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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Two Squared - Rei de Copas Hostel" at Rua Joao de Deus 70.)


Rua Joao de Deus 70, Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal
38.799735, -9.384204 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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  A very good hostel in a lovely city! I had a big room, clean and full of light! Also linen and towels were clean. Nice staff and great location! Maybe shared bathrooms should be cleaned more than once a day. they were always a little dirty.
Two Squared Hostel is a very basic hostel, just beds with clean linens and two small bathrooms for up to twenty guests, so get in line for the bathroom, which is apt to be filthy by the time the ninth or tenth person uses it. The sink stops up and can be revolting. There is no common room, not even a chair; no fridge or kitchen either. The very pleasant and friendly owners operate the bar next door, so it's possible to regard the bar as a common room, and that's where the free computer is located (the space bar doesn't work, so don't plan to do much writing on it -- if you're blogging or doing much email, walk two blocks away to the Sabot Internet Cafe and pay the 1.50 Euros per hour; it's worth it). Next door to the bar is a Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall, and next to that is a restaurant run by people with three Pekingese dogs, and then another bar, so the whole block is wildly diverse. The great thing is that it's less than a block from the train station, so there's no lugging backpacks up cobblestone lanes to get there. Trains run between six a.m. and midnight, so it's possible to sleep, though the tooting, screeching, and loud speakers will wake any but the heaviest sleeper at six a.m. The fabulous Palace with its conical chimneys and the center of the old town, where the restaurants and bars are located, are visible from the hostel and are an easy walk to the left, and buses or taxis provide rides to the Regaleira Gardens, the Montserrate Gardens, and Cabo da Roca. There's a park with a great view of the city across the street from the hostel, and down the road to the right is a good supermarket where picnic supplies are available. There are plenty of people at the hostel, but it isn't possible to meet anyone but the people in the dorm you sleep in. The hall doors are always shut, and people spend little time in their rooms.
Kathryn Kendall

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