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The Review

LA Backpackers Paradise / Tradewinds Hostel is a large hostel and hotel within close proximity of LAX airport; the free shuttle bus makes it an ideal stop for people departing and arriving. The hostel also provides a free shuttle service to Manhattan Beach and the bus station, from which you can travel all over Los Angeles.

The Location

The location in Inglewood is ok but not great -- there is access to take-aways and necessities. However, it is close to rough areas and you wouldn't want to roam far at night. There is a shopping outlet within walking distance and various places to eat (largely fast food). It is good to keep in mind that Los Angeles is a very large city; it can take between one and two hours to visit Venice Beach and Santa Monica by bus. If you have your own car, there is free parking at the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are largely in need of a bit if TLC, however they are incredibly spacious. The "suites" include two rooms plus a bathroom; the dorm rooms are also roomy. There are large modern TVs in the suites, however the furniture us clearly old and worn, as are the carpets. The bathrooms are simple and vary in quality. The cleanliness is below satisfactory but is bearable.

Common Spaces

On arrival at Tradewinds, there is an energetic atmosphere although the furnishings are fairly dated. The staff lack friendliness and can be abrupt when busy. However, at other times they appear more courteous. The pool is heated -- so much so that it steams at night, so can be used anytime until 10 p.m.! There are two affordable bars and also a restaurant onsite. In addition, the Adventurer provides free food, including a breakfast muffin, cookies, evening food (like chips) and cake at night -- all of which is welcomed by a hungry traveler! There is also tea, coffee, and popcorn available free all day.

Unfortunately there is no kitchen in the hostel; this would be very useful. The common area is around the large pool and there is also a pool table and air hockey. There are numerous vending machines, which tend to break frequently and you must wait until the next day be be reimbursed by housekeeping.


As one of the cheapest places to stay in Los Angeles, Tradewinds is a good place to stay. If you need somewhere cheap, close to the airport, or just somewhere to relax, it is a great place to stay.
by truetale Staff Reviewer
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Pool and outdoor bar area
Common area
'suite' bathroom


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "LA Backpackers Paradise / Tradewinds Hostel" at 4200 W Century Boulevard.)


4200 W Century Boulevard, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, USA
33.945181, -118.348846 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (310) 419-0999
+1 (310) 412-9100
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You get what you pay for ...
Over an hour waiting to check in and could only take cards as someone had not shown up. Stayed in a 20 bed dorm, has a bathroom attached but not private at all. It's in an unsafe area so tried to stay out as long as possible during the day without coming back too late. It feels unsafe getting dinner a couple of blocks away in the evening. Bus to downtown is 70 minutes. Amenities were ok. Nice looking pool but wouldn't trust it to be clean.
Age 23, Australian
The best free buffet
I have stayed at backpackers Paradise many times. It is low cost but still pretty good. They have so many free stuff, free pick up from airport, many other free things and best of all, a free buffet for dinner if you buy a soda. it is incredible that they have so many different kinds of food for 2 dollars and also very healthy options like salads and veggies. It is great. I love it. This lowers the cost of staying here.
sonia alkan
Excellent Value for Money: Easy to get around, close to airport
I've traveled extensively abroad and stayed in all types of hotels and paid for rather lovely places to stay. This time around I thought I'd opt for something a little less extravagant and decided to do the "Backpackers Experience" as we were on an adventure holiday for 6 weeks so quite conscious of our budget. We had just spent time in New York, Miami and an upmarket resort in Jamaica and ended the trip in LA. For a budget hostel this surpassed my expectations. I've stayed in backpackers accommodation that were frightful and by Australia standards Backpackers accommodation is very meagre. This on the other hand was clean, large two bedroom accommodation with a plasma Screen and private bathroom, free shuttle, complimentary snacks and cocktail and free shuttle. I would recommend this to anyone traveling on a budget! definitely not a resort but a great rest stop and terrific people whilst on your travels.
Age 43, Australian
Good value for money & the shuttle service is very convenient. But the shared bathroom in the dorm room is DISGUSTING!! there is no door for the bathroom! Provided that it is a MIXED dorm! all u have got is a thin shower curtain which is almost transparent! I don't feel comfortable to take a shower in a bathroom like this as you are actually naked in front of whoever enters the bathroom including both men & women.
(Hong Kong)
Had a good time
The staff could have been a little nicer, but it was alright. I enjoyed the swimming pool and clean sheets and towel every day. We stayed in a 20 bed mixed dorm but it didn't seem to be crowded at all. (Bring earplugs though!) We never had to wait for our turn for the bathroom, and nobody stole anything. You can do laundry for a couple $s if you run out of clothes, or just go to Beverly Hills! Ha! The shuttle was very convenient in the first couple days, but there are other ways to get around too. The bus stop is close and the subway is about 15min walk. The area is really not that bad as I read in previous reviews, we walked home from the subway station or the bus stop past midnight and 2am every night and nobody ever tried to mess with us or sell drugs or anything. It takes about 40min-1hour to get to downtown LA or a nice beach like Long Beach, or Venice Beach, but you can't beat this price for a hostel in LA! We had a positive experience!
Age 26, Hungary
Excellent service and atmosphere
I had the misfortune of a delayed flight from Vegas so Delta give me a hotel voucher for the night. Must admit was a bit apprehensive when at 2 am in the morning a shuttle bus arrives and the driver convinces me to go to this hotel rather than the one listed on the voucher. Arrived at the hotel and on first impressions was still quite apprehensive. However, the driver could not have been more helpful and even came back with a couple of hot dogs when I mentioned I hadn't eaten. Next morning breakfast was excellent followed by a tour of LA recommended by the driver. That afternoon really enjoyed the atmosphere and very well priced beer around the bar followed again by a scrumptious dinner. I found the room quite clean; a bit dated but very comfortable with all amenities. I was disappointed I had to fly back to Sydney that night, otherwise I would have stayed longer.
Clyde Smith
Age 60, Australia
Cockroaches, feces, and blood
There were cockroaches, feces, and blood all over the place. It was truly scary. If you don't mind feces on the walls around the toilet, cockroaches climbing over your bed, and blood from who knows what then please, by all means, stay here.
Unhappy Camper
Never stay here -- awful service and awful place!
This place is awful! The staff is extremely rude! I am from la and just parked my car here for a week while I went on vacation and it turned out to be a nightmare! Notice -- the hotel was overbooked and they sent 2 innocent girls to a hotel in the worst area in la! I told the girls to be careful, there were bums and prostitutes in the parking lot! Furthermore, As I pulled in 2 employees got into a screaming argument about one not wanting to pick up the others shift that day. The worst is yet to come ... When I returned From my trip I waited close to an hour to get picked up from the airport, then the driver drove so crazy I honestly was in fear for my life! We almost got in 5 accidents on the mile drive to the hostel from lax! Then I got to the place and my car was not even there!!!! I waited over 2 hours to get my car back! They said it was self parking on site but in actuality they drove it far off property longer then a mile away to park it! I will never use this property again and I highly recommend you don't as well! As a LA local I would think twice about using this service because the area is awful (google inglewood ... it will tell you all you need to Know!).

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