fame Hollywood Hostel is appropriately named, as it sits right on the Walk of Fame. It is useful to know that from the street, the front door is the only part of the hostel that is visible. This is in amongst the stores and next to an open driveway. Security is good. Guests have to buzz at the door in order to gain entry and then they are faced with a lone staircase that leads up to the next floor and the reception desk. Nobody would be able to enter without passing this desk. It is also worth knowing that tax isn't generally included in the advertised prices.

The Location

This hostel is located very much in the centre of the most touristy area of Hollywood and there are many attractions within just a few paces of the hostel. These include Grauman's Chinese Theatre; Disney's El Capitan Theatre; the Hollywood & Highland Center for shopping; Madame Tussauds Hollywood wax museum; Ripley's Believe it or Not! Odditorium; and the Dolby Theater (formerly the Kodak Theater), home to the Oscars. This hostel is ideally positioned for someone who is relying on public transport. Not only is it close to bus stops, but the Red Line metro train station is also directly opposite the hostel. The Red Line goes up to Universal Studios in North Hollywood and in the opposite direction to the downtown area, ending at Union Station. There is a charge for parking.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The bedrooms have a decent amount of space, and some have an extra alcove that's ideal for storing large bags. Bed sheets are crisp and white, with luxurious-feeling, velvety blankets. There are large metal lockers in the room and guests must provide their own padlock. There are hooks in the room, but no other furniture -- some chairs would be a nice addition. There is one central light and there is a ceiling fan, but no air conditioning, which means a warm room in the summer. There are a decent number of power points. A metal key is provided for the bedroom door. At first we couldn't get the door to lock, but when reception explained how the lock works, we had no further problems.

The female bathroom is a good size and offers a few toilets and sinks. There are four separate showers. Each has a shower curtain and a hook for your things. There is one bench, on which people put their clothes, but some shelving next to each shower would be helpful. Showers are hot, as a new boiler has recently been fitted. Unfortunately, the cubicles for getting dressed are located in the next room and there are only three of them! Presumably if a fourth girl exits her shower at the same time as the other three, she has to be a bit of an exhibitionist!

Common Spaces

There is a large social room with a pool table, comfy chairs, and a view overlooking Hollywood Boulevard. There is also a bookshelf on the floor above, which gives a seat by the window if somebody wants some quiet time. Be aware, there are signs here warning of a fine if someone steps out on to the balcony!

The kitchen runs over two small rooms -- one holds the sink, while the other room has the fridges and a hot plate, toaster, and microwave. It is not ideal for cooking lavish meals, but is fine for preparing a quick snack. We appreciate the early start time for breakfast of 7 a.m. and being able to help ourselves and not have to wait to be served. There is no cereal, but we really enjoy the food provided -- bagels, muffins, juice, and slices of fruit.

There is also a room with washing machines available for guests to use.


We had a good experience at this hostel. The central location is unbeatable. The reception staff are helpful. Cleaners are very visible every day and seem cheerful in their work. There are no public computers, but there is Wi-Fi and free printing is available. There are towels for hire and there are three hikes on offer as well. We would happily stay here again.
by Charli
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostel front door
Hostel Street View
Changing area for showers
Social area
Window reading area


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Walk of Fame Hollywood Hostel" at 6820 Hollywood Boulevard.)


6820 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
34.101286, -118.339359 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (323) 463-2770
+1 (323) 463-2770
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Avoid this place like the plague ... Because you'll get the plague.
If you like unprofessional staff, shoddy upkeeping and cleaning, sleeping in LA without air conditioning or heat (recent nights it could be 85°F / 30°C at 3 AM even if it's 60°F / 15°C outside), Wi-Fi that is slow as molasses and has spotty coverage, and did I say unprofessional staff? Then you've come to the right place! Long story short of why I'm there -- I was pending a career change, but if I knew that their bad planning was going to make me stay here 2 months instead of a week as planned, I would've kept my apartment's lease and wouldn't have even known this squalid, decrepit dump even existed. Are you sure I didn't mention unprofessional staff? The manager likes to pretend he's friendly by chatting you up, singing and joking, but has no true management experience except for power-tripping and barking an order, and hides in his bedroom if any real problems come up. Carlos (chubby, usually wears a Mayan Calendar pendant, usually works 3rd shift) is new and tends to power trip while everyone else is very friendly and willing to help ... Glad that the worst people have been fired though. For starters, don't expect this place to even remotely resemble being completely clean. The work is done by volunteers who only do a thorough clean if the boss is watching ... The bathroom is only scrubbed once a day, but constantly dirty and moldy other times (which is only scrubbed with Pine-Sol and a broom in the morning; no anti-mold solution so of course it grows back 2 hours later), and toilet paper is almost never checked, so check paper before usage. The only room cleaning is just changing sheets of whoever checked out and the trash (or shall I say a plastic bag hanging from the door since they're too cheap to even buy trash bins), hardly anything else. They installed hardwood floors in all the rooms with 3rd-rate contractors (room 5 doesn't even close properly), but not the hallway; there is tons of embedded dirt and it's only spot-cleaned by a Shopvac designed for cleaning a carpenter's workspace, not a carpet. As an IT Admin, I brought 2 public-use computers back from near-death, remapped their mess of a Wi-Fi situation and boosted the speed and range of it, but 1. The internet is slow to begin with and 2. I asked management plenty of times to install another range extender, but he kept procrastinating on it. If you like to have activities, expect most of them to be canceled or only partially coordinated. The comedy show hires unfunny hacks, club crawls are poorly coordinated (last one I went to the club promoter couldn't even get us in), and for the pizza, beer and movie night, it's Coors Light (the worst excuse for beer; the last time I bought Heineken for everyone I got chewed out and it became the manager's "private reserve"), cheapo 7-Eleven pizza, and no movie. Last but not least, if you drive, the parking rates are insane (closest yet cheapest parking is $13 / 24hrs with hourly breakdown; the one right out back is $20 per day with no hourly rate). The only reason I've stayed here was because I saved boatloads of money volunteering for free stay and day-to-day parking is only $400 a month, which is even much cheaper than being roommates. Also, this place discriminates by origin and the manager told me that "the owner doesn't want Americans here", so keep in mind that I am reporting this company to the government for discrimination. So, after seeing how shady this ripoff of a hostel is, please do yourself a favor and avoid this place at all costs; if I have steered one person away from this squalor, I am proud to have enacted my civil duty, goodwill for the community and done my job.
Age 28, USA
Very qualified for modest demands
We stayed in the hostel for 4 days. It was clean enough in the restrooms and the staff was friendly and helpful. The rooms werent cleaned up and the beds werent comfortable but all in all it was a good value for money.
Age 23, Germany
Hostel has bedbugs
Do not go there, even if the location is great, you will have a terrible stay at this hostel! The floors are dirty, the showers are not very clean and not convenient at all! Beds are invaded by bedbugs and the staff is very rude for no reason! Help shut down this place!!!
Age 20, French
Should be shut down
My previous experiences with hostels led me to expect friendly staff and a nice environment, instead this hostel provided visible dirt in all areas, so much so that i slept in my towel. The staff were unfriendly and not at all interested he guests. Easily the worst hostel experience i have ever had. Do not stay here.
Best Hostel In Hollywood
I went to two other hostels that would not rent to me -- a college student with a Visa and ID because they did not like the way I looked. This hostel, however, did not make such judgments. It is a hostel for mature people: you are expected to know and follow the rules -- it is really that simple. The room was clean and no one stole my laptop. The cast of characters here would make for a Hollywood film. For example, I shred a room with Ivana Trump's stalker, just Google it. The linen was clean. simple breakfast (PB&J) is served weekly. The day manager, Sean, is remarkable. A very intelligent and nice guy. I would stay no where else. The room is 25 with a 25 deposit, so $50, $25 returned if you follow the rules & check out on time. Don't be vulgar or rude to the other (crazy?) guests or you will be asked to leave immediately.
Barry McCarthy
Very good, I would come back
i think they made change or something staff very friendly and they had a lot of activities and stuff. I spoke with the new manager and said they were doing a lot of upgrades to the place. Can't wait to see what they did fro this summer. Lots of girls there too!!! had a great time hope to back there soon.
A complete mess
Well if i had any lighting in the room or could actually see the damp and dust properly im sure my review would be worse. The staff were very reluctant to help and i found when you asked them anything it was a real effort for them to be polite and friendly except for one older guy who was actually polite to me and went out of his way to find me a lamp so i could actually pack my bags. The toilets and shower areas were disgusting, the showers had no lockable doors so your privacy was very limited, and they were also closed for two hours in the middle of the day for cleaning, why they didnt clean them at a more suitable time i dont know. Breakfast was a joke, and as for a kitchen well if you can call that a kitchen. The only thing going for the place was the location that was great. The staff should also be more respectful and turn the TV down when guests are sleeping especially after a long flight.
Great staff
The location of this hostel is pretty good because it's near the subway, which takes you in about fifteen minutes to downtown. The staff in the hostel were extremely nice and helpful. Thank you! The only really bad thing about this hostel is the smell in the rooms, it was very strange. The bathrooms weren't bad for a hostel, just bring your one soap with you.

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