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BackPackers Paradise Hostel Reviews

Backpackers Paradise offers accommodation that is an extremely good value and is located extremely close to LAX airport. While this is very convenient if you are arriving / departing by plane, it can also mean that the hostel should perhaps consider renaming itself 'Plane-spotters Paradise'. The noise from huge aircraft coming and going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can result in difficulty sleeping - you should consider bringing some earplugs if you are planning to stay here.

Aircraft noise aside, the hostel has quite a 'party' atmosphere. As well as the free coffee and muffin breakfast, there is daily dinner (quite basic but not bad), champagne and cake, all free. Facilities are quite good - internet access, vending machines, swimming pool, laundry (although the housekeeping department uses the same one so you'll be queueing forever), bar and restaurant. There is a daily free shuttle to and from the local shopping mall, Venice Beach and Fishermans' Village. This is a great asset as it is quite difficult to get out and about from the hostel. There is a bus-stop outside, from which you can get to downtown/ Santa Monica although it can take a long, long time and involve several changes of bus. The area in which the hostel is located is not the best and it's probably a good idea not to venture out at night, especially if you're female and/or alone.

The dorms aren't bad although they are quite large and the only bathroom available is the ensuite. This proved a problem for a 20-bed dorm with only one shower and toilet, located in the same room. If you want a place to stay that is good value, close to the airport (free shuttle service to and from) and can tolerate a reasonable amount of noise, then this is a good place to stay.

Response from the accommodation: I appreciate the mostly positive review for our hostel on your website, but I would like a chance to respond. 1. "The noise from huge aircraft coming and going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can result in difficulty sleeping" - Aircraft noise is minimal after midnight when very few planes land at LAX - there are no planes landing from 2:00am until 5:00am. 2. "There is a bus-stop outside, from which you can get to downtown/ Santa Monica although it can take a long, long time and involve several changes of bus" - Backpacker's Paradise is a very good choice for the traveler who wants to explore LA. Within a block are stops for buses that go directly to Downtown, Hollywood, LAX, and High Speed Metro Rail Green Line station - two blocks away - which connects to downtown, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Hollywood, and Universal Studios. 3. "The dorms aren't bad although they are quite large and the only bathroom available is the ensuite" - There are other choices for the hosteler including a six bed dorm and a four bed dorm all for $15.00 plus tax, and our most popular offering, a private two bedroom suite with shared bath, wet bar, cable TV, and refrigerator for $19.50 per room, single occupancy. 4. "The area in which the hostel is located is not the best and it's probably a good idea not to venture out at night, especially if you're female and/or alone" - We have secure gated entries, 24 hour front desk, and security video cameras. As far as going outside as a lone female, that's not really advisable in any city.

Hostelz Staff Reviewer

What the hell???

This place is awful, it took reception 25 minutes to check me in because of system errors, I couldn't even get a receipt because the machine broke. I was insulted by another guest in reception and the staff laughed along! The place smelt of cannabis. The dorm room was a portable cabin in the back of a car lot with no hot water and no lockers for guest safety. I've never stayed anywhere like this in my life, I would have been safer on the streets. The guests were above 30 and were not backpackers as the information states on the website. This place is a free for all, I would not swim in that pool either. The place is not clean.

Age 28 | England

Not clean, smelly

The rate change and room was spacious but with roaches, heavy police presence, restaurant not clean, smells old. the bedding was old, the towels felt like sand paper. I will not recommend and will not return.


Terrible reception service

The Service at the reception is terrible and rude.

Age 29 | Mexico

Fire in the Hostel -- no fire alarm

The promised continental breakfast muffins or donuts and coffee were never provided and the microwave did not work. Also the promised shuttle service did not come, only after several phone calls. Furthermore the check-in personal just slammed the key on the counter and did not want to answer any questions I had about my stay at the hostel. In the second night, on June 30 2016, we had a fire at this property. There was no fire alarm in the property, which makes me think what if I would've been asleep already and not woken up in time. The employees did not make any efforts to ensure the safety of the guests who were already sleeping. Me and friends were running around waking up other guests in the neighboring rooms. Later the fire workers as well as the police came and evacuated the hostel. Due to the fire, I had to change the room (I was in a 8Bed dorm). I was advised that no other room besides the 20 bedroom dorm was available for me to sleep in, without being charged a ridiculous amount of surcharge per night. Since that moment I have consistently tried to reach somebody to move me to a different room or at least compensate me for the difference. I was jerked around and always advised to come back at a later time that no manager was available to talk to me. The receptionists did not care at all and advised me that they could not make any decisions about refunds and compensations of any sorts. I did not feel safe any longer, especially after I found out that on July 1st people in the form right next to mine were robbed. Police was going around the property. After so many unsuccessful attempts to be heard, I decided to move out early. After I moved out I sent an email to the owner who confirmed my refund. I never received one. I sent several emails which he never responded. I went twice back to the hostel to talk to him in person. The first time the ladies from the front desk told me, that he would be in a meeting and i would have to wait. I waited. Later I saw him walking around, so I went back to the front desk where they told me he already left. The second time nobody was there to talk to, so I gave him a call. After he realized who I was he hang up the phone. For all this reasons I do not recommend this place to anyone. This behaviour is absolutely unprofessional and annoying. Furthermore the hostel is located in a dangerous area, so that even some buses avoid this area at night.

Age 24

You get what you pay for ...

Over an hour waiting to check in and could only take cards as someone had not shown up. Stayed in a 20 bed dorm, has a bathroom attached but not private at all. It's in an unsafe area so tried to stay out as long as possible during the day without coming back too late. It feels unsafe getting dinner a couple of blocks away in the evening. Bus to downtown is 70 minutes. Amenities were ok. Nice looking pool but wouldn't trust it to be clean.

Age 23 | Australian

The best free buffet

I have stayed at backpackers Paradise many times. It is low cost but still pretty good. They have so many free stuff, free pick up from airport, many other free things and best of all, a free buffet for dinner if you buy a soda. it is incredible that they have so many different kinds of food for 2 dollars and also very healthy options like salads and veggies. It is great. I love it. This lowers the cost of staying here.

sonia alkan

Excellent Value for Money: Easy to get around, close to airport

I've traveled extensively abroad and stayed in all types of hotels and paid for rather lovely places to stay. This time around I thought I'd opt for something a little less extravagant and decided to do the "Backpackers Experience" as we were on an adventure holiday for 6 weeks so quite conscious of our budget. We had just spent time in New York, Miami and an upmarket resort in Jamaica and ended the trip in LA. For a budget hostel this surpassed my expectations. I've stayed in backpackers accommodation that were frightful and by Australia standards Backpackers accommodation is very meagre. This on the other hand was clean, large two bedroom accommodation with a plasma Screen and private bathroom, free shuttle, complimentary snacks and cocktail and free shuttle. I would recommend this to anyone traveling on a budget! definitely not a resort but a great rest stop and terrific people whilst on your travels.

Age 43 | Australian

LA Backpackers Paradise / Tradewinds Hostel is a large hostel and hotel within close proximity of LAX airport; the free shuttle bus makes it an ideal stop for people departing and arriving. The hostel also provides a free shuttle service to Manhattan Beach and the bus station, from which you can travel all over Los Angeles.

The Location

The location in Inglewood is ok but not great -- there is access to take-aways and necessities. However, it is close to rough areas and you wouldn't want to roam far at night. There is a shopping outlet within walking distance and various places to eat (largely fast food). It is good to keep in mind that Los Angeles is a very large city; it can take between one and two hours to visit Venice Beach and Santa Monica by bus. If you have your own car, there is free parking at the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are largely in need of a bit if TLC, however they are incredibly spacious. The "suites" include two rooms plus a bathroom; the dorm rooms are also roomy. There are large modern TVs in the suites, however the furniture us clearly old and worn, as are the carpets. The bathrooms are simple and vary in quality. The cleanliness is below satisfactory but is bearable.

Common Spaces

On arrival at Tradewinds, there is an energetic atmosphere although the furnishings are fairly dated. The staff lack friendliness and can be abrupt when busy. However, at other times they appear more courteous. The pool is heated -- so much so that it steams at night, so can be used anytime until 10 p.m.! There are two affordable bars and also a restaurant onsite. In addition, the Adventurer provides free food, including a breakfast muffin, cookies, evening food (like chips) and cake at night -- all of which is welcomed by a hungry traveler! There is also tea, coffee, and popcorn available free all day.

Unfortunately there is no kitchen in the hostel; this would be very useful. The common area is around the large pool and there is also a pool table and air hockey. There are numerous vending machines, which tend to break frequently and you must wait until the next day be be reimbursed by housekeeping.


As one of the cheapest places to stay in Los Angeles, Tradewinds is a good place to stay. If you need somewhere cheap, close to the airport, or just somewhere to relax, it is a great place to stay.

Pool and outdoor bar area Common area Bedroom 'suite' bathroom

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BackPackers Paradise Hostel Reviews from the Web

Good hostel close to the airport, with a bar and a swimming pool. Sufficiently clean. Cheap price for LA.


I stayed December 24. On December 25, Christmas morning, someone turns on the stereo outside, full blast, at 7 AM. 7 in the morning! Loud rock or heavy metal music. Not good.


Actual facility not great, but for this cheap of a price right near LAX, I can't say it's a bad deal per se.


interesting socioeconomic blend;

pool too hot for lap swimming...

definitely go-to-again!

helpful friendly & excellent value.


Worst hostal experience ever. The hostal was overbooked so they couldn't give me a bed, although I had made a reservation in May for my stay in August. They put me in a house at a 10 min walk from the hostal with the staff, no lockers, no wifi, only one bathroom, messy, no facilities, front door was left open... They called it an 'upgrade'. After complaining several times they finally put me in a decent room, but that was at midnight and I had arrived at 7.30 pm. Worst thing was: no apology, no refund, not even a friendly word... I'm still waiting for an apology from the manager... Oooh and very unsafe neighbourhood! This is the first time I actually take time to write a review, because I'm so dissapointed :(.


Cockroaches found in the room (namely 117) and public restroom. Hard to park a bike. Stinky smell in some rooms, at least in 117 & 900. Permanent residents in some rooms. Some of them seem to have schizophrenia.

Nice free amenities: swimming pool, popcorn, evening drink, light breakfast, shuttles.


this the worst hostel I have seen


Well i did not make it

i was at brussels airport when the attack toke place, so all flights were canceled,

I was there also last year at the hostel and it was nice, thats why i booked there again a bed for 3 nights



The hotel is fine, everything clean and staff is very friendly. But. I was waiting for a shuttle from airport for 3 hours. On my calls to the hotel girls there just said all the time : Wait for 30 minutes. Finally I was waiting more then 3 hours!!!!


Cool place, nice staff, hostels always get slightly low points on cleanliness but thats the hostel way, and we who stays on them accept that:-)

Clas Alexander

Worst. Hostel. Ever.



For the price and location, with free shuttle to the airport, it was what I needed. One shower for tons of people and not so friendly staff, but was still ok, and if you have time to spend it seems like a chill place.


It took over an hour to be picked up at the airport because I wasn't told that the van doesn't say Tradewinds on it and the driver never stopped to ask who was going to Tradewinds they just drove by. On my third call I asked if it says tradewinds and they said no it says Adventuer. It would have been nice to know that earlier


close to airport far from down town cheap suitable before leaving to airport or arriving from airport as ther is shuttle picks you up


The staff are friendly. The hostel offers a high value considering the price. You get to see people from all over the world.


I had a great stay at this hostel. I met a lot of fun people and the facilities are great to come together and have fun. There's a pool, pool(billiard) and other fun games. The staff is nice and very flexible with all questions. But be very careful about your stuff!!! In the two nights that stayed there I heard about various missing laptops, mobiles and ipods. I was in a dorm and did not lock my tablet away and it is still here, but that might just have been luck. Also the hostel is quite unorganised, which I don't mind in a youth hostel. For families it is not the best recommendation I think. It is just too hostelstyle.


it is ok If you just want a very cheap bed for the night.


The place was ok. Cleanlines is fine. They change beding everyday. Provide clean towel. Only problem is that the stuff is always looking for tips.

Muhammad Umar

It's worth the money but it's so so so dirty.


Good mange man, unconvience traffic and shuttle.



Open to backpacker's under thirty years of age including US Citizens, Backpacker's Paradise has a friendly international tropical resort atmosphere with lush gardens a large heated pool, two restaurants including a full service restaurant and lounge, and a poolside pub and cafe - fresh sheets, towels, and maid service daily. Two open air game rooms with video, high speed internet, and pool tables.

Free continental breakfast with a fresh baked blueberry muffin is served daily in the main restaurant. Free afternoon tea and coffee with fresh baked cookies and fresh popped popcorn all day. $.99 gourmet ice cream and hot dogs all day.

The American Bar and Grill features $.99 name brand draft beer, margueritas, and red and white wine from noon until closing, as well as a free champagne and hot food happy hour at 6:00PM and free "party" cake at 7:00PM. Four course dinners are $6.99 daily.

Free daily shuttle to and from world famous Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, the world's largest yacht harbor, and Fox Hills Shopping Mall.

Buses for discounted tours depart daily from our lobby for Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, Sea World, Six Flags Magic Mountain, San Diego Zoo, Queen Mary, J. Paul Getty Center, LA by Night, Grand Tour of Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Tour & Movie Stars Homes.

The famous Adventurer "Live aboard" bus departs the lobby on exciting close-up and personal excursions to Mexico, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and other fantastic locations.

Want to pick your own destinations? Rent a new compact car with free unlimited miles for $24.99 a day.

Location and Contact


• Located in Los Angeles 10 Minutes from LAX Airport with free 24/7 shuttle service and free courtesy phone in all baggage terminals. Electric gated entry with 24 hour lobby access and on-site security.
• Have great times here or stop over on your way to fabulous Southern California summer and winter fun. Enjoy some of the world's best surfing, sailboarding, kite boarding, snowboarding, backpacking, mountain biking, and skiing with special seasonal sports packages.
• Free taxi service(Checker Cab)from Downtown Los Angeles Amtrak and Greyhound Stations and from Hollywood Greyhound Station.
• One block from Great Western Forum and Hollywood Park Race Track and Casino. Easy access to major metro bus routes and Green Line hi-speed metro rail with fast connection to Downtown, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Long Beach, and Staples Center.



Address: 4200 West Century Boulevard, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Website BackPackers Paradise Hostel Los Angeles
Phone Number: +1 (310) 419-0999
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Facilities and Amenities

+50 Traveller

Solo Traveller

Airport Pickup




Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

City Tours

Lockers in Lobby

Luggage Storage


24 Hour Security


Air Conditioning

BBQ Grill


Bike Tours

Cable TV

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Cultural Tour/Class


Hair Dryers

Hot Showers


Movie Library/Rental

Pool Table

Swimming Pool

Themed Dinner Nights

Wheelchair Accessible

Checkout: 12:00 (12 Noon)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 24 Hours

Size: Very Large (100+ beds)


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