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The Review

Schlafmeile Hostel is one of the main budget hostels of Berlin. Security is a big issue, and despite having a good bar, the atmosphere is poor. Food and drink are served in the bar for quite a high price and there are extra costs for sheets and cleaning that you must pay. For the extra few euros, you could get a much better hostel. There's also an expensive deposit required for keys. It's not the cleanest of hostels, either, and the bathroom taps, showers, and drain are in poor condition.

The Location

This is a very easy find from Samariterstrase subway station. As you exit, go immediately south down Colbestrase Street. Take the first left and follow the road for four blocks. Turn right and you'll see a large bar on the corner of the road, which is the hostel entrance.

Rooms and Bathrooms
Beds are large and comfy; they are the only positives, unfortunately. Each dorm room entrance is straight off the street. These doors lock automatically, however it only takes one person to not shut it properly, leaving the room exposed to anyone that walks by. There is also an additional door that leads into the corridor, which should be locked, but rarely is, meaning that people may use your room to exit the hostel. There are lockers under the beds, but these can easily be broken into. Furthermore, Wi-Fi does not reach most of the rooms and only fully works in the bar and kitchen.

Common Spaces

The main common space is essentially a very nice bar. There are numerous tables and sofas, and although quiet, meeting people is possible here. There are two computers that are free to use and there is also a free walking tour available each day. However, expect to have to tip your guide for this. There is a well-equipped kitchen with some seating and sofas that you can use for free, and you will also see people hanging out here in the evenings too.


The extra hidden costs make this a hostel to avoid. The location isn't great and you always have to pay another few euros for a subway into the city centre. Your budget hotel quickly becomes a mid-range-priced hostel without the perks.
by Chris Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Schlafmeile Hostel" at Weichselstrasse 26a.)


Weichselstrasse 26a, Neukölln, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.486680, 13.436350 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 965 14676/ +49 30 2068 7314
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74% Guest Reviews

  Great staff, nice facilities and rooms -- wifi outside of bar would be nice as would some more intimate hang out areas. Not at all noisy or dirty compared to the average hostel. Beware of bedsheets tax though. Best of all, close to Boxhanger Platz and bars.
Age 29, UK
Enjoyed my stay at Schlafmeile Hostel, thanks.
Pleasant neighbourhood with quiet streets across from a park. Reasonably priced, a few blocks from grocery shopping, subway and the option of Bistro dining.
Age 70, Canada
Good, nice employees, great owner, good coffee and clean.
The hostel is, clean, the people are not just friendly, there are nice, feel like talking with you and fun. The beds are mattresses are pretty well. Not the best, but one of the best budget hostel beds I've seen. The showers are good. There is good coffee for just 1 euro. And the location is close to the center of Friedrichshain and there is plenty of public transport around. For this price it's an excellent hostel.
Age 30, Netherlands
Good area, clean/warm/spacious/tasteful rooms, helpful staff Glen is top, cheap, no curfew!
Hazel and Martin
Schlafmeile Hostel is an excellent budget option in Berlin. Prices are extremely competitive in both high and low season, and the facilities are excellent. The Location The hostel is located very close to lots of cheap places to eat and drink. It's also close to several supermarkets for self-caterers. Unfortunately the hostel is a long way from the action -- about seven kilometers by foot to the main sights such as Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. However, it is close to several metro stops, so getting into the city centre is not a problem. If you choose to walk though, it is great exercise to work off all those beers and pretzels! Rooms and Bathrooms Accommodation ranges from two- and three-bed apartments with ensuite facilities to eight- to ten-bed dorms with separate facilities. Rooms are accessed from the street and are on ground level. On the one hand this is positive in that it allows guests to access their rooms without walking through the building and gives a sense that you are staying in a more private house rather than a hostel. On the negative side, it does mean that there is the potential for security issues should a door not be closed properly, and the noise from the tram line directly outside can be an issue. Rooms do not have lockers and beds are exceptionally high -- a point to bear in mind if mobility is an issue. Bathrooms are clean though the showers tend to get flooded on a daily basis. This is taken care of promptly however. If privacy is a concern, guests should note that the showers only have a curtain -- it is a not a cubicle where you can leave your clothes and get changed in afterward. This problem could be solved by getting changed in a toilet cubicle. Common Spaces A cosy common room is available to guests where Wi-Fi internet access is available. There is also a small kitchenette and a fridge for guest use. Again, this room is accessible from the outside of the hostel. Breakfast is not included in the price -- however the hostel is attached to a restaurant that is run by the same people where a great breakfast is served each morning. For a couple Euro it's all-you-can-eat rolls, cereal, toast, spreads, cold meats, some fruit and veggies, juice, and milk. This is great for making yourself up some rolls for lunch too! Summary Schlafmiele Hostel is a friendly and comfortable place to stay in Berlin, especially for travelers on a budget. It's definitely recommended!
Katie Mann
Thumb up!
The Schlafmeile was exactly what a hostel should be like -- friendly staff, friendly people in the common room, clean, and cheap. Thanks for the night!
A great moment
A great hostel -- clean, well-situated, in a nice part of the city, cheap, and comfortable. the welcoming was perfect and the common room is perfect to meet other people from all over the world. perfect for young people! and berlin's wonderful.
  this place is great. it was such a relief to arrive in berlin and stumble on the Schlafmeile hostel. warm friendly staff, cushy beds, and great food in the cafe/bar. what more do you need to know? it's the only place i want to stay when i go back. can't wait.
grayme ireland

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