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The Review

Hostal Facundo is budget accommodation outfitted with the basics in the touristy town of Tarifa, Spain. It has what you would expect from a cheap hostel, but the horrible staff and dismal social atmosphere make it quite unpleasant for a traveling backpacker.

The Location

The hostel is decently located -- but in a town the size of Tarifa, that is not hard to accomplish at all. It's less than a ten-minute walk to the bus station, a little over ten minutes to the city center, and yes, ten minutes to the beach. The biggest supermarket in town is located directly behind the hostel, which is very convenient. Shops line the street in front and there are a few restaurants, but the majority of places to eat and grab a drink are in the city center (the old part of town).

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms (dorms and privates are available) are clean, organized, and not cramped. There are individual lockers located next to the beds -- both the lockers and room doors lock with standard keys. Some rooms in the front of the building have a door opening to a mini balcony, which is particularly useful for drying out your clothes after a day at the beach. For the dorm rooms, the bathrooms are situated outside of the room and are also clean and in good working order.

Common Spaces

On the second floor, there is a guest kitchen with everything you need -- pots, pans, cutlery, dinnerware, stove, refrigerator, and shelf for travelers to leave food that they don't want anymore. Next to the kitchen is a small room where you can sit down and eat; right next to that room is more of a lounging room with two couches and a coffee table. Downstairs, there is a very small room with two computers that you can use to access the internet for free for twenty minutes at a time.

As it is cheap accommodation in a town that is world famous for wind sports, we could tell that Hostal Facundo was obviously geared towards the weekend vacationer rather than the fellow backpacker. We were proven right when we realized that the few other people there were all from Spain and visiting for only a couple days. Note, the staff will not let any visitors in, whether they are from another hostel (we mention this because it is fairly common for backpackers from different hostels to meet up to cook and eat a meal together).


If all that is needed is a place to sleep at night during the weekend you are spending kite surfing in Tarifa before going back to work, then there is nothing wrong with Hostal Facundo. However, for everyone else, spend a couple more euros and you will enjoy your time in Tarifa so much more.
by Vic Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostal Facundo" at Batalla del Salado, 47.)


Batalla del Salado, 47, Tarifa, Andalusia, Spain
36.016594, -5.606942 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(+34) 956 684 298
(+34) 956 684 536
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52% Guest Reviews

For the money it's first class
yes the rooms are average but what do you want for 16 Euros a night. It's a hostel not a hotel. If you want a hotel book into a hotel, If you want a clean room with a comfy bed for a cheap price then book into Hostel Facundo. I will book my stay here every time.
Glenn Swingle
(England but live in Spain)
Rooms ok, staff horrible
Well, the rooms are alright. The dorms are pretty standard. Not totally clean either. Hot water comes and goes. The common area is tiny, and the kitchen even smaller. It's really only big enough for one person at a time to cook. That is, if they don't shut off the power. About the power situation -- the staff are incredibly rude once they've got your money. Instead of telling you exactly what time the kitchen closes or giving you any warning, they just shut off the power. So if you are cooking, too bad. Even if you thought you had another fifteen minutes, they will not budge. Then they come up and tell everyone to get out because the living room is closing. All four people that can fit in there. Plus, the refrigerator is in there. So if you had started to cook, say, chicken, you can't put the uncooked stuff in there. It's a total waste. It's not a polite "Sorry guys, we have to close because of noise," it's more of a "Get out! Closed now!" Even if you're just reading. Although it's a family-owned place and they live downstairs, don't count on them for help. One girl got up in the night to use the bathroom. The door locked behind her and she didn't have her key. So she tried knocking, but her roommate didn't wake up. She asked the owners to let her back into her room, but they refused. When I got up early the next morning, she was still sitting in the hallway. Another strange thing happened when they made me move rooms. I've moved in other hostels, but usually only if it is very busy. This time around, they told me that a girl had reserved the specific bed that I was in. Weird, since there had only been two of us in a six-bed room. So I moved to the overcrowded room down the hall, and the other girl stayed in our room. Of course, nobody else checked in. She was the only person in the room that night. If for some reason you choose to stay here, do not pay online with a credit card. A poor Kiwi couple checking in had done that. They had even brought their credit card statement showing that the card had already been charged by the Hostal Facundo. It was right there on paper. But Javier (the rudest staff member of all) refused to acknowledge it, and told them he either had to swipe their card or they could just find another hotel. So they did, and are left to battle it out with the card company. All this after I was told by Javier that the hostal does not accept credit cards. About Javier -- it's a strange thing. He is able to speak English when you are checking in and handing over money, but as soon as you have a question or there is any sort of problem, he tells you that he does not understand English and that he only speaks Spanish. Which is strange, because his English had been pretty good about ten minutes prior. He does it so that people either can't complain or they just get frustrated and give up. Good thing I speak Spanish. Spanish came in handy the night we returned from an overnight trip to Morocco. We had arranged and paid for luggage storage, and told him what time we would return. "Ok ok, no problem. If you decide to stay one more night, you can leave the backpacks and pay for one more day." So we came back at the arranged time (after running through the pouring rain from ferry terminal), only to find the hostal closed. So we rang him on the intercom. He told us that the hostal was closed and that we would have to return the next day. We reminded him about our agreement, and he kept refusing to let us in. This went on back and forth for about ten minutes. Finally he let us in, then had the gall to try to charge us more. I pulled out our receipt. He refused to acknowledge it. This went on until he realized that it was in fact his handwriting and that we were there at the time specified. He was obviously angling for another day of storage charges. At that point, I was just happy to get my bag back. All in all, the hostal has a weird vibe. I would definitely lock your stuff up when you leave because even the cleaning girls seemed a little dodgy. And no, there are no lockers. If I find myself in Tarifa again, there is no way I would stay here. The place is just too much hassle. The people who run it make you feel like all you are is an inconvenience. An inconvenience with a big fat wallet. They are definitely in the wrong business. Twenty-four-hour reception does not exist at this hostel, and that little courtyard in the photo is off limits to guests.

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