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The Review

Like everything in Switzerland, HI - Bern - Jugendherberge Bern Hostel is expensive compared to hostels elsewhere in Europe. It is worth its price in terms of cleanliness, location, and breakfast, but its bathrooms and kitchen facilities may make you think twice about staying here.

The Location

The hostel is very easy to find, located in the backyard of the beautiful federal building Bundeshaus. It is about ten minutes from the train station and well marked with signs. Beware, though -- you will get your exercise hiking up and down the steep hill from the city center, or you can pay to take the funicular.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms are single sex, as are the bathrooms. The beds are comfortable, but outlets are few and far between, so you can’t charge your phone overnight. There is a table with chairs in each room; lockers (with locks provided in exchange for a safety deposit) are available in the hall. The showers are strange. There is a central plug for all showers, which means the entire floor floods, inside and outside your shower, soaking your clothes because there are no hooks or stools or anything to hang your belongings. There is also no changing space. In effect, unless you take major precautionary measures, your clothes and towel will get wet, and someone will see you naked. On the bright side, everything is impeccably clean.

Common Spaces

The dining area and lounge are huge and well equipped with seating area, a TV, computers (for a fee), and foosball. This is a great space for groups; individuals are certainly welcome, too, but because it is not very intimate, it’s not ideal for meeting new people. Unfortunately, there is no kitchen -- only a refrigerator, microwave, water heater, and dishes. The overall feeling is of quiet comfort. A bountiful breakfast and Wi-Fi in the common spaces are included in the bed price.


This hostel is expensive and not altogether worth it. Though it is clean and comfortable, showering and preparing food are unnecessary hassles.
by Anna Dourgarian Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Youth Hostel Bern" at Weihergasse 4.)


Weihergasse 4, Bern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
46.945830, 7.445292 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+41 31 326 11 11
+41 31 326 11 12
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Lower the price please
Breakfast is good. I'm diggin the muesli. Staff was VERY cute.
Very helpful, and friendly staff
Berne is a lovely town, and the hostel is perfectly positioned to access centro. Easy to find, and close to the station. Thanks. Also the Lager beer is very tasty!
Simon McCreesh
Age 49, New Zealand
Really good!!
really good, the breakfast so fantastic.
Close to centre, but not very special
We slept in a very crammed five-bed room. Everything is very clean. Bathroom was very old fashioned with no doors but curtains. It is nice to sit outside but inside it is no atmosphere. The staff were very friendly. Breakfast is very good. Big Lockers are outside the rooms.
Good, clean, simple, not much life
This hostel was nice enough, and you get a free breakfast. It's also central (just up a cable car to get to the main part of the city). For a reliable hostel, with good facilities, it's great. It could have done with a kitchen though, and somewhere for people to congregate easily in the evenings, but for a hostel of its size, it was lovely. Would definitely recommend it.
Suzie and Rachel
A big HI hostel. The location is not too far from the center of town distance-wise, but it's a steep uphill climb up stone stairs and a ramp get to the main part of old town (a cable-car is available for a fee). It does have the advantage of being close to the free swimming pools. The hostel has a large indoor eating area with tables, an upstairs area with TV and internet, and a large outdoor area with tables and a giant chess set.
  I almost got stranded in Milan but ended up catching a late train into Bern. After many tries with a cell phone to call from the train (thanks to the fantastic generosity of a fellow traveler), I got through to ask the desk clerk to stay open fifteen minutes late for me (they close the doors at midnight, which is when my train was due -- thank goodness for swiss efficiency with the trains that they weren't late). They were very gracious to agree, and I luckily took exactly fifteen minutes to find them in the dark and rain with my tiny map. The place was clean, well situated along the beautiful river, and I had a twenty-bed room with only two roommates.
  This is one of the most memorable places I stayed. This particular hostel is very close to the public (free) swimming pools. The pools are located right next to the river and swimming in the fast moving water is permitted. I found jumping into the icy river the perfect way to wake up after enjoying a late night in town right behind the hostel. You can also enjoy a game of Bacci Ball or chess in the park between the hostel and capital building. You are also close to public transportation, groceries, and a number of historical/cultural landmarks.

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