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12 Queen Street, Bundaberg North, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
-24.857610, 152.345534 (accuracy not guaranteed)
07 4151 2463
+61 (7) 4154-2208
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Hostel is dirty and it's a game of roulette to which farm you work on
There's some incorrect details in the description. Clean comfy rooms -- definitely not clean or comfy. Internet --never works. ATM -- doesn't exist. Double rooms -- don't exist. The hostel is filthy and the free transport is unsafe and unreliable. It's pure luck whether you end up with an hourly paid job or finish your 88 days on piece rate. The only way to change jobs is to quit, go to the bottom of the waiting list and hope you land a better paid job. Security is non existent. On a few occasions some locals ventured into the hostel stealing shoes and clothes. You will no doubt start work picking cherry tomatoes. It's easy work but the pay is terrible -- $4.80 per bucket. A full week picking cherry tomatoes and you'll just about cover rent and food if you work hard enough. It's strange that after a small amount of time you learn to overlook how terrible the hostel is and you do develop good friendships and enjoy the farm experience. Also, the reception staff are helpful and do try their best to help. I managed to complete my 88 days and save a little bit of cash.
Age 27, England
I stayed at North bundy for 4 months. I got my days done pretty quick.
I stayed at North bundy for 4 months. Back breaking at times. The hostel is ok. Gets a bit messy but they do have staff that clean everyday. The rooms got done about twice a week so maybe could improve there. They do get a bit smelly so you just open a window. The staff are real nice and helpful. The hostel owner can be a bit short at times but not unbearable. To sum it up its a great place to make friends and do your visa days. I have made some great memories whilst staying here and still catch up with people i met there. It's what you want to make of it.
Age 22, uk
Best time ever doing hard work!
i had a great time at north bundy. made some good friends that i am now traveling with. thank you everyone getting me through.
Age 20, uk
  Absolute shit hostel. the owner, i wouldn't even piss on him if he was on fire. would advise everyone thinking of coming not to, because you'll just end up with less money then originally started with. The transport used for work is unsafe and regularly you would find yourself broke down waiting on assistance from another vehicle, the fact the hostel only accepts cash payments screams tax fraud, and what you pay your $170 each week for is worthy of just a bed. everything else is dirty and unusable. I'd rather serve a prison sentence then severe 88 days here.

Response from the accommodation: Nick was evicted 08/10/16 his girl friend and brother are still staying with us. Nick was on a hourly pumpkin picking job I am sorry that nick was happy staying with us for the first 2 months of his stay and begged to stay after he was evicted.
Age 24, Englang
The people staying there are awesome
My time at north bundy was with many adventures good and bad. Tomatoes was the pits but i was lucky enough to land a good job in my second week of being there. The people staying there are awesome and what makes the place bearable after all we are all there for the same reason. The hostel itself is pretty good. Clean and tidy. Does get a bit messy at night but is cleaned by the time we get back from work. Overall i would recommend people to stay there.
Age 20, uk
Overall it is one of the better hostels i have stayed at.
I stayed at north bundy backpackers for 4 months. It was hard work on the farms because it was so hot but the company made it more bearable along with the pool. I have made some life long friends here through our shared experiences. The hostel has been great. The staff are friendly and try to help the best they can. They have put on free bbq and pizza nights when the work was a bit quite due to weather. It could be a bit cleaner with the outside toilets and people putting their stuff away. It gets cleaned once a day but it does get messy towards the end of day. Overall it is one of the better hostels i have stayed at. A bit like being at uni again really. It's great place to stay for getting your days done. I had consistent work the whole time and not all done on cherry tomatoes either.
Age 23, uk
Filthy and mean management
All the photos above are before flooding. I wish I could post photos here how it looks like nowadays ... If anyone gives this place five stars is probably fake writer from the management. Cause first of all no one ever swam in that pool cause it was absolutely disgusting. Secondly the room I stayed in shared a bathroom with three rooms (14 people?!) so you can only imagine the state of that bathroom. The en suite rooms are not any better cause the toilets won't work and the showers ran out of warm water after 5:30 when people get back from work. They clean the kitchen area daily but you can imagine the state of that after 60 people using few hobs and one sink (or trying to). And there's only one tiny little oven that can't even warm up your pizza or cook anything. I won't even start with the work policy. I stayed in north bundy almost three months and left with no money. Making max $400 per week with $160 rent and all the money you lose in the beginning (cause you're not making any). Don't go here if you are broke and this is your last option! I made that mistake and got stuck in that hell hole. I was there in mid 2015.
(Don't want to tell)
Your best bet
Your best bet. So after reading reviews of all hostels in Bundaberg, me and my travel buddy were ready for the worst. After phoning the national harvest line and all the farmers we could find, we were recommended to stay at East Bundy by a local farmer that hires from there. On arrival we were greeted by Christine who told us honestly about the work situation in Bundy. We quickly learned what kind of place this was. In the evening there was a special going away event for the longest staying member of the hostel, the family atmosphere there was just fantastic. This is different to every other working hostel in Bundaberg. Row and Karl are open and honest with the work, we had work after just one day. Our beds were comfy, the pillows were magical, the hostel was safe and secure, had a good working kitchen with plenty of space as well . All cutlery (and there is a lot!) is all provided, plates, bowls and a nice large cup for your morning tea/coffee before work. Going to other hostels in the area, owners were rude and indifferent and didn't seem to care if you stayed there or not. I saw a number of occasions where people had mentioned something to row and she had sorted it straight away, for example new knives were bought as someone brought it up. Small things but it is those small things that make you feel at home. So in summary if you are going to Bundy to get your 2nd year visa, go to North Bundy and save the days drive around the town that we had trying to find something better, because you won't find it.
Age 23, england
One of the best places to stay in Bundy
This is a really nice place to stay. Had a lot of fun here and made some good friends and money. Good location within walking distance of city. There was a great atmosphere especially at night when everyone sat around outside. As with many hostels it can really depend on the people staying whether you like it or not. Loads of work in the right season. A courtesy bus takes the backpackers to and from work each day. The kitchen is very big, well equipped, and comfortable for many people to cook at the same time. One of the best places to stay in Bundy especially if you are working to get the Second Working Holiday Visa.
Age 23, england
I have made lifelong friends from this place
Having spent 3 months in Bundaberg definitely the place to stay is north bundy. I was told my first job wouldn't be anything great however i landed an hourly paid job straight away and was given plenty of work. The hostel itself is great and kept pretty clean. Could do with a little more storage space. The staff are heaps friendly and are willing to help where they can. I have made lifelong friends from this place. It is a dry hostel and you will get kicked out if you have alcohol on premises but the young aussie is just around the corner, you get your fill there. Will come back for more work after this lot of travels.
Age 21, france
Had a great time here
I stayed at this hotel in July and had an awesome time. Mostly met the best people. The outdoor area is great with a pool. I also really liked having separate bathrooms in each dorm room. It wasn't the cleanest but pretty good for a backpacker I think. We had good steady work that was much better than some of the other backpackers in town told us they got. Would recommend for building up cash for more traveling.
Age 26, UK
Don't let the cheap rent/free transport fool you!
I will start this by saying go elsewhere. I stayed at North Bundy Backpackers for for 4 regrettable weeks. The other comments rather sum up this hostels cleanliness (absolutely sh*t) so I won't go into detail. But like someone else said, the rest is even worse. The work there is terrible, they have no contacts to local farmers for any decent farm work so you are left with picking zucchinis for 10hours a day, $2.80/bucket which works out about $30/day and that's pushing yourself truly and is by no means any fun, it's hell especially knowing you can barely pay your rent for the month and breaking your back (literally) in the process. The management is the worst I've ever come across and I'm no newbie to hostels. The owner Steve (prick) is arrogant and rude. He has no respect for anyone and will constantly guarantee you hourly paid farm work is coming the following week, every week, until you realise like me that 4 weeks have passed and you are still picking zucchinis to barely cover your rent (who might I add never actually signed me off for the days I worked as you have to work minimum 6 weeks otherwise they wont sign your days off). Besides the cheap rent compared to other local hostels and the free transport to and from farms, don't be fooled by this because the rest is atrocious. After my terrible 4 weeks I was actually kicked out because I invited a friend over from another hostel after 6pm, and all he was doing was joining me and others there before we went out in the evening. Steve actually called the police who came and tried to have them throw me out the hostel that same evening. My rent was paid until the following day so there was nothing they could do, so the following morning I packed my bags and was the best thing that happened to me in my whole 4 months in Bundaberg. I moved 2km down the road, more centrally located and was given a monday-friday 8hour/day $22/hour job within 2 days and I couldn't be more thankful for that prat Steve for kicking me out otherwise god knows how long I would have spent at that unbelievable joke of a hostel. To end, all I'm going to say is pay the extra $30/week rent and go elsewhere, I guarantee it'll be worth it -- this hostel just wasted a month of my visa.

Response from the accommodation: Im sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Adam Scott checked into our hostel on the 20th of july 2013. Work and the hostel have improved substantially since the floods of 2013 and we are very proud of the reputation we have amongst the farms and Bundaberg community that we have worked very hard to build. Also we are proud of the 90 precent of the ppl coming through our hostel that are finishing their days quickly makeing some great memory’s and continue their travel across this beautiful country Adam scott worked on : Zucchinis (dodgy contractor we stopped using 25-7-2013) for 4 days. Sweet potatoes, hourly good job, till he got fired 3 days latter. Landscaping, hourly good job, fired first day. Pruning, hourly, just under 2 weeks. Pumpkins, good group contract, fired 4 days. Scott was asked to leave by the police for inviting his friend over who had been kicked out for not paying his rent for 3 weeks and drinking in public
Age 22, England
Disgusting dump. Avoid at all costs.
My friend and I planned to stay here to see our 88 days of Regional work through -- what a nightmare (we left after 2 days!!). Everything was filthy, I can't even be bothered going into the details because there was so much filth all over the place. The shower/bathroom was like the scene from a horror film. Broken utensils also filthy and just lying around everywhere. Feral dog living on site that peed all over the place. Pool bright GREEN with algae. Ants nesting everywhere. Disgusting rooms. Broken facilities. Generally a massive dump. I'm so tired from hardly sleeping due to staying at this DIVE that I'm failing to say much more than that this absolute hellhole should be condemned and avoided at all costs. Huge waste of money! and the regional work they supply is a joke. If you wanna break your back making $4 for a bucket of cherry tomatoes please come here. Work like a slave and live in a slum what more can you ask for? Out of then this place gets Minus 10000000000.
Age 24, Scottish

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