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UB Guesthouse is a popular hostel in Ulaanbaatar city, both with travelers and expats who live in other parts of Mongolia. It is a clean, friendly place with big comfy beds and a good vibe. They also offer a number of popular tours around Mongolia.

The Location

UB Guesthouse is in a great location in the centre of Ulaanbaatar. It is only about a ten-minute walk to both Chinngis Square and the State Department Store. In the area nearby you can find all the conveniences you might need, including local and Western restaurants and a supermarket.

UB Guesthouse is not the easiest place to find. It is about a forty-five-minute walk from the train station or a cheap, ten-minute taxi ride. When you arrive at the address, enter through the back side of the building and not the front entrance. Here, you will see a big metal door with the numbers seventeen to thirty-two written above it. Dial the number, ring the buzzer, and a staff member will let you in. The hostel is on the second floor.

Rooms and Bathrooms

At UB Guesthouse, guests can choose to stay in either four- or six-bed dorms or in private rooms. The dorm rooms are quite spacious and the beds are large -- almost big enough to fit two people! The beds are standard bunk beds. The mattresses are in effect a stack of small mattresses/padded layers, which isn't ideal, but they are still comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep in.

The configuration of the dorm rooms is a little strange. It appears the hostel was previously a collection of apartments that have now been divided up into dorms, so some of the rooms can only be accessed by walking through other dorms. As a result, it is not uncommon to have people constantly walking in and out of the larger dorms. Moreover, this means the rooms aren't the most secure. They do not lock and there are no lockers in the rooms. However, guests can pay a refundable deposit to put their most valuable belongings in the lockers in the hallway.

UB Guesthouse has three showers and three toilets. The showers are nice and hot, but two of three of them only have handheld shower heads that do not hang from the wall. For a nice, stand-up shower, use the one located next to the office. The bathrooms are all kept very clean and the toilets are Western.

Common Spaces

UB Guesthouse has a living room and kitchen where guests of the hostel can hang out. These are both very cozy -- the living room would probably fit about six people at a time and the kitchen only about four sitting down, so they are not the most conducive for socialising. Also, the Wi-Fi does not work well in the dorm rooms, so expect to spend some time in these common spaces for faster internet access.

The kitchen is basic, but comes equipped with a stove top, electric kettle, and a fridge. A free breakfast of bread with spreads is provided from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. daily, and free tea and coffee are available all day.


UB Guesthouse is a good little hostel in Ulaanbaatar. Although the common areas are cozy, this hostel gets in right where it really counts. The location is great, the people are friendly, and the beds are good.
by Cat MacGregor
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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UB Guesthouse from the front
UB Guesthouse from the back
The entrance to UB Guesthouse
The location of UB Guesthouse
The living room / common area
6-bed dorm room
Twin bed room


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "UB Guesthouse" at Baga touruu street, 1 horoo, building 41, door 21.)


Baga touruu street, 1 horoo, building 41, door 21, Chingeltei District, Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar), Mongolia
47.919492, 106.911290 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Not a good choice!
I chose this place, cause of the good reviews it has, but after being there I guess these reviews are old and not updated. The place is not that clean, it is very small and in the main season, it really gets overcrowded. We booked a double room 3 months in advance, when we got there we discovered they DO NOT have a double room in this hostel, but just a twin bunk-beds, which looked like a jail-room. The owners tries to take as much money as possible from you for every service she provides (very high commission fees for train tickets, for Naadam festival (5times more the real price!!). We took a 3days tour with this hostel, we had to leave at 9:00, but at the end we departed at 11:00, because we had to go with the owner to the supermarket to buy the food for the trip, as she didnt have time to do it before. After 2nights in this hostel, we moved to another hostel and that was a lot better and just for 4 dollars more! I would NOT come back to this hostel and I suggest you to book somewhere else. You may pay a couple of dollars more, but at lease you will pay for smt! The breakfast takes place in a very small kitchen where there are just 4 chairs. You get coffee, few slices of old bread, some jam and nutella (if there is some left). The only positive thing of this hostel was the location (5mins walk to the centre).
Absolutely one of the best hostels I've stayed at!
I came into UB completely unplanned as to what I was going to do during the 5 days that I was going to be there. They were so accommodating and quickly found me a tour that would allow me to see one of the greatest national parks, Terelj. After staying off site for 2 nights, I came back and was quickly placed into another room, just as comfortable as the one I had stayed in the first night. Bobby, Kim, and the rest of the staff work very hard to make sure that your stay is enjoyable. Next time I'm in UB I'll definitely stay here!
UB Guesthouse is a great place to stay, and a wonderful place to find drivers and groups with which to go into the Mongolian countryside, whether for a few days or a few weeks. Although caution should be exercised in the city, the Guesthouse is a safe and secure place to stay, and the staff are very attentive to guests' well-being and give advice on how to dress and act while outside. The owners, Bobby and Mr. Kim, are always around and willing to help with any questions guests might have. The Guesthouse will organize free transfers from the railway station and also offer a small free breakfast. The Location The Guesthouse is located quite close to Peace Avenue, the main street, and is close to grocery stores, souvenir and cashmere shops, Mongolian fast food outlets, and the central post office. It is located on a busy street, but the entrance is at the back of the building and faces onto a large courtyard with a playground surrounded by other apartment buildings. The hostel building is actually a Mongolian apartment block, and it is necessary to enter a security code in order to open the front door. The entrance is a little difficult to find if you are not familiar with the city, and it is best to take advantage of the free transfer service. Rooms and Bathrooms The hostel is very clean, and there are a number of bathrooms so it is not usually difficult to find one that is free. Every bathroom has a bath/shower, sink, and toilet. As is common in this part of the world, there are signs in the bathroom reminding guests to throw their toilet paper in a garbage bin rather than in the toilet, but when we were there, this was always kept clean and was not a issue. The dorm rooms do not have secure storage space, although it is possible to store luggage in a locked room closer to reception. The only problem with this hostel is that the beds and pillows are extremely hard, and therefore a little uncomfortable. It is also possible to have a private room which has a padlock on the door. The beds in the private room are simply bunk beds, but due to the padlock, they are much more secure. Common Spaces There is a small shared kitchen that can get quite crowded in the morning when the free breakfast is being served, but it has cooking facilities and a full-sized fridge, as well as free tea and coffee. The hostel also has a free computer with internet located in a room with a washer and dryer, and as there is only one computer, quite a line can form for this sometimes. The main common space is located near the entrance to the hostel and has two large couches, a television and DVDs and videocassettes. The television gets a number of English-language channels, including BBC and CNN. This room is a good place to meet people, as there is always someone coming in and out or sitting and watching television. The UB Guesthouse is not much of a party hostel, and seems to attract a more adventurous traveler who wants to travel outside of the city. Summary All in all, we think this hostel is great. The fact that the hostel organizes such a wide variety of tours into the Mongolian countryside is fantastic, and they are most definitely concerned with guests' safety. The location is central and the prices are good. The hostel is clean and well-run, and a great place to stay while in Ulaanbataar.
Taryn Jones
This place was the center of an incredible two weeks of travel. First off it's located very centrally -- around the corner from a ridiculously good Chinese restaurant and a small grocery store, and a little further down from the central Sukhbaatar Square. The facility is a little small but very clean and cosy. Beds are quite comfortable, and the kitchen has a nice fridge and good free breakfast. They have CNN too. Bathrooms are clean and there seem to be enough of them. The best part is that they organize tours around Mongolia that are not to be missed. My eight-day trip with seven or eight other backpackers was cheap and features different gers to stay in every night with nomadic families, and some unreal landscapes and animal herds. Completely unforgettable. The owners are very very helpful and have ample baggage storage while you are gone on a tour. I wanna go back to Mongolia.
Inspecter Nalgitas
  The best by far!

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