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114 North French Street, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
39.482807, -106.044062 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (970) 453-6456
+1 (970) 453-0023
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Very Clean and Homey!
I would definitely recommend staying at the Fireside Inn if you are staying in or passing through Breckenridge. Nikki and Andy are wonderful, and the Inn is just comfortable any way you look at it. It is so nice here that I decided to stay extra nights! Stop by and check out this place right off of Main St in Breck.
Changed my life
I have stayed here three times: 8/1989, 11/1992, and 6/2004. In 1989 I was driving from Boston to San Diego. When I reached Breckenridge I was dirty, unhappy, and ready to turn back. I was shown to my bunk by the Proprietor and just as she left she said: "The hot-tub closes at ten." Needless to say I was in the hot-tub in five minutes. I stayed there for about an hour and when I came out my attitude had changed completely. This place is quiet, comfortable, and has really good energy. I met the "English" couple in 2004. The guy is Ex-SAS.
Feel like home
I spend 2 weeks over there. Its a really nice place to be. Very good location. They try to keep it quite and it works. They only have a micro wave it might be the only bad point. they have 2 big tables in the place. its like the perfect set up. they have a place for skis and snowboard. First time since i'm traveling then i see shades for the bed and a light so you can read all night if you want. The door lock after 8 pm so always safe for your stuff. You forget shampoo or anything else they got the left over for other travelers. They have little surprise bag with granola bar, shampoo, gum very appreciate. Each morning the heat goes on just perfect to go out of the bed. each day between 4 and 6 its cake time and coffee.
pierre allard
Comfortable classy accommodation
A warm, welcoming place with several levels of accommodation. Not cheap for a hostel but it is cheap for the Breckenridge which is one of the most expensive places in the U.S. The hot tub looks very classy but it has fairly limited open hours. The owners are a friendly British couple but they do like to maintain the old british class system by making hostel visitors second class citizens compared to the bed and breakfast guests they have in the same venue. The free buses to Frisco and other places are very handy.
te quila
  Good food in the morning. Hard to get last minute reservations such as stay on a Fri night to go skiing on Sat. Internet cost money if you use their computer but free with laptop with wireless. Even though the page does not indicate the Fireside Inn as a member of the AYH, it is a member according to the AYH web site.
Fireside Inn in Breckenridge, Colorado is located in a pleasant neighborhood of businesses and residences. Just two short blocks from Breckenridge's main street, the house sits on a corner and the entrance to the hostel is located at the side of the building. Clear signage leads one easily to the center of the house where the office is located. A jolly, friendly Englishman owns and runs this facility. The spacious common area offers overstuffed furniture, a wood-burning fireplace and typical mountain cabin style decor. Real homey in feel! Breakfast, which is included in the price, is served on a long, harvest style table. Guests may store food stuff in a refrigerator. A microwave serves as the only means of cooking for guests. E-mail can be checked on a computer with broadband internet connections and those carrying laptops with wireless devices can also connect in this area. All sleeping rooms are very small. In one room there are four bunk beds built into the walls. Privacy curtains similar to sleeper railway cars add a nice unexpected touch. Other sleeping rooms have either two bunk beds or one large bed for couples. Lockers are provided in each room and pad locks hang on hooks in the hallway for guests use. Breckenridge is a 147 year old real Victorian town in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. A year-round premier resort destination, Breckenridge offers an incredible selection of activities. For the hostel traveler, Fireside Inn provides a homey, pleasant, clean, affordable place to stay in a pricey part of the world. And, everything is within easy walking distance or can be reached easily by the public transport system of buses designed to look like old-fashioned trolley cars.
Linda Adams
  This hostel is run by a couple with lovely British accents. They are both very artificially friendly, but all they care about is money. They charge $27 a night, $6 for breakfast and $12 for one hour of Internet! Half of the building is a B&B, so hostellers cannot use the kitchen — it's only for the "rich" people. All the hostellers can use are the paper plates and cups, and they eat at a separate table. The hostel wing is cold, and after a certain time the hot tub is for the B&B use only. If you don't mind fake smiles and a little discrimination you may like this place.
  Great location, but inconsistent temperature in the rooms made for several nights of sweating, then freezing. Also, it was a very cramped, but cozy living situation. If you have a car and some friends, rent a hotel room in Dillon.

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